Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 164: SMALL AGENT

Xin put this little girl on his shoulders. As she was sitting on a tall man's shoulder, she could see many things from afar. Happily, she swung her legs and almost lost her balance.When Xin saw that she was about to fall, he immediately grabbed her little legs and said, "Behave." "Big brother Xin, you are so rough. You should be gentle towards women." Little Lan said like a learned person."I don't see one. All I can see is a kid." Xin said. It was the first time he was talking this much with someone else."How rude! Just wait and see, I'll become the most beautiful girl in the world and you will have to ask me for my hand in marriage." The child said proudly.Xin burst into laughter. For the first time in his life, he laughed loudly. Tears formed in his eyes and his belly hurt. After minutes of an excessive laugh, he said, "Fine, you win."They walked few minutes, just then, the child's stomach growled. Her stomach was just behind Xin's head. Startled, Xin stopped on the track."Big brother..." The little girl started to talk pitifully. "I know. Let's go and have something to eat first." Xin took her to a nice and comfortable restaurant.Xin gave little Lan the menu. "What do you want to eat?""Egg drop soup, vegetable chow mein and orange juice." The child ordered.Xin lifted his right eyebrow. "Are you sure you can eat all those things?"The little girl showed him a proud expression. She replied, "Don't worry, big brother Xin, I have a stomach of an elephant. Not to mention that I wasn't able to eat anything in the morning. More importantly, I hate wasting food.""Why didn't you eat anything in the morning?" Xin asked. 'She must be hungry for a long time.' He thought 'I can't tell big brother Xin that I was locked in the storeroom last night and I escaped in the morning.' Little Lan thought."I wasn't hungry." The girl lied.Xin didn't believe her. But he also didn't want to pry into other's business. He just met her. He didn't even know her well. He could tell that the little girl was smart. He could also understand that she was not a street girl. Her upbringing was good and she was well taken care of."Does your family like you?" Xin asked."Yes, my parents love me a lot." When the little girl said that, her cheeks became red and her eyes were full of warmth."And they still left you alone in the middle of the mountain." Xin said. He did believe her expression, but he had a hard time believing that someone would be heartless enough to leave their child alone."Oh, you don't understand. I'm traveling and got lost." The girl said.Xin choked on water. "And who gave you the permission?" He wasn't sure whether to believe her or not."My parents always say that if I want to learn about the world and I want to become stronger, I need to visit places and shouldn't burden others. That's why I planned on visiting alone." The little girl said.Xin's head started hurting after talking to her. He didn't want to know about her family. He thought that her family was crazy enough to think that.He changed the subject and said, "This restaurant is famous for ice creams and cakes. Why didn't you order any dessert?"Xin believed that kids, especially girls, liked ice creams and cakes."Those things don't have carbohydrate, protein, iodine, and vitamins. Though they are certainly delicious, I have to preserve energy for my upcoming adventure."This girl...Xin didn't ask her anything anymore. He didn't want to hear whatever she had in her mind. However, her personality was striking.As they began to eat, little Lan asked, "Why are you traveling here? You don't seem like a guy who is looking for adventure."Xin was busy eating dim sum. Without even looking at her, he replied, "Then what did it seem to you?""To me, earlier you looked like that it was the end of the earth for you. Now you don't look like that anymore. Your eyes are twinkling. It seems that you are enjoying." Little Lan stated.This time, Xin choked on his food. 'Who is she? She isn't a robot or a superficial human, is she? Maybe she is a small agent?'Xin hurriedly finished his food and said, "Kid, go home."

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