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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 191: WIFE OF THE BUSINESS EMPEROR MU LIANG

Shanghai. Li Corporation.It was a bright morning. Everyone was busy in the office. The employees were all in a rush.General Ru's death was still news in China.Si Guen was reporting the current situation of the new project they started working on.That's when someone burst into the President's Office."Guess, what I found out." A mocking voice told."Sheng, your manners seemed to be lacking nowadays." President Li said coldly. A vein popped on his temple.Li Sheng looked at his brother and said, "Do you know that General Ru is dead?"President Li shrugged. "Who doesn't know this news? Don't give me rotten news." He went back to work.Li Sheng further asked, "Did you know that he was punished for treason?" His eyes were glowing with excitement. Any bloody news was enough to catch his attention.President Li stopped working and asked his brother, "Come again."Li Sheng replied with a sly smile, "General Ru was trying to launch an Operation. It was against the law. So he and his comrades were punished for treason. I heard that General Ru's father was the one who was behind all this. But since he was already nearing hell, the law only put him on house arrest."President Li was shocked hearing the story. He praised his younger brother inwardly.The government was really quiet about General Ru's death. Very few people had the details of the incident.Li Sheng was the Head of the Chinese Underworld. Therefore, he could gather news like that. He had a good informant.Looking at President Li's expression, Li Sheng was satisfied.Feeling smug, he continued, "And do you want to know what happened to Major General Ru? He was house arrested too and was stripped off the army."President Li's right eyebrow lifted up. He asked, "Was he also a part of the operation? It doesn't sound like him."President Li had met Ru Xin few times at parties. He was a perfect gentleman. Ru Xin never had too much alcohol and always stayed away from women. He even had a good reputation at the army.Li Sheng's eyes glowed. He said, "Ru Xin did the most unbelievable thing."President Li frowned while asking, "What do you mean?"Li Sheng replied, "He kidnapped the wife of the Business Emperor Mu Liang."President Li stared at his brother for a couple of seconds. He tried to figure out if his younger brother was lying or not.Later he asked, "Still he's just on a house arrest?"Li Sheng also found it unbelievable. He said, "Rumors had it that Mu Liang's wife requested her husband not to punish him. Therefore, Mu Liang didn't charge him." He paused for a while, then continued. "He is a legend. Who has the ability to tie him down? To think that he actually listened to his wife, then it must be that she is no ordinary woman."Si Guen at the same time added, "And a kind-hearted woman too. She forgave her kidnapper! Which rich woman does that nowadays?"Li Sheng nodded in reply. He stretched his lips. He was thinking, 'Women are so fake! What a drama queen!'When President Li heard Si Guen mention 'a kind-hearted woman', he was taken aback. Hua Lan's kind smile appeared on his mind all of a sudden. Suddenly he felt irritated. He asked, "If you have the time to listen to the rumor, then I think you also have the time to investigate it further."Li Sheng was surprised at what his elder brother just said. He asked , "You want me to investigate it further?"President Li coldly looked at his younger brother. He said, "A man came from Europe and made whole of China upside down, and as the Leader of the Chinese Underworld, you had no idea about it. Do you think this is funny?"Li Sheng looked at his brother and didn't say anything. He was having fun at a Tropical Island when this incident took place. So he had no clue about what happened to General Ru. When he came back, he found out the news of General Ru's death.Li Sheng said, "I will look into it." Then he went out. His face looked like he tasted venom.President Li looked at his secretary and asked, "Why don't we arrange an International Competition?"The question came out of the blue. Si Guen didn't know how to answer. He asked again to confirm, "International Competition, Boss?"President Li nodded. He said, "A competition for the programmers to make an online game."Si Guen caught what his boss wanted to say. 'Boss actually wants to create an opportunity to look for Little Miss!' He was stunned.Few months ago, President Li went to Italy for a week. It wasn't on official purposes. That time, Si Guen didn't know why his boss suddenly went to Italy. Now he understood that it was to look for Little Miss.Si Guen said, "But Boss, this is not our criteria..."President Li interrupted his secretary. "We have the best IT team. Can't they handle a mere online game?"Si Guen couldn't find anything to say. He tried for the last time. "But Boss, we won't find a single sponsor to help us in this project. Everyone knows that we don't have a Game Department."President Li said, "I will give you two months to create a Game Department. Then we will arrange a competition."Si Guen was sweating. He asked, "About the game, which game should we launch?"President Li thought for a while. Then said, "Car Race4-99"Si Guen froze on the spot.Car Race4-99 was created by Hua Lan. It was her last attempt to express her love to President Li. She gifted the program to President Li. But he broke the disk by smashing it with his left leg and told her that he was going to marry her older sister.Si Guen could not forget Hua Lan's face that time. His heart broke at the sight.Si Guen started, "Boss, we don't have the Rights to launch it."President Li's eyes narrowed. He asked "What do you mean?"Si Guen stammered, "A-after you rejected it, L-Little Miss sold the game to Mu Corporation." His body began to tremble.President Li stayed still like a wooden statue. Then his blood started boiling. He couldn't hold his anger any longer and said, "Scram!"

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