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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 183: I MUST BE DREAMING

Feeling the pain from the kisses and tasting blood, Mu Lan found it weird. 'Why does it feel so real? Wait! Is it actually real and not a dream?' She frowned. Mu Lan opened her eyes while kissing the man before her. The face she saw, was very familiar. She held him close and didn't stop kissing him even once. Mu Lan blinked few times and thought that the image in front of her would go away. However, Mu Liang deepened the kiss. He showed no sign to end their passionate moment after waiting for a whole week. Mu Lan moved her hands on his back and his ears, his face as well as his neck. She felt his warmth. She could smell his manly odor. Her hands traced on his chest. She could feel his heartbeats. 'How can this dream be so real? Is it really him?' When she didn't know what to believe, she pinched her waist hard. Unable to bear the pain, she abruptly sat up, ending the stormy moment. Mu Liang's eyes were dark and full of desire. He opened his mouth a little to take heavy breaths. Looking at her perplexed face, he controlled himself and asked, "What's wrong?" Mu Lan asked, "Liang Liang?" She was still baffled and doubtful at the same time. Mu Liang became alerted and questioned her back, "Yes, tell me. What's wrong?" Mu Lan's eyes widened. She was still breathing heavily. She stretched her both hands. She touched his face, eyes, nose, lips, neck, and chest. Her hands stopped over his beating heart. It was going crazy."I must be dreaming." Mu Lan said in a daze.Mu Liang took her right wrist in his left hand and made her touch his cheek. "Does it feel dream to you?" He asked as his eyes showed all the love he had for her. "You are real." She wanted to ask but it became a statement. Mu Liang smiled. His smile was heavenly.He replied, "I am." His voice was never so gentle as now. "No, I mean that.. you are really here... with me." Mu Lan's voice hitched. It was truly unbelievable for her to believe. Mu Liang still replied the same, "I am." Tears welled up in her eyes and started to fall like a rain. Not able to see her condition, Mu Liang hugged her tightly. He gently whispered, "I'm sorry. I'm late." Mu Lan sobbed. She said, "Liang Liang... you are late. I was.. in pain. A lot. I. I thought that I.. will never. see you again. I missed. You a. lot." She cried and cried. She made Mu Liang's shirt drenched in her tears. Mu Lan said as she hugged him tightly, "Don't.. leave my side. Stay with me.. always." Mu Liang kissed her tears away. He replied, "Yes, yes. I will stay with you always. I won't leave your side ever." After crying for a while, Mu Lan stopped talking and didn't say anything anymore. She only hugged Mu Liang with all her might. Of course, Mu Liang was feeling good that she was this clingy to him. But it also made him worried because it was out of her character. He asked her if she was hungry or needed to take a bath. However, Mu Lan didn't reply. She slightly sobbed and hugged him. Mu Liang took her to the bathroom. He wanted to see if she would reject it. He took off her clothes and gave her a warm bath. Then he wiped her body and dried her hair. He helped her to brush her teeth and then gave her another dress to wear. Mu Lan sobbed lightly. She was looking at Mu Liang. Her eyes didn't leave him for a second. Still neither did she make a sound, nor did she blush. Mu Liang was extremely worried. He took her in his arms in the princess style and headed to the downstairs. The whole castle was lit up. Some of their forces sleeping, some of them playing cards, and some of them were watching television. Mu Feng was sleeping on the sofa of the drawing room. Mu Liang took her to the kitchen. It had a large space. It was neat and clean. Two of their men were cooking for everyone. The kitchen was filled with the aroma of foods. He helped her sitting on a chair and gave her a glass of hot milk. She drank half of the glass without hesitation and then pushed it to him as if telling him to drink the milk too. Mu Liang obediently listened to her and drank the half of the glass of milk. One of the men who was cooking gave them a tray full of corn soup and chicken vegetable pasta. It was a simple dinner. But to Mu Liang and Mu Lan, it was delicious. Mu Liang fed her first. Then he took his meal. Later, Mu Lan hugged him and gave him a big yawn. Taking the clue, Mu Liang took her to the bedroom and made her sleep. It was a hard job to make her fall asleep. Mu Lan's hand was tightly grabbing Mu Liang's shirt. Unable to take his shirt off of her hand, he took off his shirt and wore a new shirt from Xin's wardrobe. It was shorter in size and uncomfortable. Still, he wore it and slightly closed the door. Mu Liang went to the next room to meet Grandpa Lu. He knocked at the door. Grandpa Lu was looking at Mu Lan's medical report. Hearing the knock, he looked at Mu Liang. He asked, "Is everything alright child?" Mu Liang entered and said, "She suddenly stopped talking. Apart from it, she is doing fine." "No strange behavior?" Grandpa Lu asked. "She doesn't let go of my side at all." Mu Liang said. He didn't sound like he was complaining. He was rather enjoying it. Grandpa Lu sighed. "She is having a psychological trauma. She thinks that you will disappear again. She is just afraid like a little kid." Then he smiled and continued, "She trusts you a lot." Mu Liang sighed in relief. Then he frowned. "What about she is not talking?" "It is not any psychological breakdown. She isn't talking because she simply doesn't want to. Give her some time to relax. When she will think that she is safe, she will talk on her own." Grandpa Lu patiently said. Then he stood up and said, "Let me check her condition." "OK." Mu Liang replied and followed the doctor.

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