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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 192: WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY HERS

Meanwhile, in France, at Mu mansion, the girl who created the online game was teasing Yan Su."So, the person you tried to seduce all this time was actually Doctor Lu Feng? I have to admit that I didn't think of that." Mu Lan said. She had an astounded face and tried hard not to smile.Yan Su was upset. Someone actually dared to kiss her lips in front of Butler Leo and her friends. Her all-fierce reputation was tarnished within seconds. Qi Ying smiled looking at her two friends. She was feeling much better. They were having lunch in the dining room.Yan Su was fuming with rage. "I don't like him. I hate him. He is my enemy. How dare he to take away my first kiss?"Mu Lan blinked. First kiss? She thought that Yan Su was very experienced at it. It looked like Mu Lan was wrong. On the contrary, it was she who had more experience in kissing and other things.. But Qi Ying definitely was the most experienced of the three of them!Thinking of what happened earlier this morning, Mu Lan's face flushed.Yan Su teased, "Dear Lan is surely perverted. She can imagine such horny stuffs and can blush in broad daylight."Mu Lan chided, "Who is thinking of horny stuffs? It is you who is thinking perverted things."Yan Su asked, "Then why are you blushing?"To save herself from such an embarrassing situation, Mu Lan put her hand on her forehead and said, "I feel a little cold. Am I having a fever?"Before Yan Su and Qi Ying could say anything, Mu Liang entered the dining room and heard Mu Lan's last sentence, 'Am I having a fever?'Immediately he went to Mu Lan and gently removed her hand before putting his right palm on her forehead.Yan Su, "..."Qi Ying, "..."Mu Lan's face burnt even more. She wanted to move away from his touch. But this time, Mu Liang took her swiftly in his arms and walked out leaving the two friends with dog food."Wh-what are you doing? Put me down." Mu Lan panicked."Don't you have a fever? I have to cool it down." Mu Liang said lightly.They encountered four maids in their tracks. None of the maids dared to look at the couple."I-I was just trying to win against Yan Su." Mu Lan revealed her true intention."Then why is your face so red?" Mu Liang asked who had no clue about what the three friends were talking.Mu Lan's lips were sealed. She couldn't say anything. If she lied, Mu Liang would find out within an instant.Mu Lan hid her face on Mu Liang's nape in embarrassment as she saw the maids while Mu Liang smiled at her cute action.Mu Lan thought that Mu Liang would take her to the bedroom. However, to her surprise, he took her to his study room.He put her down on the sofa and sat beside her.Mu Lan looked at him puzzled. Mu Liang gave her a file which was on the tea table. "Take a look."Mu Lan curiously opened the file. On the cover page in large front 'Car Race4-99' was written.Mu Lan looked at the man beside her. "A game?"Mu Liang nodded and said, "An online game. My company is going to launch this game. I want you to test this game before we do that."Mu Lan looked through the file as she asked, "Why do you want me to test it?"Mu Liang looked in her eyes. He asked back, "Can't you tell that I want to keep you beside me all the time?"Hearing that Mu Lan's face flushed again. Mu Liang said, "I want to hire you to my company. You don't have to go to the office. You can stay at home, play the game, write a report and earn money. You never use the money from the credit card I gave you. So you can have your own money and spend it the way you want."Mu Lan thought about the things Mu Liang said. For a student like her, it was a pretty good deal. She could earn money at home.She nodded and said, "Okay, deal."Mu Liang smiled and leaned on her. He kissed her forehead and said, "There is a disk on the file which contains the program. You can start anytime."Mu Lan wanted to run away. She hurriedly nodded and strode out.Mu Liang sighed. He went back to work. Mu Liang wanted to give Mu Lan what was rightfully hers. He even bought her flat and redecorated it just the way it was. One of their Chinese butler stayed next door and cleaned her flat everyday.Previously, when he bought the game in the competition four years ago, Mu Lan got a huge amount of money. She bought a flat and furnitures with half of the money. She used some of the money to create another game. The rest of the money was in her savings. She could lead a good life. Yet, she had to suffer because of that disgusting man.His trail of thoughts broke because he got a call from his brother."What?" Mu Liang asked."Big brother, I heard a news. Li Corporation is having a Game Department. They want to launch a game and will hold an International Competition. They even sent an invitation to all our collaborations." Mu Feng said all of it in one breath. He was clearly excited.Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. It was crystal clear to him what President Li's intention was.He answered, "Decline the offer. We don't work with Third-rated Companies. Also release a statement that, no French programmer will participate in the competition. Because we are going to hold a competition in two months."Mu Feng blinked. He asked, "Are we?"Mu Liang said, "Xiao Lan needs to showcase her talents."Mu Feng grinned from the other side and said, "Don't worry, big brother. I will make it a grand competition." He hung up.Mu Liang looked outside the window. His eyes were icy cold.'You want to look for her? Keep dreaming.'

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