Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 173: BURNING PAIN

Mu Lan's whole body felt like burning in fire. She never went through such painful experience before. When people were burnt, they died. But for Mu Lan, it was eternal. She was burning, but she would not die from it. It was more like she was in hell for her crimes of her mortal life.Mu Lan fell on the floor. She tried to hug herself, but she couldn't. Tears fell from her eyes as she rolled on the cold floor."What did you give me?" Her voice was hoarse.Doctor Jia's smile was angelic. She said, "It is a poison called R-0. It kills people slowly. People die after suffering hellish torture. Isn't it wonderful?"Mu Lan screamed once again in pain. Her calm and collected appearance was destroyed. She asked in a high tone, "Why me?"Doctor Jia lifted an eyebrow. "Why you? Why you, you say." She sat on the floor beside Mu Lan and grabbed her silky hazel hair. Mu Lan did not feel anything anyway. Her body was already in the seventh hell. She felt that she was drowning in blood and fire. She had no time to think or feel if someone was pulling her hair or not."Did you think I will let you have Major General Xin? He is mine and mine alone." Doctor Jia pulled Mu Lan's hair till she could see Mu Lan's pained expression.Mu Lan could hardly hear anything that the doctor said. She almost passed out. She said in her broken voice, "Take him if you must. I already have a fianc."Looking at Mu Lan who still didn't back down and showed a deadly glare, Doctor Jia felt annoyed. She threw Mu Lan's head on the floor and stood up. She said, "I think you don't want the antidote. If you want it, beg me.""Go to hell." Mu Lan cursed and again gave out a hideous scream.The doctor was very unsatisfied. She pulled her right leg higher to kick Mu Lan in the head. That's when someone barged into the room."What's going on?" Xin's expression was grim and his voice carried iciness.The moment he entered, he saw Little Lan lying and Doctor Jia was ready to kick her.Doctor Jia was startled and nearly fell, but she balanced herself. However, she couldn't stand long. Xin came close to her and threw her on the ground. The doctor's face twisted as she was in pain.Xin hurriedly went close to Mu Lan and took her in his arms. Mu Lan was feeling better on the cold floor. As soon as she was in Xin's warm embrace, she twisted her body and screamed, "Let go." Tears covered her whole face.Xin felt like someone pierced his body by cutting him several times. He looked at Jia, who was still in the ground and asked, "What did you give her?" He glared at her."R-0. I didn't know that it will make her feel pain." Doctor Jia shuddered.Xin placed Mu Lan on the bed and came close to the doctor. He pulled out his pistol and put it on her head. "You didn't know? You are one of the researchers of this poison and you did not know? You think that you are working under an idiot?""N-no, no, I don't dare to." Doctor Jia turned pale."Give me the antidotes." Xin's icy voice made the doctor tremble in horror."B-but they won't heal her hundred....." She stuttered."Give them to me!" Xin's commanding voice echoed in the bedroom.Doctor Jia hurriedly gave him a box which contained the antidotes.Xin poked her head with his pistol and said, "Go to the campus and bring back the real antidote. I'll give you three days. If you don't come back in time, wait for the news of your family's assassination."Doctor Jia's eyes turned red. Tears flew from her red eyes. She nodded."Get lost. I don't want to see your face again." Xin said as he poked her harder with his weapon. Doctor Jia got up and walked as fast as she could. She clenched her fists and her beautiful face turned ugly.'I won't forgive her. I will never forgive her.' Because of Mu Lan, Xin put a pistol on Doctor Jia's head. It was very humiliating for her.------Xin came closer to Mu Lan and asked worriedly, "Little Lan, does it hurt too much?" He tried to touch her hand.Mu Lan slapped his hand away as she rolled in the bed. Her head was going blank. She looked at Xin furiously and said, "Don't touch me with that hand of yours."Xin took out the antidote and said in a pained voice. "Little Lan, I have the antidote. I'll give them to you. Please stay with me forever. I won't ever hurt you again."Mu Lan screamed in pain again. With the last bit of her energy, she said, "Get lost! Who.. who will ma.. rry you? Liang. Liang would ne. ver hurt me like this. "Even in pain, she remembered what Xue Lin told her at the ball. "You should love him with all you have... Not everyone can have a rich, handsome, caring and loyal husband. You should consider yourself lucky."Mu Lan's tears fell as she thought of that. She murmured "Liang Liang" few times and lost consciousness.Xin was frozen on the spot. Someone was actually better than him, it made him go crazy. Something hurt him even more. That was, Mu Lan said that he was hurting her."I'm hurting you?" Xin murmured.But when he heard call Mu Lan 'Liang Liang' few times, he frowned.'Liang Liang.... Liang as Mu Liang? Is he her...' Xin did not think anymore. His eyes turned absolutely cold. He touched Mu Lan's teary face.Though she was burning inside, Mu Lan's skin was turning cold. Feeling the things weren't right, Xin injected her a tube of antidote. Soon, her body started to get warm.Xin sighed in relief. He looked at Little Lan intensely. 'I won't let any other man have you. You are mine. Mine only. My precious." He bent down and kissed Mu Lan's pale lips.

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