Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 175: THE STRANGER

Editor's Note:[Dear readers,Ask the author why she gave this mass release, and you will realize that Earth is so lucky; that is why she was born here and not in the ocean among the fishes and not in the sky among the birds. Damn We are so lucky!!!!]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________Doctor Jia heard Xin hung up the call. She was very upset.'He is going to marry tomorrow....' She thought and then suddenly laughed aloud.Han Jia was broken at heart. She was chasing after Xin for three years. She changed her dream. She had a bright future. Everything about her future changed because she fell in love.Doctor Jia went to a pub. She gave an order to the bartender. The bartender gave her martini. She sipped a little and smiled thinking of her encounters with Major General Xin.After a while, a man sat beside her. She looked at him. She was drunk, so she could only see him vaguely. It was a handsome young fellow in his twenties. He was drinking beer. The guy gazed at the seductive woman beside her who was looking at him without even blinking. Her eyes were red and moist."Broke up with your boyfriend?" He asked.Han Jia nodded. Her eyes welled up with tears.The man sighed and said, "Just now I saw my girlfriend, kissing a colleague of mine.""We are so pitiful." Han Jia chocked while talking.The stranger patted her back sympathetically and said, "Let's drink to forget our sorrow." He held out his glass."Cheers." Han Jia twinkled her glass with his.Thirty minutes later, both got drunk. Holding each other intimately, they left the pub.The drunk man said, "Jia dear, what do you do? You must be very popular in the office you work."Drunk Han Jia laughed aloud. "I'm am a doctor and a private assistant of Major He."The man said, "Major? Sounds like the military. You are so beautiful and tough, my dear Jia."Han Jia was flattered and giggled. She proudly nodded and said, "I'm also a researcher of a poison."The man held her close and said, "Poison? I'm afraid that you will harm your body."Han Jia liked their closeness. She rubbed her body against him and said, "I won't get hurt. We are going to launch an operation soon. We will release the poison and with the antidote, we will become the most powerful nation."The man kissed her lips and said, "It sounds awesome, dear Jia. You will become a heroine."Doctor Jia subconsciously kissed him back. She felt happy that a man called her heroine. She was so happy that she became emotional.She said in a sad tone, "But my hero will marry the bitch Lan tomorrow. I will become a widow. I did a good job injecting the poison in her body. If I don't give her the antidote of the poison R-0, she is as good as dead. Hahaha." Suddenly she felt extremely good and laughed.The man kissed her passionately and said, "You did a great job.""I did, didn't I? Just wait for her to die. I will claim what is mine." Han Jia said confidently."Before that, let me claim you first." The man kissed her again.Doctor Jia giggled and said, "Okay, baby." She kissed him back.The two went to the five-star hotel and went to a luxurious room. But they didn't have time to praise the beauty of their surroundings.Soon they took their clothes off and had an intimate session. The man's intense lovemaking made Han Jia pass out.The guy took a bath and then wore fresh clothes. He looked at the girl who was sleeping soundly. Then locked the door after he went out.He went to the next room and knocked on the door. He used the morse code. The door was opened immediately after the knock.A man was sitting on a chair and working on the laptop nonstop. He looked at the person who entered the room and said, "Bingwen, it is three in the morning. It should be something very important."Bingwen looked at his boss and said nervously, "Boss, I found out about the location where young mistress is."

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