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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 188: FATE OF QI FAMILY

Mu Lan said, "I gave you too much trouble. Thank you for saving me." She continued, "It was the most frightening time in my life. I don't know if I was ever scared like that before. But I don't want to encounter things like that in the future." She took a deep breath and said, "I was hoping that Liang Liang would come to save me. I waited and waited. On the wedding day, I lost all my hopes. I thought that you guys had forgotten about me. I was wrong. I am sorry for that." She looked guilty and upset at the same time. "I don't know what actually happened to me, but you all tried hard to stay with me all the time and took care of me. I cannot thank you enough. You have my gratitude." Mu Lan smiled at the Mu brothers as tears threatened to fall from her eyes. Mu Feng almost cried out after hearing such an emotional speech from his dear sister-in-law. He said in a sobbing tone, "It's nothing sister Lan Lan. I can even die for my dear sister Lan Lan." Mu Liang coldly replied, "You don't have to. Take care of your own woman." Then he looked at his right side and reached his right hand towards Mu Lan. He wiped her tears away and said tenderly, "You don't have to feel bad. If you need help, only your husband has the right to help you with all he has, isn't that right?" Mu Lan began to nod and suddenly understood what Mu Liang meant by his words. Her body turned rigid and her face flushed in red. Mu Feng sighed and said, "Okay, okay, I had enough. I'm full." He got up from his chair leaving the couple alone. 'Damn, I miss Ying.' Mu Feng scowled. He sent a text to Qi Ying. 'My lovely wife, I spent countless nights thinking only of you.' A few seconds later, Qi Ying sent a reply. It was an emoticon where a dog was kicking another dog's *ss. Mu Feng, "..." ------ With a long face, Mu Feng went to the office. There was so much work to do. Mu Liang stayed at home. He was at the shed in the vegetable garden, working with laptop. He kept an eye on the girl who was trying to catch fishes from the pond. He saw Mu Lan playing with Oscar. Oscar was very happy to meet his playmate again. He licked Mu Lan's cheek and Mu Lan giggled in happiness. Mu Liang wanted to call Lucy so that Oscar would stay away from Mu Lan. However, looking at her childish laughter, he refrained. He tried to control himself and tasted vinegar whole morning. While Mu Lan and Oscar were playing with butterflies and eating carrots, Yan Su and Qi Ying came in the garden. Yan Su hugged Mu Lan tightly from behind giving her a jump. "Damn you, Lan. I was so worried about you." Her voice carried a bit of worry. Mu Lan laughed lightly and hugged her back. She looked at Qi Ying who was on the verge of crying. Qi Ying, who never showed her emotion in the public, hugged Mu Lan from the right side and said, "I'm so sorry Xiao Lan. Because of me, you had to go through so much pain." Yan Su sighed and said, "Hey Ying, can you stop crying. Look, Xiao Lan is alright. She isn't harmed at all." She gave her crying friend a pat on the head. Mu Lan hugged Qi Ying and said, "I'm okay now. Don't worry. It was good that you weren't abducted. Or else, I can't even imagine what could have happened. How's your family? I heard." She didn't continue. Qi Ying wiped her tears and said, "Dad is still in jail. He got what he deserved. Brother Yang was proven innocent, so he was bailed out by my mom. Dad will have to stay in jail for twenty years. Brother is trying to bail out dad but it is all in vain. I know that Feng's elder brother will never let him out of the jail." Mu Lan felt bad and said, "I'm sorry. Because of me" Qi Ying shook her head and interrupted her, "What are you apologizing for? If it wasn't for my dad's cruelty, you wouldn't have to suffer. I also suffered the same way because of him. How could he do this to his only daughter? It is unacceptable. He deserves the punishment." Yan Su said to Qi Ying, "I heard that your brother was looking for Feng and elder cousin. However, they didn't meet him even once. Not only that, Mu Corporation stopped corresponding with Qi Corporation." Mu Lan asked, "Won't it be bad for Qi Family?" Yan Su replied, "Well, of course. I mean, Mu Corporation holds the most of the shares of other businesses. Qi Corporation is just the second one. Just think what will happen if Mu Corporation pulls out from the projects where Qi Corporation is involved." Qi Ying's face turned pale. No matter what she said, she still cared for her family and business. Mu Lan felt bad and gave Yan Su a signal to stop. Yan Su changed the topic immediately. "Oh, Lan dear, you have no idea how popular you have become in the school. I got the assignment of writing an article regarding your painting. I got five-star for that." Yan Su beamed. Mu Lan was stunned. "Really? It's been almost a month. Everything will die down soon." She offered her two friends each a banana. Yan Su grinned as she said, "Totally opposite. Many students started looking for you. When they couldn't find you, they became even more curious about your identity." Mu Lan face darkened. 'If they were to find my connection with Mu Family...' However, she couldn't finisher her thought. Because Qi Ying clutched her stomach with left hand and her right hand was on her mouth. "Oi, are you alright?" Yan Su panicked. Mu Lan got up quickly and took Qi Ying with her. She took Qi Ying to the ground floor bathroom and Qi Ying vomited.

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