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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 190: WHY DO YOU CARE?

"First tell me who needs it." Lu Feng calmly said. His heart was about to burst due to nervousness. He took out the pregnancy test kits.Yan Su, "I need them. Happy?" She tied to snatch the kits and Lu Feng didn't let her take them.Lu Feng's heart sank. He asked, "What did you say?"Yan Su was already out of patience. She said, "Give me the kits."She again tried to snatch them away. However, Lu Feng was not the little boy who was once defeated by the mighty Yan Su.Lu Feng moved his right hand away where he held the kits. As Yan Su tried to catch them, she fell on his firm chest. He immediately caught her.Yan Su felt embarrassed. She moved away and glared at him. She asked him out of irritation, "What's with you?"Lu Feng asked, "Why do you need them?" His eyes were sharp.Yan Su felt inferior at his gaze. She hissed, "Don't you know why a woman needs stuffs like that? Are you stupid? Now I really doubt if you are a Doctor!"Lu Feng's eyes turned cold. He asked, "What did you do? With whom?"Yan Su put her hands on her waist and said, "Why do you care?" She was already getting nervous by his stare.Not getting any answer from Yan Su, Lu Feng grabbed her right hand tightly with his left hand. Yan Su was irritated. She asked, "What's with you? Let go! Let go!"Butler Leo and Mu Lan couldn't tell what they were talking about but they saw the calm and collected scholar doctor was grabbing Yan Su's hand and struggling not to let go. Both Mu Lan and Head Butler didn't know what to say.A minute later, Lu Feng let go of her hand and said, "Good. You are not pregnant." Then he frowned while saying, "You are not pregnant. Sweet Bunny is not pregnant. Don't tell me, you asked these kits for Ms. Qi?"Yan Su already frowned when she heard him saying 'Sweet Bunny'. 'What a nickname! Who could be that woman who is so intimate with him?' She thought. For some reason, she really had a lower IQ. She had no idea that Lu Feng called Sweet Bunny to only one person and that was Mu Lan.Lu Feng already strode towards Mu Feng's bedroom. He looked at Qi Ying and said politely, "Ms. Ying, you are sick. So my friend Liang told me to check up on you too. Please cooperate with me." He lied to check QI Ying's pulse.Qi Ying's face turned as white as paper. She said hurriedly, "I'm really fine, Doctor Lu. You don't have to.""But you fell sick after you came here. Of course, Mu Family will be worried about you. Please think of your boyfriend's feelings too." Lu Feng said with a polite smileYan Su could only stand at the bedside and watch the scene silently alongside Head Butler. She had no power in the mansion. If it was her house, then Lu Feng would probably be dead by now. Lu Feng checked Qi Ying's pulse, her eyes, and her tongue. He asked her a few questions and Qi Ying had to reply to everything.Lu Feng took notes and said, "Ms. Qi, due to tension and mental pressure, you lost appetite. You cannot tolerate food or its smell. And as you ate carrot, the sweet smell caused you to vomit. Please take more care of yourself. It will be better if you stay with your loved ones happily. I'll prescribe some vitamins, please take them regularly."Qi Ying was looking at Lu Feng with a stupefied face. Mu Lan and Yan Su were also stunned.Qi Ying couldn't ask in front of the butler, but her eyes were full of questions.Lu Feng wrote a prescription and gave it to Butler Leo. Then he grabbed Yan Su and dragged her away."One of you guys are pregnant? How could you scare me like that?" Lu Feng scolded Yan Su. He was so relieved that he didn't notice that his tone became gentle towards Yan Su.Yan Su pouted. She said, "How would I know if she wasn't pregnant or not? I'm not a doctor. She puked and didn't want to eat. So we wanted to test her pregnancy. You are the one who made it more dramatic."Lu Feng's eyes rose up. "I made it dramatic? Who told you to say that you needed the kits? You are still as dimwitted as ever."Yan Su glared at him. She bickered, "Dimwitted? You are dimwitted your whole family is dimwitted? So what if I need the kits? I can date anyone. I can sleep with any"Yan Su's lips were suddenly sealed by the scholar man in front of her. She was too surprised to close her eyes. She saw his handsome face and long eyelashes. She also found out that his lips were warm.Yan Su's face turned deep red. She tried to push Lu Feng away. But before she could do that, Lu Feng moved away.He laughed coldly before saying, "I will see which man will dare to fall for a tomboy like you. I can already see your 'forever single' future. All the best with sleeping with men."Lu Feng left the bar. He went straight to Mu Liang's study to discuss about Mu Lan's condition. He was relieved that Mu Lan was okay.On the contrary, Yan Su was boiling. Lu Feng's words went straight to her bones. She wanted to burn everything around her.However, it wasn't her home. She had to control herself. But still, she was flaring up inside.Normally, Yan Su would care less about what other people said. But Lu Feng's words went straight down her body, because, what he said was right.No men dared to date her, less even ask for a party date. Because she conquered men since she was a child. No boy would dare to be her friend while the girls saw her like a gangster because of her 'always ready for a war' attitude.There was only one man who dared to propose her because he really liked her for who she was. But she defeated him in a hand to hand combat and insulted him in front of everyone. It couldn't be helped. They were all teenagers and teenagers always made stupid mistakes.Now that the boy became a fine man and overpowered her by suddenly kissing her. Then threw her a challenge and insulted her because of her so called manly attitude, how could a proud girl like her accept it?

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