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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 187: THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME

He heard a muffled sound, "You, stupid, stupid, Liang Liang." Mu Liang's heart melt at her sobbing. He replied, "Yes, yes. I am stupid." He hugged her tightly and kissed her right temple. Mu Lan said, "Liang Liang is an idiot." Mu Liang repeated, "Yes, yes. I am an idiot." "Liang Liang is a bad boy." She complained. He nodded and said, "I am a bad boy." "Liang Liang is..." Mu Lan couldn't find anything else to complain. This man was too perfect. She hit his chest weakly and said, "Don't be so good to me." Mu Liang stopped stroking her hair. He had a sweet, gentle smile hanging on his lips. He said, "Then, maybe I should do this." "Ahh!" Mu Lan gave a surprised scream. All of a sudden, Mu Lan's world became upside down as Mu Liang flipped her and held her beneath him. Before she could say anything, her lips were occupied by his warm lips. In an instant, Mu Lan's face turned red. She wanted to move away feeling embarrassed. However, Mu Lan was pinned down by Mu Liang's athletic body. She couldn't budge a bit. Mu Liang's tongue invaded her mouth and twirled hers. Mu Lan sighed. Mu Liang's hands began to move on her body. Mu Lan shivered under his touch. She couldn't take it anymore and broke the kiss. "Stop! Stop!" Mu Lan nearly screamed. Mu Liang didn't stop. He simply moved his lips to her neck giving her goosebumps. He asked while decorating her neck with hickeys, "Didn't you say not be nice to you anymore?" "I was wrong. I was wrong. I'm embarrassed. Please stop?" Mu Lan's heart was racing. Mu Liang looked at her as his eyes were full of mischievousness. He tilted his head and his lips almost touched hers. He said, "What is there to be embarrassed about? Didn't I see everything already?" Mu Lan's face dyed in five shades of red. Her eyes were wide open and she was looking at his eyes. Mu Liang acted like he was thinking something. Then he said, "If I remember correctly, I even cleaned you after you pooped.." "Stop! Stop it! Don't say any more!" Mu Lan screamed from the top of her lungs interrupting him. Her eyes were closed in shame. She could remember everything. There was no need to remind her. It was like a nightmare and she wanted to forget her shameless deeds. When Mu Liang started to remind her everything one by one, Mu Lan wanted to dig a hole and planned to stay there for the rest of her life. She tried to twist her body, but she was held by Mu Liang who still continued recalling her shameful memories. Mu Lan even tried to cover his mouth. However, her plan failed miserably. Mu Liang was still going on. "Oh, I remember another thing. We almost had sex and fell asleep. Then we slept naked..." Not knowing what to do, Mu Lan sealed his mouth with a fierce kiss. Her body was hot in shame. Her face was red. Her eyes were tightly closed as she was kissing him. At the sudden attack on his lips, Mu Liang became stiff. After a while, a sudden flame burned his entire body. He kissed her back with the same passion. His hands started to move again. "Mmm" Mu Lan twisted her body as she gave out a small moan. It ignited Mu Liang's flame and he began to unbutton her sleep shirt. Fifteen minutes later, the storm calmed down. Mu Liang had mercy on her, seeing her on the verge to collapse. Mu Lan's upper body was exposed in Mu Liang's hungry eyes. Her body was filled with hickeys from her neck to waist. Her body was warm and her bosom was moving up and down as she breathed heavily. Mu Liang looked at her misty eyes filled with tears. He leaned down and softly kissed her eyes to wipe the tears away. Then he hugged her close to his chest and covered their bodies with a quilt. Later, Mu Liang got up and tried to take her to the bathroom. However, Mu Lan struggled her hardest not to bath with him. Seeing her fighting so hard, Mu Liang predicted that she was mentally okay now. He did not need to worry anymore. Still, he wanted to make sure. He went downstairs, to his bedroom. He called Lu Feng to come over for Mu Lan's regular checkup. After that, he took a bath. Before Mu Liang strode to the dining room for breakfast, he walked to her room and saw Mu Lan wearing a sweater over her sleeveless dress. Mu Liang hid his smile and took her downstairs. The couple met Mu Feng on the way. Looking at the usual shy Mu Lan, Mu Feng smashed her with his chest and hands happily. "Oh, sister Lan Lan, I'm so happy that you are okay. I missed you so much. Huhu." Mu Feng snorted. When Mu Liang saw that Mu Lan was struggling to take oxygen, he knocked his younger brother's head hard. "Oww! What was that for? Big brother, why are you disturbing our brother-sister emotional moment?" Mu Feng complained. However, seeing his elder brother's cold glare, he smiled and said, "Hehe, Our brother-sister lovely, no, no, emotional moment had come to an end. Let's go and have breakfast." Then he left the couple alone and went hurriedly down. Mu Liang rubbed Mu Lan's red cheek and asked, "Are you all right?" Mu Lan still couldn't look at Mu Liang for what he did in the morning. She simply nodded and walked behind Mu Feng. Mu Liang's heart was full of bliss, looking at her running figure. She looked more like a frightened rabbit. In the dining room, the three of them were having breakfast. Mu Feng said, "Sister Lan Lan, Yan Su said that she is coming at noon with Ying. You can accompany them, right?" Mu Lan nodded as she took a spoon of pudding. She replied, "I miss them." Then she said, "I gave you too much trouble. Thank you for saving me."

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