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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 179: THE WEDDING CEREMONY

Ru Xin woke Mu Lan from her light sleep. She opened her eyes. Her face was white as a sheet; her lips were dry, and her eyes were ghastly red. Anyone, who would look at her, would feel terrified as if they have seen a human ghost.It was the very reason why Xin sometimes would try not to look at her properly. Looking at her face would make his heart ache. Mu Lan freshened herself. She felt that she needed an antidote soon. However, as usual, she didn't ask for it.She forcefully took her meal or else she would be kissed. Wiping her wet mouth, she came back to the room following Xin.Xin excitedly gave her a huge package. Mu Lan already knew what was in there. She didn't even look at it and simply put it beside her.Xin felt hurt as he saw her negligence, even then he smiled as if nothing has happened. He tore open the package and pulled out a beautiful white gown.It was a white ball-gown off-the-shoulder chapel train tulle lace wedding dress. Any woman at Mu Lan's age would dream to wear it at the wedding. There was a headpiece with it, Ladies elegant alloy combs & barrettes with Venetian pearls. And a long veil, two-tier lace applique edge cathedral bridal veils with lace.Xin took out a box of shoes. It was a pair of women's leatherette stiletto heel closed toe pumps with beading stitching lace shoes. He also took out some makeup kits. He was very well prepared and without anyone's knowledge, he even practiced putting on makeup on a doll as well as practiced to style hair.Everything was perfect if the bride was agreeing to marry.Sadly, the bride herself didn't want to wear anything. When Xin teased Mu Lan that he would help her to wear it, Mu Lan found her energy to wear the gown herself in the washroom.When she came back from the washroom, Xin's eyes were stuck on her. The dress was perfectly measured. However, since Mu Lan got thinner in the past few days, the dress was loose on her.Xin carefully made her sit on the chair and started to style her hair. After that, he applied makeup on her. Finally, he 'helped' her wear the headpiece and the veil.Satisfied with his work, Xin nodded and said, "You look very beautiful."Mu Lan said nothing and sat on the chair motionless. The burning pain inside her was increasing. She took a mouthful of cold water. Xin could tell that her expression was changing. However, he didn't have any antidote left with him. He looked at his watch. It was almost time, still, Doctor Han Jia was nowhere to be found.Xin said gently, "Keep enduring a little longer. Doctor Jia will come and bring the antidote."Mu Lan had no desire to talk to him. She kept silent and tried to endure the pain.Xin got ready and took Little Lan in his arms. He didn't want her to struggle with the pain anymore.Xin brought her out and took her to the flower garden. Actually, the wedding wasn't supposed to happen. It was supposed to be a simple registry.However, kidnapping Mu Lan changed the plan. Xin wanted to do more about their wedding. So, he ordered to decorate his flower garden.He couldn't take the risk of bringing a priest here, knowing full well that Mu Lan was kidnapped and she would refuse to marry him.The garden was decorated with garden flowers and white laces. There were a few chairs and a tea table. The sky was clear. The sun was smiling brightly as if he was also happy. The sea was calm. The wind was blowing softly. The smell of flowers spread everywhere.Overall, it was a great day for a wedding.Looking at the weather, Xin's mind became clear and his heart was full of happiness as he carried his Little Lan.A lawyer, General Ru Yaozu and Major He Meixu were present. The lawyer had a professional smile, while General Ru Yaozu was frowning and dissatisfaction was written all over his face. And Meixu had a worried expression.Therefore, only Ru Xin was happy on this occasion. Others were either gloomy or uneasy.Xin put Mu Lan down and made her sit on a chair. Ru Xin sat beside Mu Lan and introduced his father to her. The funny part was that neither Mu Lan nor the General looked at or greeted the other.Ru Xin sighed and told the lawyer to open up the registry document.Everything was ready. The lawyer opened the registry document and read aloud the content. Xin nodded as everything was alright and signed the papers.At the same time, Mu Lan's body started to burn. She felt like she was burning in a hellish fire and purifying herself. She tried to endure the pain as much as possible. However, she was at her limit.Mu Lan could not hear what the people around her were saying. Soon she forgot where she was and for what purpose she was there. She had only one desire and that was to jump in the ocean and to reduce the pain she was enduring.But the more the temperature rose in her body, the more the temperature of her skin decreased. As a result, she needed the coldest water or something colder than her skin temperature to diminish her pain. Xin signed the registry papers and passed them to Mu Lan. Noticing no movement beside him, he looked at his bride.That moment, Mu Lan's eyes were blood red and she was looking at the ocean greedily.Xin understood that she was out of her limit, he impatiently glanced at his wristwatch.'Why that damn woman is late?' He was annoyed at Doctor Han Jia. He never should have trusted the woman in the first place. If he knew how R-0 worked, he would have never let the doctor inject Mu Lan.Xin looked at Little Lan and gently said, "Little Lan, sign the papers."

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