Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 176: OPERATION R-0

Bingwen looked at his boss and said nervously, "Boss, I found out about the location where young mistress is."Mu Liang looked at his subordinate and said, "Say that again."Bingwen said, "I met Doctor Han Jia in the local pub. She is the private assistant of Major Meixu. According to Han Jia, Major He Meixu and Major General Ru Xin are good friends. They abducted young mistress. She is in the private island of the Ru Family. Han Jia said that tomorrow morning, Xin is going to marry the young mistress." Saying that Bingwen gulped his saliva.The temperature suddenly dropped in the room. Bingwen didn't dare to look at his boss. He was looking down.Mu Liang said after few seconds, "Prepare your team. I will call Feng." He took his cell phone.Bingwen interrupted, "There is something else."Mu Liang said, "Go on."Bingwen started, "General Ru is up to something dangerous. He created a kind of poison called R-0." Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. He heard the name four years ago, from Grandpa Lu. He created the poison and after he was betrayed by his best friend General first-class Ru Huiqui, grandfather of Ru Xin, Grandpa Lu destroyed the antidote and other research papers and fled with his life. That time, Mu Liang's father Mu Jin helped him.Bingwen continued, "He is planning to spread the poison and make the people of the world affected with it. He plans to rule the world. They just created the antidote. It means that they are going to start the operation after the wedding. Doctor Han Jia is one of the researchers of the poison R-0. She said that..." He couldn't continue.Mu Liang's expression was grim. "She said what?"Bingwen sweated and said, "She said that she injected the poison R-0 in young mistress's body.""What did you say?" Mu Liang was furious to the core.Bingwen shuddered as he continued, "S-she also said that young mistress was as good as dead."There was a pin drop silent. Bingwen could even hear his own heartbeats.Mu Liang ordered coldly, "Don't let that woman go. Hold her captive. Ready your force." He didn't say more.Bingwen left with his precious soul. He went to his room and glanced at the woman who was sleeping soundly.He felt disgusted and hatred filled his heart. He nearly lost his life in his boss's room. "This is your last good night sleep, dear Jia. Prepare for the worst." Saying that he called his team and gave them instructions.Mu Liang on the other hand called Doctor Lu Feng, his longtime friend."Liang, where are you? Do you know how worried." The moment Lu Feng answered the call he started to complain.Mu Liang interrupted him saying, "Call your grandpa and ask him to bring ready tubes of R-0 and three tubes of its antidote. You go to the mansion and Feng will give you the fastest jet. Ronald will be the pilot. Go to your grandpa, take R-0 and the antidote and then come to the location I give you. Got it?"Lu Feng was silent for a few seconds. "...I got it. But what is R-0?""Later." Mu Liang hung up.He called his younger brother. Mu Feng answered immediately. "Big brother, I was about to call you.." He said with excitement. Mu Feng's espionage team found out the relation between Qi Family and the Chinese military. The Ru Family wanted Qi Ying to marry into their family as a bargaining chip. They planned to do something hideous.Mu Liang calmly heard everything his younger brother wanted to say. Then he said, "Feng, tell Ronald to prepare out a jet plane. Lu Feng will come soon. Instruct Ronald to take him to the Lu Forensic Lab in Italy. After that, I'll send him a location. He has to go there. Send Hugo with them."Mu Feng became even more excited. "Did you find out where sister Lan Lan is? I have the exact location of the island. I'll send it to you. More importantly, why Lu have to go to the forensic lab in Italy?"Mu Liang took a deep breath before saying, "She was injected the same poison."".....I'm bringing my special force." Mu Feng's eyes turned excessively cold."Do that." Mu Liang hung up.

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