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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 186: SAY THAT YOU LIKE ME

Mu Liang woke up at his usual time in the morning. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a beauty sleeping soundly on his chest. Mu Liang was in Mu Lan's bedroom. He was on the bed, while Mu Lan was sleeping on his body. Her head was on his chest as her hands were around him. It had been two weeks since Mu Lan came to the mansion. She acted normal in front ofeveryone of this household. But still, she didn't talk to anyone. It had already been three weeks that she missed her class. But she gave no sign ofrecovering. However, yesterday she laughed at Lu Feng and Mu Feng. Mu Liang looked at the woman in his embrace. Looking at her sleeping form, he couldn'thelp but caress her supple face. "When am I going to hear your lovely voice again?" Mu Laing mumbled. Mu Lan stirred her body. She opened her eyes and gazed at the handsome man under her. Her sleepy gaze melted Mu Liang's heart. He asked, "Do you want to get up?" Mu Lan didn't reply him. She just gazed at him silently. Her silent gaze was unbearable. Mu Liang said in a pained voice, "Are you still mad at me? I really am sorry. I won't let you get abducted in my presence next time. Please believe in me. I can't bear your silent treatment anymore. I miss your sweet voice. I miss your calling me 'Liang Liang'. I miss your laughter. I miss your cute requests. Please don't torment me anymore." Mu Lan seemed to think of something after hearing Mu Liang's painful complaints. Finally, she opened her mouth. "Tell me that you like me." Her expression was blank. Her eyes were as clear as water. Mu Liang could not read herfeelings at all. He hugged the girl closer and lightly kissed her lips. He noticed that her body tensed. Mu Liang put his mouth closer to her right ear and said in a deep voice, "I love you." A few seconds later, he felt that Mu Lan was trembling. Soon, his night pajama began to getwet. 'Did I say something wrong?' Mu Liang panicked. He held her tighter and asked, "What's wrong?" He heard a muffled sound, "You, stupid, stupid, Liang Liang." ------ Mu Lan was feeling guilty. The moment she realized that she had been rescued by Mu Liang whom she didn't trust inthe beginning. She was tormented by the fact that he really came to save her. 'Is there anyone who will do something like this for me?' She thought. 'What did I do? Who was I in the past that made him want me so much? He wiped outmy history. He created a new identity for me. He gave me a new life. Why would he do somany things only for me?' The more she thought about all these, the more she was at unrest. However, she could not find an answer. Mu Lan didn't know what happened to Xin and the others. She could guess that something worse must have happened to them just like what happened to the students who tried to harm Qi Ying. She thought, 'If I become dependent on Liang Liang, will there be a day that he will leaveme? Will he ever get tired of me?' Mu Lan felt frightened. She knew no one except Mu Liang, Mu Feng, the household servants, her friends, herteachers and her classmates. She knew nothing of this world. The most frightening part was, she knew nothing aboutherself. So how could she dare to trust others, when she could not trust herself? How could she think that she understood them, while she could not understand herself? Thinking all sort of thing in one night, her brain stopped working. Mu Lan saw that Mu Liang took her home. She saw the old place, old people. She felt nothing. She was supposed to be happy or to be relaxed. But she felt nothing like those things. She didn't feel anything when Mu Liang took her to the bathroom or changed herclothes. Mu Lan had only one thing in her mind and that was, if she took her eyes away from Mu Liang even for a second, he would disappear. She didn't know where that thought came from, but she wanted to believe in it. There wassomething she wanted to believe. She looked at the people around her who talked, smiled, bickered. She saw all sort ofemotions and their behaviors. 'I was like them. I was one of them. I was normal.' She thought. Then a question came to her mind, 'What is normal?' She pondered for a day. After that, she found her answer. 'When living things do what theyfeel is normal.' When Lu Feng and Mu Feng were fighting, she tried to laugh. Maybe that's how others dothat. Later she asked herself, "What am I feeling?" That's true. What was she feeling? Emptiness? Liveliness? Was she scared? Yes, she was scared. What was she scared of? She was scared of being betrayed. Where did that come from? Mu Lan didn't know. But she found out her inner fear. The moment she found out the answer, her head became clear. She heard Mu Liang said in a pained voice that how sorry he was feeling. So, Mu Lan asked him to tell her that he liked him. She discovered one thing, Mu Liang never lied. However, unexpectedly he said in a deep voice, "I love you." All the sufferings she faced, all the fear she felt, demolished in a second. A heavy burdenlifted from her shoulder. She cried in relief. 'Liang Liang is an idiot. Why did he say that? Doesn't that mean he will be forever hers?Doesn't that mean she will be forever his? He always keeps his word. So, it really means that he will love me until the end. I will also stay with him. Even if he wants to let go in future, I'll stick to him.' She cried loudly, "You, stupid, stupid, Liang Liang."

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