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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 197: HIS HEART RACED

Mu Liang looked at the alluring woman under him. His heart raced at the scene. He leaned down to catch one of her nipples with his lips. "Li-Liang stop ahh" Mu Lan couldn't help but arched her back. Something hot spread from her chest as her heart was beating rapidly. Mu Liang didn't stop, and his tongue twirled intensely. As he nibbled, he kneaded her other breast. Subconsciously, Mu Lan circled her arms around Mu Liang's neck and held him near. Mu Liang's other hand roamed on her thigh and he smiled. He brought his mouth close to her left ear and said, "You didn't wear any pajama today." Then he showered her with kisses.Mu Liang's hands skillfully caressed her legs and his lips worked on her bosom. "Hnn hmm" Mu Lan bit her lower lip to control her voice. Mu Liang saw her biting down her lips. He coaxed her as he gave her light kisses on her lips and sweetly said, "Don't do it. Let me hear you." His sweet voice sounded sexy in Mu Lan's ears. As their bodies moved together, steam emitted from their mouths. Their bodies were sweating. When Mu Liang's right hand touched her center), Mu Lan couldn't take it anymore and moved her head on the right side and buried her face in the pillow. Warmth rushed into her body. Her legs were going numb. Mu Liang kissed her left ear and then bit it. Feeling the sensation, Mu Lan couldn't cover her face anymore and turned around to meet his lips. Mu Liang swiftly unbuttoned his shirt and threw it aside. It fell on the corner of the bed. His built chest met her delicate body. Mu Liang looked down at the woman beneath him. His eyes were dark and full of desire. In the light, he could clearly see that the woman was panting heavily with her open mouth as her body was slightly moving. She was only wearing her pink underwear. Her pinkish skin was covered with red marks and sweat. Her eyes were moist and there were water lines beside her two eyes as tears rolled down. Her lips were swollen and face was red. Mu Lan's whole appearance gave Mu Liang a strange feeling. He soon felt something was getting hard. He slowly spread her legs and moved his head to her right feet and he began to suck the small fingers. He licked them and moved his lips towards the knee and from the knee to her thigh. When he finished giving red marks on her right leg, he moved his lips to her left leg. Mu Lan's whole body shook as she felt his movements. When Mu Liang's lips went to her left thigh, she tried to close her legs. However, Mu Liang's body was between her legs. She couldn't do it. Moreover, her legs wrapped around Mu Liang's slender waist which was now sweaty. Mu Lan was softly sighing and moaning. Her eyes were foggy and the head was spinning. She could see Mu Liang's half-naked body properly. Mu Liang's fingers worked through her underwear and found it slightly wet. His eyes burnt as he moved his mouth. Just then, someone knocked on the door. Just inches away, Mu Liang's face froze. A faint sound said, "Lan dear, are you there? Open the door." Mu Liang gritted his teeth. 'This Yan Su..' But he couldn't finish his thought. Yan Su said from outside, "If you don't open it, I'm going to unlock the door." Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. 'So, she gave her friend a spare key. Good thinking but now.' Mu Liang looked at his precious woman who had no clue what was going around her. He looked around and found their scattered shirts and her bra. He hid them under the corner of the bed. Mu Liang had no time to hide anywhere. He covered Mu Lan's naked body with the quilt and dived under the bed.Just next second, Yan Su opened the door and entered into the room. Looking at the room, she was astounded. The light was on. The chair was facing the east, totally opposite from where the table was. And the weirdest part was, Mu Lan was sleeping on the bed covering herself from top to bottom. Yan Su said aloud, "Huh, that's strange. Lan dear never sleeps with lights on. Is she sick?" She walked towards the bed. She stood beside the bed and lightly moved the quilt. She saw that Mu Lan's eyes were closed. She was sleeping soundly. However, her face was unusually red. Yan Su checked Mu Lan's temperature and found it a little hot. Yan Su frowned. She took out the first aid box from Mu Lan's table drawer and found out that one fever tablet was missing. Thinking that Mu Lan took medicine. She sighed in relief. She was about to move to the kitchen and that's when her cell phone rang. Trying not to disturb Mu Lan's beauty sleep, Yan Su hurriedly answered the call. "Hello?" "Miss Zhen, thank you for the action you took. Please let Young Miss take some rest." Hugo's voice quivered in nervousness as he spoke. "How do you know that I'm in her room?" Yan Su asked. "I am monitoring the corridor, Miss Zhen," Hugo answered. The dorm corridor's one side was open because it was also a balcony at the same time. "Oh, alright. But how do you know that Lan dear is resting?" Yan Su inquired. Hugo gulped his saliva as he spoke, "I didn't. She was busy recently and worked hard. Since she just recovered, Boss instructed to take care of her." "Fine, I'm leaving." Yan Su said and left the room after turning off the light. Hugo watched Yan Su leaving Mu Lan's room and he huffed in relief. He was panicked because he thought that his master would be discovered. While Hugo was monitoring the corridor, suddenly he saw some movement in the garden. Feeling suspicious, he observed the area and he saw his Boss was climbing the pipe. Hugo's soul almost left his body. And then he saw both his master and mistress hugging and kissing. He blushed.

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