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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 195: WHO DO YOU THINK I AM?

There were some marble balls in Yan Su's A-line Denim skirt. She threw them on the floor from where those four girls were coming.The girls were so busy gossiping that they didn't hear the sound of the marble balls rolling down.The one with the short hair put her right leg on a marble ball and fell on the floor. The girl was wearing a circle skirt. Therefore, as she fell down, her shirt flew up and revealed her round buttocks wearing black thong.It was around half past eight, female students were still walking around the corridor. Looking at the girl falling down, some laughed loudly, some tried to hide their smiles, and some even took photos and videos.The three girls who were accompanying her, were frozen due to the scene that happened before them.The girl who had fallen screamed in pain. As she fell flat, she hurt her chin causing her lips to bleed. The closest girl next to her was her friend who'd accompanied her. She came close to her and asked worriedly, "Are you alright?"The fallen girl got mad and screamed at her friend, "Do I look alright? Take me to the infirmary."The girl then took her friend to the infirmary.The other two girls looked at the floor and found the marble balls. Feeling astounded, they took the balls. Just then, they heard sounds of heels.Looking at the stairs, they found that Yan Su was coming downstairs. She was wearing a red blouse, black short skirt and red heels. She had a smirk hanging on her lips. "Hello guys." Yan Su said.Yan Su was from a powerful background. Those, who were from business family, were aware of the fact that her Zhen family was a relative of Mu Family.Those two girls weren't from business family. But still they were aware of Yan Su's power and were afraid of her.One of the girl gulped down her fear and asked Yan Su, "Are you the one who threw the marble balls?"Yan Su covered her lips with her right hand and gasped in surprise. "Huh? What are you talking about? I was playing with them as I walked towards my best friend's room. You are the ones who were coming this way uninvited."Another girl beside her looked furious. She said, "Just because you are powerful does it mean that you own this building? We all have the rights to walk wherever we want."Yan Su laughed beautifully as she said playfully, "Walking is not a problem. But walking with bad intention is a huge problem."The two girls became pale. 'Did she know our plan? How is that even possible?' They thought as they were frightened.For having such a low IQ, they couldn't even guess that they were so loud that they let the whole of second floor hear their plan.The one who was brave enough said, "What are you accusing us for?"Yan Su pouted her lips, then replied, "Nothing. I just saw you guys were walking towards my best friend's room."The other girl who had less courage got her voice back. She asked, "Just because Lan is your friend, doesn't mean you can bother."Yan Su nodded in agreement and said, "That's absolutely true. However, if you try to harm my friend, I, of course won't let you do that."The brave girl came forward and said, "So what if we try to harm her? She is a bad example of our department. She seduces men with her looks."Yan Su smirked as she said, "So you admit that Lan has a more beautiful face than you all have. So, this is all because of jealousy.""You." That girl trembled in rage.Yan Su looked at her and asked, "You are Elizabeth, right?"That girl who was trembling in anger, suddenly got startled. She asked, "H-how do you know?"Yan Su said, "Who do you think I am? Your boyfriend Richard is disgusted with you. He sent me an invitation letter to join Anne's birthday party."Elizabeth didn't believe her at all. She frowned and said, "What did you say?""To Be. His. Partner." Yan Su said in a playful tone."You you" Elizabeth could neither curse Yan Su nor could she handle it.She directly called her rich boyfriend and asked, "Honey, are we going to Anne's birthday party together?"The rich boyfriend said from other side, "Eli, let's break-up. You are boring and always scheming against others. All you do is talk bad behind other people's back. As it is, you are a woman filled with dirt bags yet, you go against a good artist like Lan. You are disgusting. I don't like you. I get irritated whenever you talk negative things. Don't get anywhere near me in the future."After warning her, the rich boyfriend hung up.Elizabeth, on the other hand, fell on the floor with a 'plop' sound. Tears welled up in her eyes as she cried out loudly.Later, she looked at Yan Su and glared at her."You b*****! You dared to take my boyfriend away. You are a s***. I will kill you."Elizabeth screamed as she ran towards Yan Su.Who was Yan Su?She was a black belt. She used men like punching bags. Her opponents were always men.Could she not handle such a lousy hysterical woman?Of course she could.When Elizabeth almost flew near her, Yan Su gave her a light kick with her shoe.Elizabeth rolled down the stairs as her scream echoed in the corridor. Her friend saw the scene in horror and left running with fear.Yan Su sighed as she felt unsatisfied. She wanted to be harder on them. But thinking that it would make Mu Lan's reputation bad, Yan Su held her desire back. Later, she called Richard, the rich boyfriend. "Hello Yan Su." The guy answered.She said sweetly, "Thank you Dear for helping."Richard smiled and replied, "It is nothing. I wanted to break-up with her from a long time.""You got a bad taste." Yan Su complained. "But, not this time. Are we going together to Anne's birthday party?" Richard asked eagerly.Lu Feng's face immediately appeared in Yan Su's mind.Yan Su smiled and said, "Sure."'Lu Feng, just wait. I will make sure that you suffer in hell.' Yan Su gritted her teeth.

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