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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 165: LAN, ARE YOU OKAY?

As soon as the little girl was out of Xin's sight, he started to miss her.He remembered her last words before she left, "Big brother Xin, people are born alone and they die alone, so if they are alone in this huge world, what's wrong with that? If this world is too big for you, make it smaller on your own. You will be able to breathe again."Xin didn't know that this kid had had to suffer in the house she lived in, to accept such a statement. She must have experienced many hardships since she was born.However, Xin was lucky compared to her. He didn't have to fight against his family. So, what was he in that little kid's eyes? A spoiled brat.Even though Xin didn't know about the kid's lifestyle, he was ashamed when he realized that a child told him in a roundabout way that she was smarter than him. Xin was a proud man. He could never accept such humiliation."Just wait and see, kid. You will be the one who will want to marry me in the end." Xin smiled and determination was visible in his eyes.Since then, Xin had become a completely different person. He managed his temper around those greedy male and female friends and he pursued his career in the army just like his forefathers. In the meantime, whenever he had time, he would go to the Paektu Mountain and would search for her. However, he didn't find her no matter how many times he looked for her.Xin didn't know that the young girl he met was not a local girl of the Jiling province. She lived in Beijing. Still, Xin would look for her. He wanted to show her how cool he had become. He also wanted to see how beautiful she had become. He didn't know why he was obsessed with this little kid, but he couldn't stop himself. He didn't stop searching for her until his father told him to marry Qi Ying.Ru Xin was frustrated that he couldn't meet that little kid again. 'How old is she now? She should be turned twenty-three by now. Did she forget me? How beautiful had she become?' Numerous thoughts clouded his mind.Xin realized that he liked the learned cute girl who acted all high and mighty. This was the very reason that he couldn't get a girlfriend or a wife. When Ru Xin saw Qi Ying's photos and saw a timid girl, he felt thoroughly hopeless. When he kidnapped the wrong girl and found out later, he wanted to kill that girl immediately. There was no way he would let her go back. He would never risk his career for a girl.But then, something caught his eyes. That was her black transparent eyes. The more she was in pain, the more her eyes became fierce. He could look at that sharp glare in those mystic eyes for an eternity. Then she said, "My name is Mu Lan."LAN'I found her.'Xin let go of her neck and went to his room. His blood was boiling and his heart was beating crazily. His mind was in chaos. He took a cold bath to regain his composure. After he calmed his heart and mind, he went out of the bathroom and looked at Qi Ying's photos. Qi Ying's soft gaze, timid look made him disgusted. He tossed her photos. He knew what he had to do.'I can't let her go.' He thought.When Mu Lan was taking a shower, Xin ordered the servant to serve the foods in his room. When Mu Lan was eating, he was looking at her. Seeing her eating just like fifteen years ago, his heart was full of happiness.She was cute when she was eating. She was cute when she was startled. She was cute when she was bickering at him.Then Xin said, "I won't send you back."Mu Lan was alerted. She asked, "What do you mean?"Slowly Xin walked towards Mu Lan while saying, "I have other things in my mind." As he drew closer like a tiger was drawing near to a deer, Mu Lan stepped back. She was now highly wary about Xin's behavior.She asked, "What other things?"Mu Lan was frightened right now. She clearly thought that she was going to die. As they took the wrong target, if they were to return her, they would be found out. It might become an international thing. This Major General would never risk his own life and career.'But why would he let me take a bath or let me eat? It doesn't just seem right.' She thought that too.Mu Lan walked back till her back touched the cold wall. That doesn't make Xin stop at his track.Mu Lan became extremely nervous. She lost her common sense. She wanted to live, badly. She wanted to see many things. She wanted to achieve many things. She didn't want to die right now. And Mu Liang...'Oh, Liang Liang, where are you?' -------At that time, in Paris, Mu Liang's coffee mug fell from his hand and shattered into pieces. He didn't sleep after Mu Lan was abducted. He was giving everyone pressure to search for her. When he looked at the broken mug, his heart shook violently.'Lan, are you okay?' He closed his eyes as he thought. Mu Feng was reporting his investigation progress to his elder brother. Hearing a large crashing sound, he was startled. His heart almost flew away. Since last few days, he observed that his heart had become extremely weak.As he called the maid to clean up the mess, he saw that his brother was falling on the ground. Just above the shattering glass."Big brother!" Mu Feng screamed in fear.------Mu Lan panicked when she saw that Xin was drawing nearer. She knew she couldn't run away, but still, she ran to the right, towards the balcony.But with Xin's reflexes, he caught her in no time and took her in his arms.

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