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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 162: DO YOU CALL YOURSELF A HUMAN?

Mu Lan's whole body shook in pain as Xin threw her mercilessly on the bed. She didn't make a single sound. When Xin left, Mu Lan curved her body. Her body was trembling. Her neck was aching. She gasped as she inhaled oxygen. Her face was red and sweaty.Mu Lan kept thinking, 'How rude! He made the mistake, and yet, he is punishing me. At least he could say sorry and could sincerely offer me some food.' Her stomach growled. 'Liang Liang, I miss you so much.' Mu Lan wailed in her heart. Mu Liang had been always kind towards Mu Lan. He never hurt her. He took care of her for nine months when she was in coma. He admitted her to a school. She could study her favorite subject because of Mu Liang. Mu Lan clutched the quilt under her. She was missing him terribly. An hour later, someone opened the door of her room. Mu Lan didn't even look. She sat on the bed elegantly. "I want some food." She said like a commanding princess. Mu Lan's plan was to gain enough energy before she could flee from here. If she knew where she was...."That can be arranged." The voice said from the door. Xin signed the male servant behind him to move forward and to serve the food. The servant silently followed the order. He served the tray of food and milk on the bed. Mu Lan looked at Xin and said in a cool voice, "What? You want me to eat before I brush my teeth?"Something flashed in Xin's eyes. He replied in his usual commanding tone, "Washroom is in the next room. There are an extra brush, soap, shampoo and towel in the bathroom." "Thank you for telling me." Mu Lan said flatly, then she got off from the bed and went out of the room. Xin was behind her, watching her every move. Before she went to the bathroom, Mu Lan asked as she looked back at him, "Did you change the shirt?""When I took off your gown, I didn't see anything because of the darkness. When I changed your shirt, whatever I saw, it doesn't matter." Xin said bluntly. Mu Lan was stunned. "Doesn't matter? What do you understand anything about a woman's heart?""Why does it matter? You have a great body." Xin left the room. Mu Lan was thoroughly embarrassed. Her face turned red whether in shame or rage, she couldn't tell. Mu Lan had a good bath and went out wearing another shirt. She couldn't change her undergarments and felt uneasy. But there was nothing she could do. That guy didn't give her any other girly things. Mu Lan dried her hair and looked around the room. The room was simple yet luxurious. It had a manly vibe. The person who lived here, clearly had a good taste. The room was dyed in sky blue. There were a wooden king-sized bed with sky blue bed cover and pillows, a chaste table, a single sofa with tea table, and a reading table with a chair. Every furniture was made of wood and dyed in natural color. Mu Lan's eyes caught something on the tea table and that was her brunch. They took it here. Feeling grateful, Mu Lan started to eat. The quality of the food is good. Soy milk, deep fried dough sticks, steamed buns stuffed with meat and dim sum were just great. There was also tea if she wanted to drink. Mu Lan finished her food and got up. "Looks like you were really hungry." Xin said from the door. He looked at the clean plates.Mu Lan was startled. 'When did he come?' Whenever he came, he never made any sound."Can't you walk soundly?" She protested. Xin didn't reply and kept looking at her. Mu Lan felt uneasy. She continued saying, "You are very rude.""How so?" Xin asked. "I told you my name but you didn't." Mu Lan was a bit relieved to hear him speak. "I'm Major General Ru Xin." He told her. "You are a Major General and you kidnapped me erroneously. I question your talent." Mu Lan said. 'Damn, he is a Major General. Will I survive? Well, I was wrongly abducted, so I think he will send me back. Or worse, he will kill me.'This time again, Xin was silent. Mu Lan kept asking, "What did you inject me with? My body was aching when I woke up.""I put you in the luggage for few hours. It doesn't matter anymore. You are not feeling pain now." Xin said as a matter of fact. She was astounded for few seconds. Then she burst in flame, "What? Luggage? Do you call yourself a human?" Mu Lan took a breath and continued, "I'm here because of your mistake. I have no connection with you or Qi family. Send me back to my home and I'll forget about your inhumane attitude.""I won't send you back." Xin said calmly. Mu Lan was alerted. "What do you mean by that?""I've other things in my mind." Xin slowly walked towards Mu Lan.

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