Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 167: I CAN DO IT

Ru Xin took Meixu's personal assistant with him back to his room. Meixu's personal assistant was a girl who was a private doctor of Meixu's younger sister. Her name was Han Jia. Everyone called her Doctor Jia. Meixu brought Doctor Jia because of Xin's request. Xin thought that if Qi Ying were to get sick, Jia could treat her. Now, she was handy as Xin needed her to treat little Lan.Xin unlocked the door and tried to open it. However, the door didn't budge. Immediately, he understood that little Lan locked the door from inside so that he couldn't go in.'It must be because I kissed her and made her afraid.' He thought.He smiled, thinking that she locked her in his own room. She was willful as ever. "Little Lan, are you alright? I brought back a female doctor with me. Don't you think that you need a checkup if you are in pain?" Xin's voice was gentle.Doctor Jia looked at Xin as if she was watching a ghost. Xin had a stern face and made others think that he was intimidating. He dealt with everything in a cold manner. His methods were cruel and he was harsh to his subordinates. Even though, he cared for them. That made him very popular within his group.However, it was a well-known fact that Xin hated women. Especially those sultry ones. He never talked to women if they weren't his subordinates, even so, he treated them the same as he treated his male subordinates. Which meant, those who were under him had tasted his ruthlessness.Doctor Jia had been working under Meixu for three years. Even she had to taste Xin's rudeness. But just like other girls, she fell in love with his harshness. She never minded his attitude. Moreover, she liked it.However, hearing his kind voice to this 'Little Lan', Doctor Jia found out a new secret about Major General Ru. She became really curious about this little kid.Xin politely knocked and asked about Little Lan's well being. But it seemed that Little Lan was upset about what happened between them.Xin told Doctor Jia to head back. After she left, Xin went to the east tower with his binoculars. He went to the third floor and put the binoculars in front of his eyes.Xin could clearly see Mu Lan. The light was turned on and she was in the balcony sitting on the floor. She was upset as she looked at the dark ocean. It looked like, she was waiting for someone to come and rescue her.Xin felt like something pierced his heart. It was hard for him to breathe.'Why does she look like that? Is she already committed to someone? Does that mean she forgot me?'Xin clenched his fists and climbed down from the tower.------The night was dark. Mu Lan looked at the sky. It was cloudy, just like the night she was abducted. The moon was playing hide and seek with the ocean behind the clouds.'If he put me in the luggage, does it mean that he took me to another place? I saw the ocean that time too. It is certainly not Qi Ying's family mansion.' Thinking that Mu Lan shook her head.'Though it was dark, I can tell the differences between the walls. That house was made of cement, but this one is made of stones. It is more like a castle or a fort. Just like the ancient time. I have never heard of any fort in the European Islands.' Mu Lan bit her lower lip. Her eyes became heavier.'Maybe it is my lack of knowledge, but, where am I? I need to find out about this place. The more I'll know, the more it will be easy to leave. I can do it. I can do it....'Mu Lan kept repeating herself and soon fell asleep on the floor of the balcony.

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