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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 19: SOMETHING I WANT TO MAKE CLEAR

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In the evening, Mu Liang came sooner than the head butler imagined. After all it had been nine months since he went to work.

Head Butler Leo Perez bowed seeing his master.

"Where is she?" Looking around and not seeing Hua Lan he questioned his sixty six years old head butler.

"Miss Lan is taking rest and said not to call for her before dinner." Leo replied respectfully.

"What did she do all day?" Mu Liang gave him some documents.

"She was walking around the mansion with second young master." Leo took those documents and rearranged them while answering.

Mu Ling nodded and said, "Tell Feng to come to my study within fifteen minutes and give this documents to him." After giving Leo order he went to his room to get freshen up.

After fifteen minutes he went to his studies and found Mu Feng lying on the sofa and reading the documents he was reading.

Mu Liang didn't bother him and let him finish the task. He sat on his chair started his LCD computer and began working.

Ten minutes later, Mu Feng sat across the sit Mu Liang was sitting and gave him a question look.

"What is it?" Feeling his constant stare Mu Liang couldn't help but ask.

"What? You aren't curious about what me and Sister Lan Lan did today?"

Mu Liang stopped typing in the keyboard and looked at his second brother.

"She is your 'elder' sister-in-law. Don't call her disrespectfully." Mu Liang didn't mention 'Lan Lan'.

He specially mentioned 'elder'. Other than except him calling her so intimately made him shudder and he got an unknown feeling.

'Uh! I can smell something burning.' Mu Feng grinned.

Then he described him today's event about what he and Mu Lan talked about and what they did.

In the end he looked dejected, "I'm sorry brother. I failed you."

"Umm." Mu Liang didn't anything else. Inside he once again felt proud of his second brother's

performance and he was pleased with his brother's strategy.

Actually he imagined that Hua Lan would be cautious. And he was right. Not only she didn't know them also she thought that she had some unknown powerful foe. Maybe she didn't want to danger them. As they were her saviors she might be wanted to protect them.

He already knew the outcome when he planned it through. He knew he would dig his own grave.

He signed inwardly.

But he still had chance as long as he was her acting husband. She fell for Mu Feng's trap. It was still a success for a cautious girl like her.

Now that she trusted them he had to make a good use to it. His grandpa used to say, "Strike the iron while it is hot."

"Take a week off. I'll handle the office." Mu Feng deserved a present for his hard work.

Mu Feng's first impression was, he stilled on the spot. Then screamed "Hurrah!" and started an African dance he learnt when he was young. Then excitedly he left the room. He had to pack his bag after all.

At 8:30 pm Butler Leo knocked the door of study room.

"First young master, the dinner is ready." He said from the door.

"Did Lan wake up?" Mu Liang asked while working.

"No, master. I was going to call for her after I asked you." Leo said politely.

"No need to call her, I'll do that. You go ask Feng instead. And send a servant to help him for back pack." Mu Liang ordered and shut down the computer.

"Is second master going somewhere?" Leo needed to prepare his food and vehicle for tomorrow if he was going for work.

"Hmm. For vacation." Mu Liang replied shortly.

Butler Leo was stunned.

When the last time second master had a vacation? He couldn't remember. For his mistake nine months ago, first young master put him through a lot. He even got thinner.'

'Maybe he did some good deeds today while showing around Miss Lan the mansion.' That was the first thing came into head butler's brain.

"I'll be going to second master then." he bowed and left without a sound.


Second master must be crazy happy right now.' A fondling smile was showing on the butler's face.

He raised these three kids with his own hands all together.

Soon Mu Liang strode ahead to Hua Lan's room.

Standing for a while in front of her room he knocked politely.

When he got no answer from inside he gently opened the door.

Though the sun went down there was still light in the sky. And as the windows and the balcony door was opened and thin light filled the room.

A soft breeze was making the curtains fly and Mu Liang saw her sleeping soundly in the bed.

Soundlessly he went to her side and gave her a glance.

He saw her delicate body was half covered and her bosom was moving up and down.

He sat on the bed, beside her and intensely looked at her as she was at slumber.

Then his eyes were fixed at her rose lips. Those lascivious lips looked so inviting that his heart was about to burst.

He suddenly had an urge to capture them with his own lips.

Slowly he moved his face closer to her still gazing at her. Their faces were almost touching.

Maybe sensing that something wasn't supposed to be in front of her, Hua Lan moved her eyes.

Seeing her eyes moving Mu Liang practically froze than with electric speed he sat straight.

Calming his stormy heart he called her, "Lan wake up. Dinner is ready."

Hearing his deep voice she opened her eyes and yawned. Then smiled sweetly and said, "Welcome home."

First her smile, then her sweet voice saying 'welcome home' like a lovely wife was greeting her husband Mu Liang's heart flattered.

At that instant he wanted to hug her tight and kiss her senselessly.

'But that won't do.' He clenched his fists and smiled, "I'm home. Go get freshen up and come downstairs. I'll wait for you there." He stood up and tried to walk away as soon possible.

But she caught his left hand.

Mu Liang froze on the spot. His hand was practically throbbing where she touched.

'Woman, I'm trying to control myself here.' He gritted his teeth.

"Before we go down and have dinner, there's something want to clear." She said straight forwardly.


I can smell, some people had naughty thoughts. ;p

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