Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 196: ARE YOU DONE?

While Yan Su was doing all the protecting, Mu Lan was totally unaware of what just happened outside her room. She was immersed in her own world playing Car Race4-99 in a happy mode. She was wearing a headphone, and because of the sound, she didn't even realise that her mobile was chiming.Fifteen minutes later, she felt hungry. She got up and heated up the smoked salmon fried rice and filled her stomach. She then rubbed her stomach totally satisfied. Later, she washed her bowl and sat on the chair to play another round of game.She casually checked her phone and that's when she noticed that she had received several messages from Mu Liang.'What are you doing?''Do you like the game?''How are you classes going on?''I miss you.''Do you miss me?''I want to see you.'Mu Lan felt that her cheeks were burning after reading the messages.It was already six days since she left Mu Mansion. Mu Liang's feelings were justified.Mu Lan sent him a message. 'I am doing great. The classes are going smoothly. I love this game. Good night.'Mu Lan didn't dare to type, 'I miss you too.'Last time she sent such a text, she ended up having a romantic date with him. More importantly, he brought an eye-catching car. Then he kissed her in public. Furthermore, he gave her a hickey which was seen by her teachers.Shameful! So shameful!Mu Lan had learnt her lesson and she didn't dare to repeat the same.Mu Lan began to play the game. She lightly screamed with happiness as she reached Level seventy seven. Yet again she didn't notice that her cell phone was ringing.When she was playing, someone lightly tapped her shoulder.Mu Lan was at an exciting part of the game. She shook that hand off subconsciously. Her concentration was fully on the game.Ten minutes later, she finished the level. She stretched her hands behind her. A beautiful satisfactory smile was hanging on her lips."Are you done?" A deep voice came from her behind.Startled, Mu Lan jumped off her seat all frightened. She turned around to see the person as she opened her mouth to scream.A firm hand covered Mu Lan's mouth so that she could not make a sound and took her in his embrace.Mu Lan blinked a couple of times. Sensing the familiar smell, her body started to relax. When the person saw that she wasn't straggling anymore, he removed his hand from her mouth.Mu Lan found her voice back. "H-how did you come? The door is locked and there are students outside."The person with a deep voice asked back. "How do you think?"Mu Lan turned her head towards the window and saw that it was wide open. It was previously half closed.Still that person had to cross the gate and the campus."How come no one saw you?" She asked."I have my ways." The deep voice said.'Well, that's true.' She thought."Why did you take such a risk?" She was really frightened.Mu Liang leaned close to her right ear and kissed it before asking, "Why didn't you reply to my text?Mu Lan trembled as she felt his kiss on her sensitive spot. She replied, "I-I did." "You didn't reply to the text where I asked if you missed me or not." Mu Liang said."Err.." What could she say?Mu Liang continued, "And when I called you, you didn't answer. I wanted to hear your voice."Mu Liang hugged her tighter.Mu Lan hurriedly said, "I-I am so sorry. I didn't notice.."However, her voice was cut off as Mu Liang kissed her fiercely.Mu Lan's whole body trembled by the sudden kiss. She wanted to move away but Mu Liang held her body tighter. His left hand was on her waist while his right hand was on her head.Mu Liang bit her lower lip, making her gasp in surprise. He took the chance and entered his tongue. His tongue twirled with hers passionately. It left Mu Lan breathless.Her body started to get warm as Mu Liang's hands moved around her curvesWith her moist eyes, Mu Lan glanced at the man. His face was slightly red and his eyes were closed. Staring at his long eye-lashes, she felt that her soul was leaving her body.When Mu Lan was out of breath, she struggled a little to move her face away. Seeing her discomfort, Mu Liang finally left her lips.However, before Mu Lan could take a full deep breath, she gasped as Mu Liang's lips fell on her delicate neck."Ah" His unexpected action made Mu Lan moan lightly.Hearing her soft moan, Mu Liang's fire ignited.Mu Liang again kissed her lips. He sucked her hard making her moan in return. He slowly pushed her close to her bed and while kissing, he took her in his arms and laid down on the bed.Mu Liang's left hand groped her buttock."Hmm." Mu Lan tried hard not to moan but her lips were opened by his lips. So she couldn't help it.Mu Liang's right hand roamed around her upper body. Finally, it found the button of her shirt. Skillfully, Mu Liang's right hand unbuttoned her shirt.When he removed her shirt, Mu Liang pushed Mu Lan beneath him and started kissing her ears. He bit and nibbled them."Huh.ahh" Mu Lan twitched her body.Soon Mu Liang's lips moved south and left love bites all over her skin. He groped her left breast with his right hand causing her moan louder this time. As his lips was on her cleavage, he tore the bra exposing her breasts to feel the cold air.Mu Liang was always like this. He would come to her with a good intention. However, seeing her stunningly adorable face, his love, greed and desire for her would instantly ignite. Before he could try to control his lust for her, his body would act and make him yearn for her.Right now, both of their faces were red. Their bodies were hot and they were pressed against each other. Their breathing were irregular and their hearts were beating crazily at the same speed. Mu Liang looked at the alluring woman under him. His heart boiled at the scene. He leaned down to catch one of her nipples with his lips.

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