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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 194: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? A ROYAL INVITATION?

Hugo wasn't good with women and Mu Feng knew it very well. He loved to tease Hugo who was always stoic.Therefore, Mu Feng gave Hugo the task to protect Young Mistress from those jealous women.Mu Feng wanted to see how Hugo would handle the situation.Hugo also thought that it was like other normal missions. But on the very first day he realized that it was completely different.He couldn't fight against those girls as it would cause a huge trouble. He couldn't even tell them to back off, for it would make them curious about Mu Lan's identity.Hugo never liked women because they were too clingy. However, his vision started to change when he met Young Mistress. He finally found a woman he could respect.But things changed as he encountered Anne and her friends. He felt disgusted when he found their cheap scheming against Mu Lan. Hugo admitted that he liked it very much when he crashed into Anne and got her scolded, stomped Anne's best friend and changed the dish which made a classmate stay at the toilet for the whole day.On the fourth day, another female classmate tried to shower Mu Lan with her meal at the cafeteria.Hugo was sitting beside Mu Lan. He 'accidently' stretched his right leg. The girl tripped over and fell on the ground. She showered herself with her own meal and caused a huge ruckus.Later, Anne slapped that girl for being so stupid. She was furious.'Why has that girl got to be so lucky every single time? Wait, is it really because she was lucky? Or, maybe because someone is protecting her?'Anne, recalled the previous accidents. Whenever, they tried to harm Mu Lan, Hugo was around.Anne expressed her doubt to her other friends.One girl said, "Hugo and Lan have a good relationship. It is only normal for them to stay together. We also stay together, don't we?Hearing her logic, other girls seemed to stop doubting.When Hugo was acting like a knight in shining armor, Mu Lan was busy playing Car Race4-99.She was pretty good at the game and discovered that the game was very easy to play. Moreover, she found out that this online game was quite familiar.She called Xue Lin. Xue Lin answered the call sooner than she expected."Xiao Lan, you are disturbing my study." Xue Lin said directly to her friend.Apparently, she was going to join a forum at Germany in four months. Her professor told her to study German language. She was doing her best to learn German."I'm really sorry Xue Lin. I want to ask you something." Mu Lan hurriedly said.Xue Lin asked back, "What are you waiting for? A royal invitation?"In the dorm, Yan Su was sitting beside Xue Lin. Hearing Xue Lin's question, she laughed loudly.Xue Lin was a girl who was very true to her friends. She was worried sick when Mu Lan suddenly disappeared. It took her weeks to control her emotions.When she heard that Mu Lan was back, she was more relieved than anyone else. Since she was busy with her studies she couldn't meet her in person. Later, when Mu Lan came to the dorm, all four of them had dinner together.Today, Mu Lan's formal attitude made Xue Lin a little upset.Mu Lan understood her mistake and bit her tongue subconsciously."Lin, answer my question correctly and I'll treat you to dinner." Mu Lan said informally.Xue Lin, who loved food more than her own life, got excited. She replied, "Fine."Mu Lan said, "I was in coma for nine months. After I woke up four months ago, I had no memory. Though I love Fine Arts, I find Hacking very easy. How can this be possible? Hacking isn't an easy matter. Later, five days ago, Liang Liang gave me an online game to test it. The game is really easy to play and I reached level sixty-six. But Hugo is having a tough time to even reach level thirty. Not only that, I found the game very familiar. Especially when I read the program code." Mu Lan finished what she wanted to say and took a deep breath.On the other side, Xue Lin was quiet.She asked after a while, "Do you feel like you've played the game before and you also know the program code of the game?"Mu Lan replied, "Yes." Xue Lin asked, "So, you are suspicious."Mu Lan replied, "I am.""Well, give me two days. I'll answer you after that." Xue Lin hung up.Mu Lan was stunned. 'What just happened? Did she just say that she would answer me after two damn days? Why must I suffer?' She kicked her legs a couple of times.-Meanwhile, Hugo called Yan Su. She answered the call."Miss Zhen." Hugo addressed formally."Oh, isn't this the handsome bodyguard." Yan Su smirked. "So why would a bodyguard like yourself need me for? I heard that you are invincible."Hugo opened his mouth. "Miss, I need your help to keep Young Miss safe. Four girls are heading towards Young Miss's room. I can't go to the female dormitory. Please stay with Young Miss."The 'Young Miss' he mentioned wasn't Qi Ying but Mu Lan. Yan Su knew it very well.She immediately said, "I understand." She then walked her way to Mu Lan's room.When she reached closer to the room, she found out that Hugo was right. There were four female students who were from Mu Lan's class. They were coming to the corner of the second floor. Only Mu Lan's room was at the corner.Yan Su heard them saying, "The normal rules of the dormitory is that four students live together in a room. But why is it that she has special privileges to live alone?""Her background is really mysterious. We don't even know her family name." One of them said.Yan Su gritted her teeth. 'B****! What will you do with her family name? Eat fried chicken?'"Maybe, she is a Mistress who married an old man at this young age." Another girl said."She uses her good looks to seduce men. Didn't Anne say that she seduced a handsome male and danced with him, and also kissed him in the balcony?" Another girl said.Yan Su smirked. 'Stupid creatures, looks like you are tired of living.'Yan Su heard them saying, "Let's go and punish her today." Other girls cheered.Yan Su slowly took one step at a time and slowly went down.'B**ches, since you love punishment, let's get started.'

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