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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 180: CRASH A WEDDING

Xin looked at Little Lan and gently said, "Little Lan, sign the papers."Mu Lan couldn't hear what he just said. She was looking at the tranquil ocean. It was serene. It was like the calm before the storm.Mu Lan saw something black in the blue ocean. She narrowed her eyes. Her sharp eyes could see that the black dot had started to become huge. And it turned out to be a speedboat. There were some men in black clothes on-board it. She could see numerous such black dots. They almost filled the whole ocean.Mu Lan was in a daze and that moment, Xin waved his hands in front of her eyes and she came back to reality.Xin handsomely smiled and said, "Where is your attention? Sign the paper already." He was getting impatient and it made him blush.Mu Lan's brain wasn't working well because of the burning pain inside her. Her brain stopped thinking and stopped providing her any information since she was drugged.She blinked a few times and then looked down at the papers. Xin already gave her a pen.Mu Lan looked at the papers and thought, 'What is this about? What should I do with it?.... Oh, I remember, I'm getting married.. Who am I going to marry?' She looked at the handsome man beside her.At that moment, something snapped inside her body and Mu Lan hugged herself. She tried to suppress her painful scream in front of people but she couldn't do it. "Mmm.." When she couldn't control her mouth, she bit her lower lip hard. She didn't stop biting even after blood was streaming down.Xin was panicked and gave her a glass of water. The glass of water wasn't cool enough for her. She spat out the water she was supposed to drink. The other three men were dumbfounded. They were frozen by the sudden turn of events. They expected a kidnapped bride, but not a sick one.General Ru couldn't take it anymore and roared. "Xin, do you really want to marry this sick woman?""Because of me, she is in this state." Xin gritted his teeth."What happened to her?" Meixu was extremely worried. He often heard loud cries from Xin's room. He thought maybe she was arguing with Xin. But he didn't think it was so terrible. Xin hugged her closer as the bride in his arms was wailing.Xin looked at Meixu and said, "Call your doctor and see why she is late. But before that, bring a liter of cold water."Meixu nodded and ran to the castle. Suddenly he stopped on the tracks. Someone was pointing a rifle at him.Meixu found that there wasn't only one, but four of them. The four became ten and soon, it became too many.------Mu Lan was screaming and saying, "Let me go. I'm burning. Pain.. I feel pain.""Xin was hugging Mu Lan closer to his heart and was whispering, "Soon, I'll give you the antidote. You will be fine."General Ru Yaozu was feeling disgusted watching the scene before him."Let her go." A cold voice came from Xin's behind.Xin, General Ru, and the lawyer were surprised. They turned to look at the person who dared to order them and froze on the spot.In the influential world, who didn't know Mu Liang, the emperor of the business empire of the world?Not only that, they were surrounded by an army of professional assassins.Xin stood up as he still had Mu Lan in his arms. His eyes were narrowed and he asked, "What are you doing here?" His voice was full of resentment."I'm here to bring my wife back." Mu Liang's voice could never be colder."Ahh...!" Mu Lan twisted her body in pain. She could not comprehend anything around her.Mu Liang looked at his wife. Six days. It took him six days to find her.She looked paled and her eyes were red. She became so thin.Mu Liang's heart ached. He could not forgive himself for his delay. But it was not the time for regretting or blaming himself. It was the time of taking revenge.General Ru opened his mouth, "Xin, what is Mu Liang saying? Did you kidnap his wife? Did you know that she was someone else's woman? Knowing that you slept with her in the same room!" He shouted. He wanted to die in anger. This stupid son of his got his mother's genes.When Xin didn't answer, General Ru got all he wanted to know. He roared, "Give her back!" When Xin didn't move at all, General Ru took out his pistol and immediately he was shot.He was shot with a tranquilizer.Xin was stunned as he looked at the guns the men around them were holding. They were tranquilizer guns. Mu Liang's plan was to make them unconscious and then hand them over to the government. So, he used the tranquilizer. It was harmless, yet effective.Xin had a pistol with him. But looking at these people, he couldn't win even if he tried. If he made one wrong move, then, he would be shot with a tranquilizer.Mu Liang came closer and snatched the woman from Xin's arms. Xin still didn't let go of her hand and she cried in pain.Mu Liang's icy eyes were hideous. He said as he pointed his gun at Xin's head, "I have a special permission to do anything to my wife's kidnapper. I can even kill you."Xin's eyes were also resolved. He would never let his Little Lan go before his death. He made a promise to himself."You can take her over my dead body." Xin hissed.Mu Liang said, "Fine. You asked for it." He turned off the safety catch of his revolver. He had the real gun.But Xin's eyes were as still as stone. He would not let her go.A sudden voice made them startled."D-don't kill him. H-he saved my life... He gave me a-antidote." Mu Lan said in a hoarse voice.Then her face twisted in pain again.Xin's eyes became larger as it was hard to believe that Little Lan tried to defend him. His eyes unconsciously welled up.'Oh! Little Lan!' He subconsciously loosed his grip of Mu Lan's hand.Before Mu Liang could do anything, Xin was shot by a tranquilizer and he fell down."Ah! Right to the point. It feels great to crash a wedding!" A cheerful voice came from Mu Liang's behind.

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