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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 178: LITTLE LAN IS SLEEPING

In the island, at dawn, General Ru came to see his son. He was in an extremely bad mood. Ten hours ago, he got a call from Qi Geming. He said that Qi Ying was still in France with Mu Feng.So who did Xin abducted? And he was actually going to marry that woman. It must be because the woman seduced Xin.General Ru knocked Xin's door.------After the poison was injected, Mu Lan couldn't sleep well. Whatever she ate, she vomited it all out. The antidote did reduce the pain, but it didn't reduce the damages. She could only drink cold water, eat cold food and she would stay in the bathtub, bathing in the cold water. Still, it was not enough for her.When Xin would sometimes be inattentive, she would jump in the cold water. Xin then would take her to the bed, would forcefully kiss her to make sure she would not do those kinds of stuff again. However, she could not help it. After all, her whole body was burning.Mu Lan could tell that Xin was worried about her. When she tried to sleep, he would stroke her hair, he would stay beside him whenever she was eating, he would stay close whenever she was bathing, he even ordered a hundred liters of strawberry ice cream, her favorite.Still, she could not accept him from the bottom of her heart. She would always remember Mu Liang's handsome face, cool face, gentle face, warm face, worried face etc. etc. Mu Lan missed Mu Liang's gentle voice, his touch, his smell, his warmth. And she kept thinking when would he come to rescue her before marriage. The more days went by, the more her hope would die down.Mu Lan coughed at dawn. She wanted to have a glass of cold water. Hearing her voice, Xin got up from the sofa. He also couldn't sleep because of Mu Lan's screaming and coughing all night.He gave her a glass of water and turned the temperature of the air condition lower. Mu Lan drank the whole glass of water and felt relaxed. She was about to lay down, when she heard a knock at the door.Xin frowned and opened the door.------As soon as the door was opened, General Ru shuddered at the cold temperature. He was surprised as he looked at his son who was wearing an overcoat."What the hell you are wearing in the middle of the night?" General Ru asked in a stern voice."Why are you here in the middle of the night?" Xin frowned."Is this what you tell your father after he came from afar?" General Ru roared."Lower your voice. Little Lan is sleeping." Xin said as he lowered his tone. He closed the door behind him."What? Who is Little Lan? What a disgusting name! Is that her? She is in your room? I knew she was shameless. So she really did seduce you. I'm very disappointed in you.""What are you here for?" Xin's voice turned cold."Send her back or kill her. Why are you keeping her here? You are supposed to marry Qi Ying, not this shameless woman." General Ru bickered.Xin took a deep breath before saying, "I will carry your order to launch the operation only for one condition. Let me marry her. She is the only woman I can have in my life. I won't give you excuses and I hate your Operation R-0. But I will do that only if you let me marry her. I want no other woman."When General Ru heard about the operation, his anger subsided. Before he left he said, "Remember your promise.""I will." Xin went to the room. He looked at Mu Lan and saw her nightgown was falling from her shoulder.Xin went close and fixed it. He caressed her hair before he went to sleep on the sofa.Xin couldn't sleep. He could hear her groans. His heart was squeezed in pain.'Just wait a couple of hours, Little Lan. We will get married soon. All your sufferings will come to an end. Please forgive me for being so selfish. Please forgive me.'Xin closed his eyes._________________________________________________________________________________________________My Dearest Readers, For being top 10 I gave you mass release. Friday 4 chapters and Saturday 4 chapters in my country time.If you want another mass release, the novel has to be in top 3. I know my Readers love Mu Lan and Liang Liang more than me. :DThat's why I gave you final mass release before my national exams.Before 10 December, I can't give if mass release even if I want to.Soon, my exams are going to start and I'll give you my routine to let you know that when I won't be able to publish new chapters.And about mass release, please don't say that I never give you mass release. It breaks my heart. Still you are welcome to criticize this novel.Wish me good luck for my upcoming exams!With lots and lots of LOVE~

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