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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 181: BURNING EVIDENCE

"Ah! Right to the point. It feels great to crash a wedding!" A cheerful voice said from Mu Liang's behind. However, Mu Liang had no interest in anything else. He was looking at the girl in his arms who was having a difficult time to breathe. His eyes were full of anxiety. "Ahh! Co. cold water.. I want. cold water.." Mu Lan screamed as she tried to move away from the warm embrace.Mu Liang took her inside the castle. He took her straight to the nearest room. He saw that it was a drawing room.Mu Liang didn't want to let her go. But, unable to see her in pain, he put her down on the cold ground. Mu Lan relaxed a bit. "Bring cold water." Mu Liang ordered. He didn't look at others. His attention was simply to on Mu Lan who was suffering. Mu Feng had a pained expression seeing his beloved sister-in-law Lan Lan suffering. He instructed his men, "There must be some bottles in the fridge. Bring them here." Soon they arrived with bottles and surprisingly, the brought ice cream too. Mu Feng looked at his men with a puzzled gaze. One of the men said, "There is plenty of cold water and ice cream. The chef said that it was for the young mistress." Mu Liang frowned, he thought in his mind, 'She was right. He really did take care of her. But that doesn't mean that she wasn't suffering because of him.' Mu Liang poured a glass of cold water and tried to feed Mu Lan. As soon as she tasted cold water, she grabbed the glass and brank drank the whole glass of water in mere seconds. Mu Liang looked at Mu Feng and asked, "Is there any cold room?" One of the men said, "There is a bedroom with air conditioner. The room was is freezing cold. It is Major General Ru Xin's roombedroom.." The man hesitated before saying, "We found some belongings of young miss." Mu Liang's face was already grave. He recalled General Ru saying something like she was sleeping in his room. Mu Liang had no intention to take her in to Xin's room. But it was better than Mu Lan rolling on the floor just like she was doing it right now. He carried her to the bedroom and as the man said it was freezing cold. Mu Liang put her down in on the cold bed and looked at the surroundings. His eyes relaxed a little seeing a quilt and a pillow on the sofa. 'So he didn't sleep with her after all.' Mu Liang didn't want to admit but he realized that this Xin guy actually cared for her. But he made her go through such pain that Mu Liang detested him to the core. ------ Meanwhile, some helicopters and a large ship came. It was the Chinese military. General First-class Bo greeted Mu Feng and they took the unconscious men with them. Every man who lived in the castle was taken. The Chinese Military had also visited the Ru Mansion. But for some reason, the whole mansion was burning. General First-class Bo was really mad this time. All his evidences was gone.With a black face, he came to take General Ru and the others from the island. To his surprise, Mu Feng gave him some documents. General First-class Bo found out that it was the contract between General Ru and the Qi Family's Qi Geming in France. Their Operation R-0 was written in details and there were also names of the people who were involved including the researchers and the guards. Everything was written in details. General First-class Bo thanked Mu Feng and said before leaving, "Next time, don't act on your own." He clearly got the basic idea that who burnt the whole Ru Mansion down. Mu Feng smiled and said nothing. He had no wish to let the Chinese government know about this R-0. People might use it for their selfish desire. As soon as the military left, a jet plane came and landed on the landedisland. It was Mu Liang's jet plane. Mu Feng hurriedly went towards it to tell Lu Feng about Mu Lan's condition. However, to his surprise, the one who came out of the plane was Grandpa Lu. Mu Feng was flabbergasted. "Grandpa Lu, how have you been?" He asked. Grandpa Lu curtly answered, "Busy." Then he said in a hurried tone, "Take me to the girl." Mu Feng led him to the Xin's bedroom. Both of them were surprised in the cold room. They saw that Mu Lan was rolling on the bed and Mu Liang was helplessly looking at her. Grandpa Lu came closer and touched her hand to check the pulse. Mu Liang looked at him and asked, "How's her condition?" He didn'tshow his worried face but his eyes couldn't lie. Grandpa Lu didn't say anything. He opened his brief-case and took out a large injectionsyringe. He cleaned her wrist with an antiseptic lotion and injected the antidote. Then he said, "Take her to the washroom." The moment he said that, Mu Lan sat on the bed and wanted to vomit. Mu Liang swiftly took her and headed to the bathroom. Thirty minutes later, Mu Lan was drained. Mu Liang cleaned her mouth and wiped it with a soft towel. Later, he ontucked her in the bed, who was deep in sleep and strode to the next room. There Mu Feng and Grandpa Lu were having ice cream. "Big brother, here is yours." Mu Feng handed Mu Liang a cup of ice cream. Mu Liang took it without objection and sat beside his younger brother. He looked at Grandpa Lu and asked, "Will she be okay now?" Grandpa Lu enjoyed his ice cream and said, "She will. She still has some of the poison left in her stomach, but it will come out within ten hours through her urine." He paused before continuing, "But before you guys head to France, I want both of you to have some sleep. Especially you Liang child. You look a lot more terrible than Feng child last time I saw him four years ago." Grandpa sighed and said, "If it wasn't for me, you children didn't had have to suffer this much. Both of your lovers look so innocent. I did a great sin." His voice was full of sadness.

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