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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 182: IM SORRY IM LATE

Grandpa sighed and said, "If it wasn't for me, you children didn't have to suffer this much. Both of your lovers look so innocent. I did a great sin." His voice was full of sadness. Mu Liang as heartless as he was, said nothing and nodded while having his ice cream. Seeing that Grandpa Lu became even more mortified. Looking at the old man's face, Mu Feng hurriedly said, "Its fine Grandpa. They are both okay now. Qi Ying is also doing great. Sister Lan Lan will also be fine." Grandpa Lu opened his mouth, "About that, I got a medical report of this girl from my grandchild (Lu Feng). I believe that she had an accident." Mu Liang said, "Yes, she had." He looked at the grandpa. Grandpa Lu replied, "She had the poison in her blood for four days. Though they gave her an antidote, it wasn't very effective." His face was grim. "What do you want to say, say it." Mu Liang said in a cold voice. "I think the pain she went through, it can give her a mental breakdown. As long as you treat her well, she will be alright." Grandpa Lu said. "How long?" Mu Liang's eyes were as cold as ice. "If she has a strong personality, then it will take a month or less." Grandpa Lu said in with a guilty face. He continued, "If you need my help with anything, I'll help you in any way I can. I promise." Mu Feng lost his interest in the ice cream. He looked at his stone- faced elder brother. Mu Liang's face was sharp and cold. He didn't show any of his thoughts. Only Mu Feng could tell how worried Mu Liang was and how much pain he was sufferings. This time, Mu Feng said, "Big brother, you take a nap, I'll tell others to take some rest too." Mu Liang got up after finishing his ice cream which was tasteless to his mouth and went to the bedroom where Mu Lan was sleeping. He looked at the pale sleeping beauty. Because of makeup, he couldn't see her complexion earlier. Now, he could see how pale she was and she got even thinner. She got black eye bags. Mu Liang took of her hair accessories and the veil. Then her diamond jewelry. He looked of for a female dress and found some shopping packets of branded stores. He opened them and found some beautiful clothes. He took out a cotton casual dress. Though it was bought by another man, Mu Liang thought that it was best if Mu Lan wasn't wearing a wedding dress at the least. He carefully took off her wedding dress and helped her dress in the cotton dress. He threw the wedding dress in the corner and laid down beside her and hugged her closely. Mu Liang felt like that his soul was in his body again. He sighed. He fell asleep sooner than he expected due to the lots of hard work and the lack of sleep in the past few days. ------ Mu Lan had a peaceful sleep after a whole weak. When she woke up, it was already night. She realized that she had no pain in her body. She was as good as before. She found it unbelievable. The next thing she found was even harder to believe. It was Mu Liang, sleeping next to her. As she thought that she was dreaming, she touched his sleeping face, his thick warm lips, his curvy eyebrows, and his long eyelashes. Mu Liang felt someone's touch and blinked. Mu Lan's hand froze in fear. She felt like, when he was going to open his eyes, it would be black rather than the pair of ocean blue orbs she wished to see. Didn't that happen every time? However, to her surprise, this time, those were ocean blue. Mu Lan blinked few times before tears started to fell from her eyes. She whispered, afraid that she would wake up from the dream, "Liang Liang, is that you?" Mu Liang's heart ached to see her tears. He also answered in a low voice, "Yes, it's me." He paused, then said, "We will leave this place soon. We will go back home." Mu Lan hesitantly asked, "Home, you mean, our home?" Mu Liang smiled a little and gently replied, "Yes, our home." Mu Lan said with a small smile on her lips, "It is very beautiful." Her eyes were dreamy. Not understanding, Mu Liang asked, "What is?" Mu Lan's smile broadened, "The dream where I can see you sleeping next to me." Mu Liang froze on the spot. 'To her, it is a dream? Is she really in a mental breakdown?' His thoughts were in a mess. He hugged her closely and tightly, then replied, "Lan, it is not a dream. I rescued you before you were forced to marry." Mu Lan also hugged him at the same time and said, "Then you were late, Liang Liang. You should be punished. How do you want to compensate?" Mu Liang kissed her forehead and said, "I'm sorry that I'm late." Mu Lan smiled and hugged him even closer. She said, "Sorry isn't enough." Mu Liang's eyes were moist in tears, but he blinked them away. He realized that Mu Lan still thought that she was in a dream. He pushed her down under him and said, "Then let me compensate you this way." Then Mu Liang leaned down and gave her a light kiss. However, one light kiss wasn't enough. He gave her more and more light kisses. Then the light kisses became passionate kisses. After a few minutes, he pushed his hot tongue inside her mouth and played with hers. Mu Lan's eyes were half closed and watery. Her breaths were irregular. Feeling passion from Mu Liang's kisses, her face was dyed in red. She circled her arms around Mu Liang's neck and kissed him back the same passion. Realizing her passionate kisses, Mu Liang's fire ignited inside him. His kisses became hungrier. Their tongues grew numb and they tasted blood in their mouths. Feeling the pain, Mu Lan found it weird. 'Why does it feel so real? Wait! Is it actually real and not a dream?'

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