Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 193: THREE DOWN

The next day, Mu Lan went to the campus with Yan Su and Qi Ying. She observed that many of the female students were looking at her.Suddenly getting all the attention towards her, Mu Lan felt uneasy. She hurriedly went to her room and packed her bag for the class.As soon as she entered the class, all the students gathered around her. The moment she entered the campus, the students already found out."Lan, it has been a month." "Where were you? We have been waiting for you?""Do you know how popular you have become?""What made you paint such a remarkable piece?""Do you have any idea who bought your painting?"All the questions blew Mu Lan's mind. She felt like a celebrity. But that's not what she wanted. She wanted a decent peaceful life, maybe sometimes exciting, but she still preferred peace.Mu Lan gave a small smile and said, "I was sick. Thank you for worrying about me. It means a lot."She sat on her chair. Next to her was Hugo. Hugo looked at her and gave a polite nod.Mu Lan smiled and said, "It has been a while. Good to see you."Hugo blushed at her innocent smile. No woman ever looked at him this way. He found another quality of Young Miss that qualified her to make a capable Mistress of the Mu Household. It increased his respect for her. Hugo replied in a low voice, "Glad to see you healthy again, you I mean La Ms. Lan." He was clearly nervous.Mu Lan found him very funny. She saw how weird he looked as he tried to mention her name. She hid her smile.Hugo gave her the entire month's homework and assignment. Mu Lan simple glanced at them.Anne Donne was discussing some private matters with her best friend and the girls in the class. The moment Mu Lan entered the room, it caught everyone's attention.Jealousy flashed in Anne's eyes.'How dare she take my spotlight? Who does she think she is?' Anne fumed in anger.Beside Anne, her best friend saw her reaction. She said, "What's with that Chinese girl? She just painted a picture. It's no big deal. Look at how she's acting. She is so fake!' Her voice was loud enough to let the people near them hear her.One of the girls said, "You are right. She doesn't even talk to us. She must be thinking that she is a celebrity."Anne said, "She even seduced a man at the Evening Ball." Her voice was full of hatred.A girl gasped. She exclaimed, "Are you serious?!"Anne replied, "That guy was handsome and rich. They danced almost three times. Then they had dinner together. I even saw them kissing in the balcony."Girls around her exclaimed with shock.One girl said, "So she is a gold digger. Who would have thought?"The girl next to her said, "They just met and started kissing? I question her character."Anne's best friend said, "She can seduce men just by her looks. And here, she looks so innocent. Tsk, we cannot judge a book by its cover."Another girl said, "But she is a beautiful girl in the department." She immediately stopped on sensing the glares from the other three girls. While they were busy criticizing, Mu Lan the one who was the hot topic had no clue what was going on behind her back. However, Hugo had sharp ears. He heard everything what they said. Mu Feng already told him to keep an eye on Anne Donne. Both Mu Feng and Hugo knew that she was the reason for Mu Lan's abduction.Hugo got a new mission. It was to protect Young Miss from those girls.From the next day, Hugo became extremely busy.Anne was supposed to take everyone's assignment. However, Mu Lan was absent due to sickness. So she couldn't hand over the assignment.The moment Anne was going to complain to the Professor, Hugo crashed against her. He made her drop all the papers. Hugo apologized calmly and sincerely.Like a popular heroine, Anne only smiled and said, "Its fine. I hope you are okay."Later she took the papers and handed them to the Professor. Before leaving, she didn't forget to say, "Professor, Lan gave an excuse of being sick and didn't hand over her homework."The Professor got angry and bickered at her, "Are you blind? I can see that she submitted her assignment. How dare you lie in front of your teacher?"This Professor was famous for having a bad temper. He acknowledged students by their hard work and not by their status or looks.Anne unexpectedly got scolded for ten minutes. When she got out she kicked the wall.'This Lan, sure got some luck. But this is only the beginning.' She thought viciously.Next day, Mu Lan handed her sculpture and was returning to sit. Just then, Anne's best friend stretched her left leg to trip her. Right at that time, Hugo was walking towards the teacher and accidentally stomped her foot.A fine-built man's foot was on a delicate woman's foot. How much of pain she would undergo? Anne's best friend screamed in pain leaving the whole classroom startled.Hugo was so stunned that he had no time to react. The teacher scolded the girl for not being modest while sitting.Hugo personally took her to the infirmary and the doctor found out that she had a bone fracture. The girl was sent to the hospital. She was asked to rest in bed for about four months.Anne cursed her best friend for her foul plan as well as Mu Lan for having a good luck.The third day, Anne and the other girls took Mu Lan to the cafeteria. They wanted to celebrate Mu Lan's recovery.Everyone started eating their food. Anne's friend had already put a powder in Mu Lan's food. Hugo served the food. As everyone had almost the same food, accidentally, Hugo exchanged the process and gave that girl Mu Lan's share. After finishing her meal, the girl went to the toilet and didn't come back. That day, they had a special photography class and that girl completely missed the chance.Hugo gave a call to Mu Feng."What is it?" Mu Feng was busy."Three down." Hugo replied with a dark tone.Mu Feng hid his laughter and said, "Good job."

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