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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 170: SHE CAN WEAR MY CLOTHES FROM NOW ON

Mu Lan looked at the beautiful woman in front of her. Doctor Jia was taller than her. Her physical appearance was close to Yan Su. She had an attractive pair of eyes, a delicate nose, and plump lips. Her curves were well put. She was a beauty, but, if Mu Lan was to compare Doctor Jia and Yan Su, Yan Su would win.Mu Lan looked at the woman in front of her. She politely bowed and said, "Nice to meet you too."Mu Lan noticed that Doctor Jia's eyes flashed. She didn't like it."You have been abducted here for three days. You haven't eaten well in the past few days. Are you alright?" Doctor Jia looked concerned.Doctor Jia wanted to see if Mu Lan panicked that she was here for three days. 'Is she faking it? If Xue Lin was here, she could analyze her in a blink.' Mu Lan thought. She didn't let her suspicion get to Doctor Jia. So, she smiled and said, "Actually, I'm hungry." She rubbed her belly.Doctor Jia looked surprised. Soon she regained composure and said, "Please come with me to the dining hall. I'll ask the chef to prepare breakfast for you.""I want wontons and dumplings, dim sum, pancakes with egg, tofu pudding, and soymilk." Mu Lan said in one breath.Doctor Jia didn't know what to say. She opened her mouth a few, times but closed it again every time. A few seconds later, she found her voice and said, "Alright, Miss Lan. Please come this way."Mu Lan followed her as she tried hard to cover her smile. As they were walking, Doctor Jia asked casually, "Miss Lan, aren't you uncomfortable wearing a man's shirt? If you want, you can borrow one of my dresses."Mu Lan guessed that this Doctor Jia didn't like her wearing a man's clothes or perhaps the kidnapper's clothes. But this kidnapper didn't buy her dresses, she decided to wear his clothes. And until he bought her new clothes, she would continue wearing his clothes.Mu Lan smiled and said, "No, I like wearing a man's shirt. Thank you for your generosity."Doctor Jia was almost choked by her own saliva.After that, no one talked. Soon they arrived in the huge dining hall.Mu Lan found out that Doctor Jia was acting like the Lady of the House. She treated Mu Lan like a guest.Mu Lan, on the other hand, didn't feel bad. Why should she care if this doctor acted like the Lady of the House or not? As long as Mu Lan could get out of this place, she was happy.When the breakfast arrived, Ru Xin entered the dining hall. He took a bath after training and wore a new pair of shirt and pant.Xin looked at Mu Lan and saw her wearing a new shirt of his. His heart was in the abyss of spring.Seeing him looking at Mu Lan's wearing shirt, Doctor Jia said innocently, "Major General, for a grown woman like Miss Lan, she should not wear a shirt of a man. I offered her my dresses but she said that she liked to wear a man's clothing."Xin was stunned as he heard that. He looked at Mu Lan and asked her, "Little Lan, is that true?"Mu Lan frowned at the nickname 'Little Lan'. She was mad at him because he kidnapped her wrongly, held her captive and forcefully kissed her. She didn't reply and silently ate her grand breakfast.Xin said as if he was talking to himself, "Ah, I just ordered a bunch of branded dresses for Little Lan. Too bad, she doesn't like wearing female clothes. Looks like she likes pants and shirts. Then, she can wear only my clothes from now on." Saying that he sat on his chair and started to eat his breakfast.Mu Lan was speechless.'Did I dig my own grave?' She thought.

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