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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 184: I WILL PROTECT YOU

When Mu Liang and Grandpa Lu went to the bedroom, Mu Lan was still clutching MuLiang's shirt. Grandpa Lu coughed lightly and said, "I think you should put on your shirt. The shirt you arewearing now is a little shorter for you. You must feel uncomfortable." Mu Liang changed back to his shirt. Looking back at Xin's shirt, he felt his mood improved a bit. 'This shorty is no match for me.' Mu Liang thought. Grandpa Lu checked Mu Lan's temperature, pulse and took a tube of blood. He then toldMu Liang to stay here and turned to go back to his room. Mu Liang suddenly said, "Wait." Grandpa Lu looked at him and asked, "What is it, child?" Mu Liang answered, "I told you to bring three tubes of R-0." Grandpa Lu's body tensed. He started sweating. He said, "I did bring them. However, Idon't want to give it to anyone." Mu Liang asked coldly, "Do you think I'm going to do anything immoral?" Grandpa Lu shook his head. He replied in a hurry, "No, my child. I, I just cannot trust anyonewith this. Please don't get me wrong." "I'm not. I want only one tube and I'm not asking for it." Mu Liang sharply stated. "You dowant to compensate for your crime, right?" Grandpa Lu's heart shook. 'So, this is it. Never harm Mu Family. Or you will never get awayfrom them.' He thought. Grandpa Lu replied, "I understand. I'll give you a tube." Then he left. Grandpa Lu brought his briefcase with him from his laboratory. He checked Mu Lan's bloodon the laptop. Grandpa Lu sent the blood sample's data to his grandson, Lu Feng. Lu Feng immediatelychecked the data and found no suspicious poison or drug. He called his grandpa and toldhim the result. Grandpa Lu sighed in relief. He took out a tube which contained R-0. He took a deep breath and headed to the next room and knocked on the door. Then he went inside and watching the scene in front of him, his face was flushed. Mu Liang was stroking Mu Lan's hair lovingly and lightly kissing her mouth all over. It was an unbelievable scene which poor grandpa wasn't prepared for. He coughed slightly to cover up his embarrassment. Mu Liang looked at him curiously. He wanted to know the result. Grandpa Lu first gave him the tube. Mu Liang grabbed it and tried to take it. However, Grandpa Lu didn't let go. When he saw that Mu Liang's eyes turned cold again, he hesitantly asked, "You won'tresearch about it will you?" Mu Liang replied, "No." His voice was firm. The person who never lied had everyone's trust and respect. Grandpa Lusighed and let go of the tube. "Her blood is clean. There is no poison or drug left with the blood cells. She is physically fine." Grandpa Lu said in a low voice. He was afraid of waking Mu Lan up. Then he added, "Just take care of her." After saying what he wanted, Grandpa Lu hurriedly left. He went to the next room wherehe was staying and called his grandson. After the second ring, Lu Feng answered the call. "Hello grandpa, what's wrong?" Grandpa Lu bickered, "Rascal, your friend is on the way of having children. Why are you stillsingle? Get a girlfriend and have a child. I want a great-grandchild in a year. Got it?" Not waiting for the reply from his dumbstruck grandchild, Grandpa Lu hung up. Back in France, Lu Feng was researching a medicine. After getting scolded by his grandpaout of nowhere, he was practically stunned. His mind was completely blown away. It was good that Mu Feng wasn't here, or he would make fun of Lu Feng for the rest of theirlives. Lu Feng sighed and looked at outside through the window. ------ A few minutes later, Mu Feng entered the bedroom where Mu Lan was sleeping. He looked worriedly at Mu Lan and asked in a low voice, "How is sister-in-law?" Mu Liang answered, "She thinks I'll disappear. So, she is afraid." Mu Feng was clearly upset. He mumbled, "Lack of security." He worked so hard to make Mu Lan feel easier and friendlier. And everything wasdestroyed by this military man. He was annoyed. And when he learned that his dear sister-in-law was suffering the same pain just like Qi Ying for four days, he went nuts. Mu Feng was worried about his brother. But Mu Liang was extremely calm, making himselfeven scarier. Mu Liang handed his brother a glass tube. Mu Feng looked at it and asked, "Is this R-0?" "Hmm." Mu Liang said shortly. Then he looked at his brother and said, "You know what todo." Something cold flashed in a blink in Mu Feng's eyes. It was like when a snake went for itsprey, it had a cruel, sly and vicious look. If anyone would look at Mu Feng's eyes right now,they would wet their pants. Mu Feng lightly said, "I understand, big brother." ------ Mu Liang was hugging Mu Lan in his arms. He slept a lot in the evening, so he was awake. Suddenly, Mu Lan murmured in a pained voice, "Pain! Pain! I can't take it anymore. LiangLiang.." Her breaths were irregular. She was frowning and sweating a lot. She rolled nervously. Herbody was tensed. Mu Liang was alerted. He rubbed her face tenderly and asked, "What's wrong?" However, Mu Lan didn't say anything. Her pained expression became soft as she felt thewarm touch on her face. She relaxed her body. Still, she was grabbing onto Mu Liang's shirt. Mu Liang realized that she had a nightmare. He hugged her close to his chest andmurmured in her left ear, "I'm here. Everything is okay now. No one will hurt you. I willprotect you," His eyes were gentle. He kissed her left ear softly a few times. Then he looked at the ceiling.In a second, Mu Liang's eyes turned icy cold. 'They dared to harm her. Who was the person that injected my wife? A female doctor? Shewill know the taste of her own medicine.' Mu Liang hugged tightly the slim body. His heart sank to measure her waist. Mu Lan couldn't sleep or eat when she was poisoned. So, she became thinner. Her jawlinebecame sharper. Mu Liang kissed her forehead and closed his eyes.

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