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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 171: THREE YEARS OF PURSUIT

Han Jia was an intelligent woman. She graduated from Beijing University. Her medical skills were top notch. Han Jia wanted to apply to China's most popular hospital. But her course of future suddenly changed, because of that year's Christmas party. At that party, she met a handsome fellow with perfect manners. That man was none other than Major General Ru Xin. Xin was hard to get and he didn't like sultry women. He was well educated, had a bright future ahead and was from an excellent family. He was in one word 'perfect'. The more Jia knew about him, the more she fell in love with him. Jia wanted to chase after him. As Xin didn't like persistent women, she chose a sophisticated way to chase after him. That time Meixu was looking for a personal assistant and a private doctor for his younger sister. Jia took the chance and partook in the interview. For her excellent results, she became Meixu's personal assistant as well as the personal doctor of his younger sister. This way Jia changed her course of future. For three years, she had been working under Meixu and tried to be close to Xin. However, Xin never even looked at her properly, and he treated her the same as his subordinates. Even though he was harsh and ruthless to her like he was to everyone else, she was still the love-struck chic as ever. However, everything turned upside down when Mu Lan got abducted. Xin took her home and became exceptionally gentle. Doctor Jia saw that her longtime crush had feelings for someone else. So how should she feel?She was jealous. She was curious.Doctor Jia wished to know 'Little Lan' whom ruthless Major General adored. What made Doctor Jia feel stunned was Xin let Mu Lan stay in his room and even let her sleep in his own bed. Doctor Jia knew that Xin didn't like others entering his room, not even his long-time friend Meixu.Doctor Jia was even more dumbstruck when she saw Xin was worried about Mu Lan when 'Little Lan' locked herself in his room. He neither got mad nor did he bickered like he usually did. What did he do? He asked his 'Little Lan' if she was sick or not. Moreover, he went to the tower to check up on her.Doctor Jia felt like she was going to hell. At last, she was able to see the girl who Major General adored so much. She saw a beautiful Chinese girl. She got jealous to see such a beautiful girl. Yes, Major General Xin's taste was exceptional. Doctor Jia admitted.However, she didn't want to admit that this 'Little Lan' would have her long-time crush.Still, Doctor Jia was happy to know after examining Mu Lan that her health was weak and her mental health was even weaker. If Mu Lan was pushed a little further, she was a goner. It would be hard to bring her back to the normal state.In the morning, Doctor Jia went to the third floor to meet Mu Lan. Her plan was to help Mu Lan to escape from here. However, to her surprise, Mu Lan acted totally different from what she expected. Mu Lan didn't bother that she was kidnapped for three days. What made Doctor Jia more surprise was that Mu Lan was caring about her health. When 'Little Lan' wanted to eat. Hearing the list of food she wanted to eat for breakfast, Doctor Jia's eyes wanted to pop out. It was good that she didn't faint on the spot. The first thing that came to her mind about Mu Lan was, 'Is she a pig?'Doctor Jia doubted if even a pig could ever win against Mu Lan.She was also unhappy about Mu Lan's dress up. Mu Lan was wearing only Xin's shirt. His large shirt was hanging on Mu Lan's upper thighs, making her extra charming and seductive. To Doctor Jia, it was disgusting.Doctor Jia didn't think that her (J) showing cleavages and lower thighs were inappropriate as an office worker. Therefore, Doctor Jia offered Mu Lan her own dress. It was better than wearing Xin's shirt. However, Mu Lan refused, making Doctor Jia feel hatred for her.She gritted her teeth and said no more. In the dining hall, Doctor Jia showed who could be the mistress of the household. She wanted to show Mu Lan that she had better ability to become Xin's wife, not Mu Lan. But Mu Lan didn't show any displeasure. Mu Lan only cared about her breakfast. As soon as her food came, her eyes shone and she started eating completely ignoring Doctor Jia.Doctor Jia was upset. She tried once again.When Xin came and saw Mu Lan wearing his shirt, Doctor Jia took the chance and said, "Major General, for a grown woman like Miss Lan, she should not wear a shirt of a man. I offered her my dresses, but she said that she liked to wear a man's clothing."Xin looked surprised as he asked Mu Lan, "Little Lan, is that true?"Doctor Jia smirked a little and looked at Mu Lan disapprovingly. Mu Lan was busy with her delicious breakfast and so she didn't notice the sinister look on Doctor Jia's face.However, what did Major General Xin say?"Ah, I just ordered a bunch of branded dresses for Little Lan. Too bad, she doesn't like wearing female clothes. Looks like, she likes pants of shirts. Then, she can wear only my clothes from now on." Xin said as his eyes glittered.Doctor Jia's smile froze on her lips. She felt that someone slapped her hard. Her face turned pale.Did she hear wrong? Did she see wrong?No, she did not. Xin said those words and his eyes were glittering with amusement. Doctor Jia didn't miss a thing.Doctor Jia bit her lips as her body shivered in anger. She saw that neither Mu Lan nor Xin gave her any attention. She looked like a third wheel.Doctor Jia couldn't even look at those two as Xin filled Mu Lan's bowl and told her tenderly to eat more. He even filled Mu Lan's glass and made her drink two glasses of soy milk.'I can't let it go like that. Major General is mine and mine only. I won't share him with anyone.' Doctor Jia's eyes lightened up thinking of a sudden plan.

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