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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 163: MEETING AN EIGHT YEARS OLD CHILD

Xin was a gorgeous man. He was 6' tall. He had fair skin. He was famous for his eight-pack muscles. He had black army-cut hair, black fierce eyes, sharp nose and thin cruel lips.Xin was the only son of General Ru Yaozu. His mother died as soon as he was born. Xin grew up with strong discipline. He never received any parental love. Xin's father General Ru and grandfather General First-class Ru were busy with their army lives. They hardly paid attention to Xin. He neither had any close relatives nor any friends. He was practically alone. He was practically alone.Soon, Ru Xin felt insecure. The boys around him wanted to be friends with him since he had such powerful background. Xin was intelligent enough to understand those fake smiles and bogus friendships.Xin grew up faster than the normal boys around him. Because he trained himself every day. His butler had military training and helped Xin to train himself as a soldier.During his teenage, Xin became a handsome young man. Girls started to get attracted to him. It didn't take time for Xin to get disgusted with those clingy women.In the meantime, people around him only got close to him because of his family background or his handsome face and body. Xin had no one to share his feelings and felt lots of pressure in his early age.He became frustrated and one day, he decided to kill himself and free himself from this monotonous life.Ru Xin was then seventeen years old. He went to the Jiling Province on his father's order. There, he had to meet a girl as his marriage partner. To visit this province, Xin was accompanied by his so-called marriage partner. She was a gorgeous girl at her age and extremely friendly. Xin couldn't help but get attracted to her.Just when he thought that he got a true partner in his life, he found her having sexual intercourse with some other dude. Xin recognized that man. That guy was no one other than her butler.Xin was overwhelmed by this sudden discovery. He realized that this girl had no interest in him at all. All she and her family cared about his family status. It was still dawn and Xin and his marriage partner were supposed to visit Paektu Mountain. He wrote a simple note and went alone.Xin thought of suicide. Thinking of that, he started to climb the mountain. When he came to the middle of the mountain, he heard a wail.Stunned, he looked down and saw an eight years old girl was behind him, climbing on the mountain on her own. But she was hurt badly as she fell.Before he could realize what he was doing, Xin went down and took the child in his arms. He went to the Heaven Lake. He sat on the bank of the lake and treated the child's wounds.Xin was relieved that he had his traveling backpack with him where he had his first aid box. It was his first time experience handling a child, it was even a girl. He wrapped the bandages gently on her arms and legs. The girl, all of a sudden, started to giggle. Her laugh ringed a bell in Xin's ears.He frowned and asked, "Oi kid, why are you laughing?"The girl said, "You never treated a kid before, did you?"Xin was astonished by her statement. 'How did she....?' He voiced his thought."Easy. Your hands are shaking." The girl said as she pointed her tiny index finger.Xin's face turned red. He grabbed the girl's head and moved it from one side to another side. The girl laughed aloud. Xin looked at the girl. She was a cute child with strawberry milkshake skin color. Her hazel colored silky hair reached her shoulders. Her lips were cheery pink. He could imagine that she would kill thousands of men in the future with her beauty. The most attractive part of this child was her clear black eyes. Xin couldn't help but look at her eyes countless times."If you are so smart, then why did you climb the mountain on your own? Did you think that you could climb to the top?" He asked.The child seemed upset as she hung her head. She mumbled. "I got lost."Xin was stunned. "You got lost? Why aren't your family searching for you? It can't be that they left you here and forgot to take you back. When I came, there was not a single soul."The child seemed to be thinking something very deep and then she said, "I doubt the power of your eyes."It was true. If there was not a single soul here, where did this child come from?Xin was embarrassed. He had a long way to go. He packed his bag, got up and offered the child a hand. The child took his hand and got up. "Let's find your parents."As Xin started to walk, the child said, "How can you be so heartless to make an injured girl walk on her own? I'm so pitiful." The child acted pitifully. Xin gave up on being surprised by her. This eight years old child was way too intelligent.He took the girl in his arms and the child started to giggle again."I was acting." The child showed her toothy grin to him."I know." Xin couldn't help patting her head.The girl said, "My legs are hurting though." "They will be healed in no time." Xin assured her.The child continued, "What's your name, big brother?""Ru Xin." He was already tired of talking.The girl cheerfully said. "Big brother Xin, call me Lan."

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