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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 200: TONIGHT WOULD BE A GOOD SHOW

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Mu Lan laid on Mu Liang's body silently as he stroked her hair.

The morning was beautiful. The wind was slightly cold and the birds were singing.

Mu Lan smiled sweetly as she enjoyed the view.

Seeing his wife's tender face, Mu Liang's icy heart melted in an instant. He was pleased to see the dark circles under her eyes were gone completely.

Mu Liang said, "Don't give too much attention to video games. It is bad for your health."

Mu Lan nodded. Then suddenly, she remembered something. "Liang Liang?"

"What is it?" Mu Liang asked.

"I think I found something." Mu Lan excitedly sat on the bed wrapping the quilt around her.

Mu Liang also sat up as his upper body was visible to her eyes.

She blushed at his showdown and looked somewhere else. She continued, "When I was reading the code of Car Race 4-99, to me, it felt like the number '4 and 99' is a secret code."

When she told Mu Liang about her suspicion, for some reason, his heart as racing rapidly. A few drops of sweat formed on his forehead. He listened to her every word intensely.

Mu Lan didn't notice his change of expression, she continued saying, "Ninety-nine can be 'I love you' and four… I'm not so sure. It can be time duration, like years or hours or months…"

Mu Lan was cut off as she landed on Mu Liang's firm chest and was hugged tightly by him. She blinked in confusion.

Mu Lan asked, "What's wrong?"

Mu Liang answered, "Just let me hold you longer."

He couldn't tell her. He could not tell that Hua Lan wanted to confess to her first love and named this game. Four meant the time of months they shared together. When she confessed to her first love and gave the game disk, what did that man do? He smashed it mercilessly with his leg without caring for her love.

'Lan, why must you have to suffer like this?' Mu Liang thought as he held her tighter. His heart was aching for her.


Two days later.

Anne's birthday party was held at Donne Mansion. It was decorated wonderfully. Many business families were gathered here. Women were wearing expensive dresses and jewelry. The place was filled with gossip and laughter. There was occasionally smell of delicious food.

Yan Su came in the party with Richard. She wore a Zoe Sequin mini-dress. It was an eye-catching sequin pink light up figure-flaunting dress which was a party-ready with a plunging neckline.

She wore a nude makeup and pink lipstick. Her diamond earrings glittered in the party lights. Her hair was tied in a headband updo.

Her lascivious cleaves was too showy. Her curves made the presented men's mouth dry.

Behind them was Xue Lin. She didn't want to attend, but Yan Su threatened to make her life living hell, so she was forced to join them.

She wore a Prussian blue Miami high-low dress. It was more like a waterfall. Ruffles on its glittery tulle gave this style a serene movement, and its bodice was covered in iridescent sequins for a party-starting feel, with soft satin below the armholes to avoid abrasions, this design featured adjustable shoulder straps and a full lining.

Her pale skin glowed in the evening. Her black shiny hair was tied in a mermaid bow braid. Her grey eyes looked way too attractive. Even without her makeup, she was caught by many eyes.

Qi Ying came with Mu Liang. She was frightened to death and her face was pale. However, Yan Su's skillful makeover covered her pale face.

She wore a green Reformation Christina dress. It was a sophisticated dress with a squared-off neckline features a dramatic side slit. On her waist, there was a gold chain belt loosely hanging. Her golden hair was tied in a twist back hairstyle.

Finally, Mu Lan came with Mu Feng as her hand was on his arm. She wore a red wine-colored Speechless off the shoulder body-con dress. It had an elegantly curved off-the-shoulder neckline and showed off toned shoulders. On her neck, there was a red ruby stone with platinum chain and a pair of ruby tops.

Her hair was tied in waterfall braid. Her eyes were shining and her lips were dyed in wine-colored lipstick.

Mu Lan looked extremely elegant. Women looked at her with eyes full of envy and men were looking at her in admiration.

Mu Feng glanced at his elder brother and sighed. Mu Liang looked like the ruthless emperor, *Qin Shi Huang Di. His cold vibe was making Qi Ying shiver in fright.

'Big brother, can't you be a little gentler to my wife?' Mu Feng thought.


Mu Liang was feeling extremely unwell. He only wanted to come to such a boring birthday party full of disgusting women because it was his dream to become Mu Lan's partner in an event.

Mu Liang also promised her that he would be her partner.

However, Mu Feng changed his plan and told his elder brother that Mu Feng would partner up with Mu Lan.

Mu Liang frowned and immediately declined the offer.

Mu Feng then started coaxing his elder brother.

"Big brother, this plan is even more attractive."

Mu Liang didn't want to listen. "Whatever."

Mu Feng consoled his elder brother. "Big brother, don't worry. Just partner up with Ying at first. You can partner her up after the plan would succeed."

"I don't care."

Mu Feng was on the verge of dying. "Don't you want to punish those women who hurt your wife?"

Mu Feng was still stubborn. "I can kill them."

"Do you really want that your wife will take the spotlight and think of you as her sugar daddy and make her lose her face?"

"....Fine!" Mu Liang slammed the door shut.

Mu Liang looked at his beautiful wife who was close to his younger brother. His mood worsened.

He looked at the entrance and something caught his eyes. He blinked.

Lu Feng, who usually didn't like to attend any party in the past, after a clear rejection from Yan Su, actually came to the birthday party.

Mu Liang also found another friend who should be in China right now. His handsome friend's grey eyes glinted with mystery.

Tonight would be a good show.


*The Ruthless Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang: How He Unified and Tyrannized His Subjects

Qin Shi Huang Di (translated as 'the First Emperor of the Qin') (often shortened as Qin Shi Huang) is arguably one of China's best known emperors. It is undeniable that Qin Shi Huang was an extremely ruthless ruler. Nevertheless, it was this trait that enabled him to unify China, thus bringing an end to the Warring States period.

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