Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 20: I TRUST YOU

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"Before we go down and have dinner, there's something want to clear." She said straight forwardly.

Slowly Mu Liang looked at his hand where Hua Lan is touching and then looked at her face.

As he looked at her eyes he saw how clear those eyes were. Just like the first time he saw in that competition.

Trying to calm down his heart bit he softly asked, "What is it you want to talk about?"

"Can you please sit beside me? It is hard to look up. You are 6'." She complained.

Mu Liang smiled a bit then sat beside her on the bed.

"Was that your idea when Brother Feng said about marriage?"

Though Mu Feng told her to call 'Feng Feng' she couldn't do it. It felt good when calling 'Liang Liang' but it felt utterly wrong when she imagined calling 'Feng Feng'. So in front of Mu Liang she called Brother Feng not 'Feng Feng'.

'Of course not! Though I'm eager, I'm not stupid. Fast relationship lasts short. I want eternal relationship with you.'

"It's for your own security. Don't you think?" He couldn't lie to her, but that doesn't mean he would refuge it either because he wanted to marry her like right now!

Hua Lan shook her head. "But about you? You don't even know me. Why would you trust me or would marry me? I could be marrying you for your money."

For a while Mu Liang looked at her eyes.

'Woman, I'm practically dying to marry you. You want my money? Fine!'

Mu Liang looked at the switch beside her bed. He stood up and walked beside her bed. Then he took the switch in his hand and pushed the button. Within ten second Head Butler came.

"Master. Miss" Leo, the Head Butler greeted both of them. He was puzzled a bit.

'Shouldn't they go for dinner?'

Hua Lan looked also confused.

Mu Liang looked at the Butler. Then opened his mouth, "The keys."

As he said 'the keys' Leo was overly shocked. But He didn't let it show in this face and hand over to

Mu Liang the whole house hold keys one by one.

Mu Liang took those keys and wordlessly put them on Hua Lan's hands.

Then he looked at her, "Starting from right now the whole household will be in your care."

Hua Lan was speechless.

Head butler Leo was speechless.

Hua Lan blinked for some moments then jumped out of the bed.

"Are you crazy?! I just lost my memory and both of us don't know how I was in the past. And you are giving me these whole mansion's keys! Are you for real?" She practically screamed.

Mu Liang looked innocent, "I fully trust you. And there are also company keys bank locker keys with password."

Hua Lan, "..."

She suddenly felt her hands her heavy. Really, really heavy.

As she couldn't make him come on the line, she looked at Butler Leo.

"Can you even sleep after the keys were handed over to me? Don't you think I'll robe you all?"

Looking at her disbelieve eyes, suddenly Butler Leo couldn't help but smile. "As long as young master trusts you, I, as the Head Butler of this household will work at your command, Miss Lan."

"..." Hua Lan couldn't find anything to say.

'Fine!' She screamed inside of her head.

She looked at Mu Liang.

He was surprised seeing her like she made a decision going for a Battle of Donxing.

"OK. Registry my name tomorrow in Mu family. I'll marry you but before that give me six months." Hua Lan declared.

Mu Liang froze.

Head Butler Leo blinked.

Both of them forgot to move.

Mu Liang couldn't believe his ears.

This girl said 'no' to Feng just in the morning. What made her change the decision now? It wasn't his money or his wealth. Even if she would say that herself he wouldn't believe her. Then what....forget it. She wanted to marry him, that's the main point right now!

'We have to prepare for wedding dress for her, Oh, the guest list; well, Leo could take care of it. As for wedding cake, it had to be Lan's most favorite German Chocolate Cake. And we have to go to the Family House in Italy to meet my Grandpa and parents...."

As Hua Lan waved her the keys in front of him and said, "Hello, anybody home?"

Then Mu Liang came out from his thoughts. He looked at her.

His sudden bright eyes blinded Hua Lan.

'Too bright!'

Then suddenly Mu Liang realized something and frowned.

'Wait a minute. She said six months later.'

[A/N: Now you paid heed to it!]

"What about six months?" He asked, unsatisfied. 'Why not NOW?'

"I want to go to school, work out, know the people around me, stroll to the city I'm in and of course I want to know myself better. But if I fall for other guy I can't marry you. Because I think marriage isn't something you can give pressure. And then I'll work for you lifetime for your kindness to me."

Mu Liang growled inwardly, 'As if!' He scoffed.

"You can fall in love with anyone. There's no objection and you don't have to pay for anything either." However his mouth said otherwise.

Hua Lan's eyes glittered in happiness.

"Let's go to dinner. We'll talk about other things while eating." As they walked out the door she didn't forget to give the keys to Butler Leo.

'Oh! Finally! Peace in my heart.' She felt finally relived.


Battle of Donxing was happened in 252 AD at the time of Three Kingdoms Period. In this war Wu defeats Wei.

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