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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 185: CONTINUE YOUR ACT

When Mu couple was sleeping soundly, the Chinese army was looking for all the suspects of Operation R-0. However, no matter how they search for Doctor Han Jia, they couldn't find her. According to the weight of the crime, General Ru was punished to execution for treason. Xin's grandfather had a heart attack, hearing his son's deed. Other suspects were proven guilty and they were also executed. However, Major General Ru Xin was proven innocent. He was not a part of the operation and also, he was forced to kidnap a French Citizen. Still, he kidnapped and he was guilty of that. But he took care of the kidnapper when she was poisoned. So, he got a light punishment. He was stripped from his designation for a year and was to be kept in a house arrest. Mu Feng hired the best attorney of China for Ru Xin. He really didn't want this Xin guy to be free from his crime so easily, but his sister-in-law said that this Xin guy saved her, so they should also help him. Mu Feng sighed recalling her tears and her pained face. In the end, he consoled himself saying, "Well, if my big brother is cold-hearted, then his better-half should be soft-hearted. After all, I don't want my nieces to become the next generation Yan Su." Before Ru Xin was taken away, Mu Feng asked him, "I know you are a man of talent and intelligence, then how did you mistake my sister-in-law for Qi Ying?" Hearing the phrase 'sister-in-law', Ru Xin felt mortified. He replied curtly, "A disgusting woman told me that Little Lan was Qi Ying." Ru Xin didn't say, 'In the dark, I couldn't see well.' Mu Feng frowned and tapped his mobile. He found a photo and put his mobile in front of Ru Xin. He asked, "Is that her?" Ru Xin saw the picture of Anne Donne. He instantly recognized her. As he saw the picture, his eyes narrowed. Mu Feng got what he wanted to know. He left the court and called his big brother. ------ Two days after the execution of General Ru and his crime partners, Doctor Han Jia was discovered by a passer-by. More specifically, her corpse was found. Her body was detected in a dark alley, close to a red-light district. Blood was gushing out from her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. She had a painful expression all over her face. A syringe was found clutched in her right hand. In the post-mortem report, no suspicious drug was found. There was nothing in the syringe either. Her death was quite suspicious. In the meantime, Mu Liang took Mu Lan to France. Qi Family was already detained. Both Qi Geming and Qi Yang were in jail. They couldn't bail out because of Mu Liang's pressure to upper officials. Qi Ying came to visit Mu Lan in the Mu Mansion. She was worried sick for her beloved friend. She was also feeling guilty for what her family did to Mu Lan. However, Mu Lan's mental health still wasn't stabilized. She neither wanted to meet anyone nor did she wish to talk. Qi Ying had no option but to leave with a broken heart. Mu Feng didn't have time to stay beside his beloved. He could only console her over the cell phone. Mu Lan only stayed beside Mu Liang and didn't let him go even for a blink. Mu Liang was, of course, enjoying his time at home. Wherever he went, Mu Lan would stalk behind him. But the problem arose when the nature called. How could Mu Liang take her to the toilet with him? He had only one choice left. That was after Mu Lan was in deep sleep, he could only then go to the toilet. Aside from that, he would company her in the bath, in the dining room, in the bedroom, everywhere. He would even help her in the toilet. Lu Feng once asked, "Are you sure that you will marry her and not take her as your adopted daughter?" He came to check up Mu Lan's health. Her physical condition was improving. Mu Liang replied, "Training myself to be a good father." Lu Feng was speechless. He only wanted to tease his friend. He didn't want to hear his friend's future plan. And here, Lu Feng was still a single. All his girlfriends were stolen by Mu Feng. He discovered something. One Mu brother was giving him dog food. The other Mu brother was making him a broken heart. Finally, he realized something. Mu brothers were heartless. Mu Feng came to join the conversation. "Lu Feng, it has been a while since I saw you. Tell me, how many girls broke up with you?" Lu Feng's face turned red. He said, "Mu Feng, still alive, I see. Do you still live in your bar drowning in the whiskey?" Mu Feng gave his brightest smile and said, "I'm not a single anymore, unlike certain someone." Lu Feng gave him the same type of smile and said in reply, "At least, I'm not that type of boyfriend who let his girlfriend be molested in the dorm." Mu Feng's face turned red this time. He gritted his teeth. "You." Mu Liang sighed. Whenever Mu Feng and Lu Feng were together, they just had to talk against each other. In other places, even people with same face and name got along. But these two could never get along. Mu Lan beside them was looking at those two Feng bickering at each other, just like children. Finding it somehow funny, she laughed aloud, making the three men inside the study room startled at once. They didn't hear her laugh for a long time. Mu Liang looked at her in a daze. He was sitting beside her on the sofa. He stretched his one hand and hugged her closer. Mu Liang said, "They are funny, aren't they? We should laugh at them." Then he looked at the two Fengs who were feeling rage. Mu Liang said the two of them, "Why did you stop? Continue your act." It sounded like an order. Lu Feng, "....." Mu Feng, "..." 'What are we? Clowns?' They thought at the same time.

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