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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 174: MASSIVE SECRET

Doctor Jia headed to the laboratory. It was in the Ru Mansion at Wenzhuo in the Tchekiang province. She went straight to the second floor to meet General Ru Yaozu, Major General Ru Xin's father. She needed to inform him everything in a detail.As she went close to General Ru's study room, Doctor Jia heard a woman's pleasant moan and a man's groan. She halted on her track.Doctor Jia knew that Mrs. Ru died after giving birth to Ru Xin. 'Then who could it be?' She wondered.Doctor Jia went close to the study room. The door was a little open. She peeped secretly. What she saw, it shook her whole body.The couple who was having an intimate moment right now was none other than the General Ru Yaozu and Zhuang Lei. Zhuang Lei was a forty years old woman and had a wonderful family. Her daughter was a famous actress and she was married to a wealthy man.'What is going on? Why...' Doctor Jia was stunned at the scene. Unexpectedly, she heard their conversation."Ah.... Yaozu, give me another child. Ah!" Zhuang Lei said. She was a middle-aged woman. Still, beauty didn't leave her alone. She was as beautiful as her young age."Honey. Didn't I give you three children already? You want more?" General Ru had a great build. Because of his everyday training and hard diet, he was still as handsome as ever. After his wife died, many women tried to marry him. But he was in the army. He had no time to take care of a family. Also, the army had its own rules which he was obliged to follow.'OMG! They have three children! But how come Zhuang Lei has only a daughter?' Doctor Jia was sundered. "They are all grown up. I want a son to inherit my husband's company and assets." Zhuang Lei said."When you gave birth to Meixu, didn't I tell you to have him and to give me the two daughters?" Yaozu sighed as he moved against her.'W-what?? B-boss, my boss He Meixu is their child?' Doctor Jia didn't notice that her legs had started to shake.Zhuang Lei was delighted after getting intense pleasure. "Ah. I.. I wanted to gift you our first born to you. Now I want a son. Please give me a son." "We are together for so long. This is the second time that you want something from me. The first time, when you wanted a child, I gave you three. Tell me how many children you want this time. I'll give you as much as you wish for." General Ru Yaozu said."I want a son. I don't care how many of them. Just give me a son." Zhuang Lei said.General Ru Yaozu smirked and said, "Okay, honey, let me give you lots of children." He went deeper and Zhuang Lei's moans became louder.Doctor Jia's legs gave out. She sat on the floor. Two people, from prestigious families, were having an illicit relationship. If they were to find out that Doctor Jia knew everything, what would they do to her?Trembling, Doctor Jia got up and walked to the ground floor, the laboratory. In here, she had her own room. The doctor opened her diary and started to write what she had learned just now. It was a massive secret. Thirty minutes later, she finished writing and put the diary in her bag.She was thinking of hiding it somewhere. But she couldn't find a safe place.Suddenly Doctor Jia recalled a wooden cottage in the Jiling Province. It belonged to a girl who died a year ago. "Hua Lan, your cottage is the safest place to hide this massive secret. If you were to know this, how great it would have been." Doctor Jia murmured.She took the private jet of Ru Family and flew to the Jiling Province. She looked at the wooden cottage.When Doctor Jia was little, she used to visit this place a lot and would play with Hua Lan. It was Hua Lan's grandparent's cottage. That time, Lan used to stay here often.But Han Jia suddenly went abroad during her teenage and they never met again. Doctor Jia looked around the cottage and felt nostalgic. She put her diary in the chaste drawer and then left the cottage after glancing back one last time.When Doctor Jia went back to the Ru Mansion, she asked the butler if General Ru was home or not.In the morning, she didn't find the butler and went on her own, then found out a massive information. She didn't want to make the same mistake again.After she met General Ru, he looked cold and distant, a man everyone respected. Who could have thought that he had such secrets under his sleeves?Doctor Jia shivered before she started talking about the poison R-0. She was so nervous that she forgot to talk about this 'Little Lan' who was making Han Jia's life hell."Jia, don't worry. Soon, we will find a cure. Then we will start our operation." General Ru said in a commanding tone.Doctor Jia nodded. She licked her lips and said, "Major General gave me three days to finish the antidote."General Ru's eyes glittered. "So, my son wants to take the operation in his hand at last? What made him change so much? Very well. You can carry out the duty. Dismissed"------Mu Lan sensed someone caressing her hair.'Liang Liang, is that you?' Mu Lan thought. It was too long that she last felt his touch.It had been six days since she was abducted. The poison in her body was still burning her insides. Though she was given antidote every twelve hours, it only reduced the pain. Her body was still burning. However, after taking the antidote, it was bearable.Mu Lan opened her eyes and saw Xin was stroking her hair. Her eyes flashed and she slapped his hand away. After the poison was injected, she started to dislike him.Xin felt pain in his chest, but smiled in front of her. He said, "You still have the energy to fight? That's good, hurry up and finish your breakfast. Our wedding is tomorrow. No one wants a bride who faints in the ceremony, right?"Mu Lan twitched her lips and said, "Go marry yourself. I won't the eat food and I certainly won't marry you."Xin took a spoon of congee in his mouth and kissed Mu Lan to force the food inside her mouth. Then he said, "Very well. If you don't want to eat, I'll feed you this way."After that, Mu Lan ate without fighting back.Then Xin got a phone call. He answered the call and said coldly, "Doctor Jia.""The antidote is ready. I'll bring it tomorrow." Doctor Jia said.Xin's eyes relaxed and he commanded, "Bring it before the marriage ceremony." "....Definitely, Sir."

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