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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 189: YOU ARE PREGNANT!

Mu Lan got up quickly and took Qi Ying with her. She took Qi Ying to the first floor bathroom and Qi Ying vomited.Yan Su frowned and asked, "What is wrong with her?"Mu Lan replied, "Don't ask me what I want to ask you!"Yan Su said, "Sorry. But I don't recollect of her being sick like this before."Mu Lan thought for a moment and said, "Doctor Lu Feng is coming over to check my health. So he can treat her as well."Yan Su's right eyebrow twitched. "Oh, I see. Fine then." After Qi Ying finished vomiting, Mu Lan gave her a glass of water to rinse her mouth. Qi Ying rinsed her mouth and then Yan Su helped her to go to Mu Feng's bedroom. Qi Ying laid down. Just then Yan Su asked, "Did you eat anything wrong before we got out of the campus?"Qi Ying shook her head weakly and asked back, "Have you forgotten that I don't want to eat anything?"Yan Su laughed and said, "Don't tell me that you are pregnant?"In the next instant, Qi Ying's face turned pale.Looking at her face, Yan Su, who was sitting on the bed, jumped up. She screamed, "What the hell? For real?"Mu Lan entered the room with a tray. She heard Yan Su's loud voice and her heart trembled.Mu Lan looked at the pale Qi Ying and exclaimed, "Xiao Ying, you are pregnant!" Qi Ying mumbled, "I'm not sure. But my appetite has become low. I nauseate at the smell of food. Even my periods is late."Yan Su frowned. She tapped her mobile and called someone.After the third ring, someone answered the call. A polite voice said, "Ms. Zhen, I'm a little busy. Can we talk later?"Hearing the way he talked, Yan Su felt like someone fumed her anger. She screamed, "Lu Feng! If you don't bring two pregnancy kits to the Mu Mansion, don't even dare to enter, because I'm here."Without waiting for his reply she hung up on him.Lu Feng was at the Lu Research Center. He was organizing Mu Lan's medical report. Hearing what Yan Su said, he dropped all the papers.There was a storm in Lu Feng's head. 'Who is pregnant? Mu Lan? Or Yan Su?' Before he could think much, he was brought back from his trail of thoughts when somebody suddenly called him."Doctor Lu? Doctor Lu are you alright?" His assistant worriedly asked.Lu Feng took the fallen papers from his assistant and said, "Bring me two pregnancy test kits." His face was rather pale.His Assistant was dumbfounded. Never in a million years, he would have thought that his boss would ask him for pregnancy test kits with a pale face.Lu Feng asked, "Didn't I tell you to bring me two..? He couldn't continue.The Assistant hurriedly left and soon brought two pregnancy test kits.Lu Feng said, "You don't have to go to the Mu Mansion. Just stay here."The Assistant was about to get in the car. He stopped in his tracks and said, "Okay, boss."He was left behind totally astounded as Lu Feng drove awayThe Assistant was about to fall on the floor.'Did boss really ask for pregnancy test kits?' He blinked as he was staring the way Lu Feng drove away. Lu Feng took the shortest route to reach the Mu Mansion. On reaching there, he met Mu Liang on his way at the downstairs."You have come early." Mu Liang said. He was going upstairs from the garden and met his friend at the entrance. Lu Feng's face turned pale. He asked nervously, "Is Yan Su there?"Mu Liang's right eyebrow rose up. He nonchalantly said, "So it seems." Mu Liang signaled Alice who was Mu Lan's personal maid to go upstairs and find Mu Lan.Alice went upstairs and saw Mu Lan and her friends in Mu Feng's bedroom. She informed Mu Lan that Doctor Lu Feng came to check up on her.Mu Lan requested Alice to bring Doctor Lu Feng up here because Qi Ying was sick.Alice reported it to Mu Liang and he called Head Butler Leo. "Go with Lu Feng."Qi Ying was Mu Feng's lover and his future bride. So Mu Family held responsibility towards her.Hearing about Qi Ying's sickness, Lu Feng felt a bit relieved.Nothing skipped Mu Liang though. Earlier he noticed that Qi Ying was on the verge of throwing up and the three friends were being secretive. If it was something huge then Mu Lan would tell him. Then Lu Feng came with a pale face. Mu Liang could guess what was happening.Lu Feng entered the room after Head Butler Leo announced their arrival. He immediately asked, "What's wrong?"In front of Butler Leo, the girls couldn't open their mouths. So their lips were sealed.Lu Feng checked Mu Lan's health and found out that everything was normal. Then he looked at Qi Ying and said with a polite smile, "It has been a while, Ms. Qi. May I check your health?The girls didn't want to be found out by the Head Butler. Or else the news would reach Mu Liang and Mu Feng.Qi Ying wanted to keep it a secret. She didn't want to burden Mu Feng.If she was pregnant and Mu Feng had to marry her, then Qi Yang or Qi Geming would push all the responsibilities of Qi Corporation to Mu Feng. If Mu Feng didn't do as his in-law's said, then he would be criticized. It might hamper Mu Feng as well as Mu Corporation's reputation.Qi Ying knew her father very well. Qi Geming would do anything for his company. He even sold out his one and only daughter.Understanding the reasoning, Yan Su dragged Lu Feng out of the room and brought him to Mu Feng's private bar."Where are the kits? Give them to me." She said."First tell me who needs it." Lu Feng calmly said. His heart was about to burst due to nervousness. He took out the pregnancy test kits.

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