Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 199: INTERVIEW 2

This is the second interview of the Author of *Handsome CEO's Darling Wife*

Yan Su: Hello beautiful and handsome Readers and the characters of the novel, welcome to our official interview of the Author of 'Handsome CEO's Darling Wife'. As you all know, I'm Yan Su of the same novel and in the novel I'm one of the besties of Mu Lan aka Hua Lan. Today, our Happy-go-lucky Author who turned to the Shameless Author because of Mu Liang and Mu Feng's nasty pressure will share some of her thoughts and questions of you Readers regarding the novel. Author Dear, please say 'hi' to your Darling Readers.

Flow07: Hello my most beloved Readers. Hope you all are doing great. :D

Yan Su: Author Dear, congrats on your writing chapter 200. You have come pretty far.

Flow07: Thank you.

Yan Su: Before I start asking you questions, I want to complaint about something.

Flow07: What's wrong? [worried]

Yan Su: Why didn't you make me a shameless character?

Flow07: …Err…

Yan Su: I wanted to go wild and have pleasure nights with men. Because of you I couldn't do that. So why keeping such sexy body of mine? How could you be so heartless?

Flow07: Because, I don't want to be skinned alive by Lu Feng.

Yan Su: What do you mean? Why will he do such thing to you?

Flow07: You will find out soon enough.

Yan Su: Are you trying to pick a fight with me, Author Dear?

Flow07: Ahahaha… What are you saying-


Flow07: I think it's yours.

Yan Su [picking up her cell phone]: OMG! It's Elder Cousin!

Flow07: What? How's that possible?

Yan Su [answered the call and put it on the loud speaker]: Elder Cousin, is there something wrong?

Mu Liang: Dare to touch the Author and you will die.

Yan Su: Umm…

Mu Liang: Well, after my first night with Xiao Lan, Author is yours. [He hangs up]

Flow07: Thank you Mu Liang for telling me. I will delay your first time and let you dry in the Sahara Desert. With this I can live a long life.

[A mobile chimed]

Yan Su: I think it's yours. Maybe your boyfriend. [grinned]

Flow07 [taking her phone]: It's Mu Liang.

Yan Su: he never texts anyone except Lan Dear. What did he say? Please share with us.

Flow07: He texted, 'I'm sorry. I will give you my top men to protect you from Yan Su.'

Yan Su: …..He is a traitor.

Flow07: Only for his beloved.

Yan Su: OK, back to questions. It is a question from your Reader Dear @nayowl. Which was the first novel you read? And when?

Flow07: The Sign of Four, Sherlock Holms by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was translated in Bangla. I was 10 years old back then. I can hardly remember if I understood it or not.

Yan Su: Such a young age! Do you like detective books?

Flow07: I do, a lot.

Yan Su: That's why we smell mystery and suspense in your current novel. Which is your favorite novel and why?

Flow07: I used to find novels boring because they are too lengthy and have too much information. Well, that's novels' characteristics. However, 6 months ago, for some reason, I was looking an app for reading online stories and in the Playstore I came across Webnovel. First novel that was

recommended to me was Full Marks Hidden Marriage. I liked the synopsis and started reading it. Next 48 hours, sleeping 4 hours only, I spent my time just reading it. Then I fell in love with novels. [smile]

Yan Su: Author Dear, you look like you are in love with a man. OK, next question. How many chapters do you intend to write?

Flow07: Around 700.

Yan Su: Some Readers are dissatisfied with the cost of each chapter. What do you want to say about it?

Flowo07: Actually, the price isn't fixed. It depends on the words count. The more words, the more Spirit Stones.

Yan Su: Can't you compromise the length of your chapters?

Flow07: I would love to. But the Readers say that the chapters are short. They want bigger chapters. But in the contract, it was written that I'll write 2k words every day except Monday.

Yan Su: So, you are saying that it is impossible?

Flow07: The contract is already signed.

Yan Su: About mass release, you mass released when you were in top 50, after premium, top 20, top 10, and then top 6. Will you give more mass releases in future?

Flowo07: Yes, I did promise my readers a mass release when the novel will be in top 3, 2, 1.

Yan Su: Good luck with that.

Flow07: Thank you. There is also another reason why I don't give a mass release every week.

Yan Su: And the reason is…?

Flow07: For those who have short amount of Spirit Stone just like me. I feel their pain.

Yan Su: So generous of you, Author Dear!

Flow07: It's not a big deal.

Yan Su: How many chapters do you write in a day?

Flow07: 3.

Yan Su: Can't you write a little more?

Flow07: Writing isn't a problem, but I have 2 problems. 1. Lack of good typing skill and 2. Generating new ideas.

Yan Su: Can't you improve your skills?

Flow07: After exam, I will learn how to type fluently. And imagination comes from the head and heart. I can't force it.

Yan Su: The way the novel is progressing, President Li will find out about Hua Lan very soon.

Flow07: More or less.

Yan Su: Will he?

Flow07: I want Mu lan to take care of her surroundings first.

Yan Su: How do you describe this President Li? You didn't mention his name. Not even once.

Flow07: He is overbearing, aggressive, possessive, vengeful, and loving. Why loving? You will know later. I didn't mention his name yet because I want to keep it a mystery.

Yan Su: Speaking of mystery, what about the grey eyed man. He appeared again in the chapter 199. One Reader even named him the GREY EYED MONSTER!

Flow07: I read that comment, I liked it. But this title belongs to the male protagonist Yin of the manhua "The One". The grey eyed man is someone that everyone will love in the next upcoming novel.

Yan Su: Speaking of that, when will you publish it?

Flow07: Synopsis is ready, story is ready. The only thing I need is the title. I can't find one. I'll ask my Dear Readers on Discord later. I'll publish it after exam. 2 chapter every day. But shorter. Total 1.2k words every day except my holiday.

Yan Su: Well, we know that you are very tired after writing 2 chapters and tomorrow you have lots of work to do. Before we end the interview, do you want to say something to the Readers?

Flow07: I really love you guys after your so many supports. It is the only thing that can

motivate and give me courage to think of my freedom and dream. Please continue supporting

me. Next novel will be edited from the very beginning. I can promise you that much.

Yan Su: Thank you Author Dear. Thank you, my Reader Dears. Love you. Keep loving me and keep supporting the novel created by Author Dear. Bye. [alluring smile]


This is 200 chapter. 199 chapter was published long ago but it has been blocked. I don't know why. I'll ask Webnovel about it.

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