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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 172: A TREMENDOUS SCREAM

After Mu Lan finished her breakfast, Xin tried to wipe her mouth gently. She moved her head the other way. Xin smirked a little, then grabbed her head in one hand and wiped her lips. Mu Lan pouted and got up from the chair. She strode off of the room. Xin shook his head helplessly and got up from the chair to chase after her."Little Lan, can we not talk?" Xin said as he came after Mu Lan.Mu Lan looked at him and stared at him coldly.Xin felt that someone stabbed his heart. It hurt, a lot. He said, "Please, listen to me.""Sure, tell me, when will I be able to leave?" Mu Lan crossed her hands."Can you not leave?" Xin felt someone squeezed his heart.Mu Lan frowned as she asked, "What do you mean?""Marry me, Little Lan," Xin said. His proposal was more like a pray.Mu Lan was taken aback. "What?" She asked herself in her mind, 'Did I hear it right?'"I have been searching you for fifteen years. Now I accidentally found you again. I can't let you go now. I won't be able to live." Xin said desperately. If the proposal wasn't surprising enough for Mu Lan, next words were enough to make her dumbstruck. "Y-you know me?" Mu Lan couldn't help but stutter.Xin turned pale as he heard her question. "Did you forget?" 'Well, duh, I lost my memory. But I can't tell you that. It might become even more dangerous.' She thought."You were looking for me?" Mu Lan didn't tell him that she had zero recollection of her past. However, she needed to know how much he knew about her. If he actually knew her family or her address, it would be very helpful. "You were only a kid and I didn't believe most of your words. I thought you were a local of the Jiling Province. Your accent matched theirs. Who knew that you were there to visit? I couldn't find you no matter how many years I searched. I regretted that I didn't ask more about you." Xin said in a pained voice.'So, we met in the Jiling Province. We were nothing more than acquaintances.' Mu Lan thought as she was disappointed."I'm sorry to tell you that I'm already engaged. I can't marry you. You should take me back or I don't know what my family will do to you if they find out that you abducted me." She bluffed. Mu Lan didn't know if Mu Liang or Mu Feng would ever try to find her. But she heard Mu Liang's voice multiple times like telepathy. She wasn't sure what to think of it. She could only pray that she would go back safely and soundly.Xin trembled a little as his handsome face turned white. "You are engaged?"Mu Lan felt a bit sorry for him. After all, he had searched for her for fifteen years. Still, she had her own life which should not be disturbed.She said straightforwardly, "I'm not only engaged, but also am a student who has a promising future. I don't want to mess up my life." Xin suggested, "You can study here. You can study after marriage"Mu Lan interrupted, "There is someone in my heart and that person is not you." Her voice was firm.What she said wasn't a lie. Mu Lan knew that she loved someone in her past whom she met in her dreams, though she didn't know him, that person was not Xin.Xin clenched his fists. His heart shattered in pieces. Xin pondered for a few seconds. 'Should I let her go? Should I not let her go?' Thinking for a while, he came to a realization. He came closer to her and held her right hand. He said, "Still, you cannot leave this place until you marry me." His hold tightened and forcefully took her in his room.He could never let her go."Why are you doing this? You will never become happy." Mu Lan tried to take her hand away. But Xin's hand was like iron, it didn't budge."As long as you are by my side, I will always be happy," Xin said as he dragged her.Mu Lan winced in pain. "But I won't be happy.""I will make you happy," Xin said firmly. He took her in his room and said, "Stay here for now. Until I give my permission, don't leave this room."Xin shut the door, but he didn't lock it. He didn't need to. She could not get out of this island on her own anyway.Xin went outside and lit up a cigarette. He heard sounds of heels, but he didn't look back."Major General." Doctor Jia said. She looked as alluring as ever."What is it?" Xin said nonchalantly. His voice carried iciness. He was already upset. So, he didn't want to deal with anything at this moment."I know a way to make her stay before marriage." She said. Her eyes were smiling.Xin sneered. "She can't escape anyway. It is an island.""If her family comes to take her back, we cannot refuse. You have to give up on her. However, if we go according to my plan, you can marry her without any trouble. Even her Mu Family cannot take her away from you." Doctor Jia said carefully.Xin frowned and looked at her. "Elaborate what you want to say.""Let's use R-0." Her eyes shone.Xin froze on the spot. "Impossible." He said immediately. "It would kill her."Doctor Jia refused to back down. She said, "But Qi Ying is still alive. She is completely healthy. General asked me to inject Qi Ying the drug if Mu Feng came. The General's plan never failed.""Father never showed mercy to anyone. Not even the weak people." Xin sighed. Then he looked at Doctor Jia and asked, "Are you sure that she will be fine and won't be harmed?""We have the antidote." Doctor Jia said."But it is not for fully recovering." Xin's frown deepened."Major General, I'm also part of the team. We are close to finding an antidote." Doctor Jia assured.Xin thought for a moment. Then said, "If it doesn't hurt her, continue with your plan." He left.Xin didn't see Doctor Jia's eyes that moment.------Mu Lan was sitting on the sofa and reading a military book. She was upset and bored. What else could she do in a locked room? So, she took Xin's strategy book. She thought that it might help her to escape from here.Suddenly, she heard a knock. Mu Lan didn't reply. The door opened and she saw Doctor Jia's face."Hello, Miss Lan." Doctor Jia brightly smiled."What do you want?" Mu Lan was not in a good mood. Doctor Jia's smile made her feel even worse.The doctor beautifully said, "I'm here to give you a medicine. You had a rough journey and it caused your health deteriorating.""I don't need it." Mu Lan refused."Please don't say that. I'll lose my job." Doctor Jia said pitifully.Mu Lan didn't say anything at first, but then, she agreed. Her heart wasn't in it.Doctor Jia smiled brightly again and opened a small case. There was a syringe. She took off the cap and released a bit of medicine, which was in there. Then she grabbed Mu Lan's hand gently and pushed the syringe inside her skin, and then released the medicine inside Mu Lan's body.The medicine quickly mixed with the blood cells and started working.Doctor Jia looked at her watch and count one to ten.After ten seconds, a tremendous scream filled the whole castle.

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