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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 198: CHOOSING A PARTNER

While Hugo was monitoring the corridor, suddenly he saw some movement in the garden. Feeling suspicious, he observed the area and he saw his Boss was climbing the pipe.Hugo's soul almost left his body. And then he saw both his master and mistress hugging and kissing. He blushed.Hugo immediately took his eyes off of the binocular. As he sat on the floor, he felt his heart was beating fast. He rubbed his chest to calm himself down. A few minutes later, Hugo again got on his work. He put his binocular in front of his eyes and began to monitor the corridor. He saw that one of the girls from Anne's gang tried to jump on Yan Su and in response, she just simply gave her a kick. Anne's friend flew away and he couldn't see her anymore. Later, Hugo saw that Yan Su was knocking on the door of Mu Lan's room. His soul nearly left his body. In an instant, he again looked at the window of Mu Lan's room. Hugo found out that his Boss was hiding the shirts and covering Mu Lan with a quilt and he dived under the bed.Hugo's heart started to beat loudly as he saw Yan Su enter the room and she uncovered Mu Lan's face. As she moved towards the kitchen, Hugo couldn't help but to call Yan Su. He could not let her see the clothes.Finally, Yan Su's interrogation stopped and she left the room. Hugo sat on the floor to catch his breath. Hugo had experienced many dangerous missions. However, this one would take him to his grave. He was sure of that. He wished badly to change the room. He didn't want to stay at the same floor as Young Mistress any longer.Hugo checked his body and noticed that he was sweaty all over due to his nervousness. He went to the bathroom to take a shower. ------Meanwhile, Mu Liang was hiding under the bed while Yan Su was in the room. He couldn't move and it felt suffocating. He couldn't remove Mu Lan's vanilla scent from his mind. He was losing his patience. He only hoped that Mu Lan would act according to his plan.The more Yan Su was becoming nosy, the more Mu Liang was becoming irritated. He really wanted to come out and to give her a scare. However, thinking of Mu Lan's reputation, he held his anger. After Yan Su left, Mu Liang heard a click sound. Immediately, Mu Liang came out and locked the door from inside. Then he gave Hugo a call."Boss." For some reason, Hugo's voice wavered. "Did you dare to monitor what is happening inside?" Mu Liang asked in a cold tone. Suddenly Hugo's throat felt dry. He gulped down his saliva and replied in a small tone, "I-I wouldn't dare..." "Good." Mu Liang hung up. Then he closed the curtains so that no one could see them. Afterward, Mu Liang went to the bed and saw that Mu Lan had fallen asleep. He was stunned. 'How could she sleep in a situation like this?' He thought in amazement. Mu Liang saw slight dark circles under her eyes and sighed. He finally understood how Mu Lan reached game level seventy. Mu Liang knew that he couldn't continue what he was doing. Therefore, he took off his clothes and headed towards the bathroom. After having a cold shower, he took a wet towel and cleaned Mu Lan's sweaty body. Later, he laid down beside her, kissed softly on her forehead and hugged her before drifting to a romantic dream. ------ In the morning, Mu Lan woke up and blinked a few times before fully opening her eyes. The first thing she saw was a muscled chest which could make a woman's heart tremble. Mu Lan's sleepiness was long gone. Her eyes were wide in shock and as she looked at the tone body's owner, she saw a familiar face. Her face turned deep red as she recalled what happened last night. She shook her head, wishing to forget the sensual night. Later, she tried to move away from Mu Liang, but her waist was hugged tightly. Just then she realized that she was naked. 'A-ag-ain!' Her face became hot. Mu Liang opened his eyes and his ocean blue eyes looked at Mu Lan's black eyes deeply. Mu Lan couldn't take her eyes off of him and thought that she was drowning in the deep sea. Mu Liang gave her a teasing smile as his eyes filled with mischievousness. He asked in a hoarse voice, "Trying to run away, my wife?" Hearing the phrase 'my wife', Mu Lan heart raced. She covered her face with the quilt in shame, but soon she was held under Mu Liang. "W-what are you doing?" Mu Lan asked him nervously. "Continuing after last night." Mu Liang replied as he looked at her pink lips. "Wha mm.." Mu Lan's word was cut off by Mu Liang's deep kiss. When Mu Liang stopped, Mu Lan was out of breath. She panted heavily as her head was spinning. Mu Liang looked at her with a tender gaze and stroked her head lovingly. When Mu Lan calmed down, he asked, "Are you going to any birthday party?" Mu Lan looked at him with her fuzzy eyes and replied, "I'm invited to attend our class representative's birthday party." Mu Liang said, "In birthday parties like these, people take partners." Mu Lan nodded and said, "Yes, it is written in the invitation card as well." Mu Liang looked at the beautiful girl in his embrace. He asked, "Who do you want to take as your partner?" Mu Lan didn't want to answer this question. So, she stayed silent. However, after ten seconds of quietness, she couldn't take his burning gaze. She timidly replied, "I was asked by some of my classmates." "You mean, male classmates." Mu Liang cut off. Mu Lan gulped as her body became stiff. Mu Liang sighed and hugged her. 'Did she think that I'll get mad at her?' He thought. He gently kissed her left cheek and said, "Just say 'no' to them. I'll accompany you." Mu Lan looked at him with her eyes full of surprise. She asked, "Will you?" Mu Liang smiled and nodded, "Yes, I will." He hugged her and looked at the open window. Mu Liang recalled what Mu Feng told him yesterday. "Big brother, just attend the birthday party. Some girls are trying to bully my sister Lan Lan. I arranged a great show for them." Mu Feng grinned. Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. 'Let's see who dares to hurt my wife.'

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