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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 161: THAT BITCH LIED TO ME

When Mu Lan woke up, her whole body was aching. She frowned in pain. 'What did he do to me?'Mu Lan tried to recall the past incidents. She was at the ball, then she was kidnapped, after that, she was on a beach house, later when she tried to leave, a guy caught her, then she had been injected by some kind of drug and now she was here.Wait! Didn't he say, "Sleep well, Miss Ying?" I heard it clearly. There is no way that I mistook it.' Mu Lan bit her lips. A sudden realization hit her. 'He said Miss Ying. Ying as if Qi Ying. She is disowned because she didn't agreeto the forced marriage. That's what he was talking about! Did he think I was Qi Ying? Is he stupid? How do I look like Xiao Ying in the first place?'Mu Lan rolled in the bed as she felt frustration came over her."Liang Liang, I bad mouthed you. I'm sorry." She said in a sad tone.Mu Lan looked around her. 'Where am I?'It was already four and the sun was setting down. The sunlight was illuminating an orange hue. The room was small. There was a simple bed on which she was laying, a wardrobe, a tea table, and a chair. There was a small window through which Mu Lan could never fit. Mu Lan sighed. She got up and moved the quilt away from her. Then she gasped.Mu Lan was wearing a white shirt. She hugged herself."He he did this again!" She gritted her teeth. Her face was red in shame. "You are awake. Good morning." A voice came from the door.------Xin was smoking in the balcony. Meixu came and joined him."Did she wake up?" Meixu asked."No. I overdosed her." Xin replied."Dude, you are so heartless. It's been two days already. You even put her in the luggage for thirty hours. Can't you be a bit softer to her?" Meixu was displeased to see his friend's attitude towards a beautiful girl. He worshiped beauty. He thought that Xin was lucky to have one. However, Xin's action surprised and did upset him at the same time.Xin sneered, "Maybe I should hand her over to you.""Since when did you become so generous?" Meixu mocked Xin."Since when did you become so dirty that after almost two days of the journey you didn't even take a bath?" Xin asked in disdain. He could smell Meixu's sweat from thousand miles."I'm leaving. You go and see if she is awake by now." Meixu left the balcony while trying to smell his armpit."Disgusting." Xin murmured."I can hear you," Meixu said from the door.Xin said nothing and went towards Mu Lan's room.In this house, Xin's room was on the second floor and there was a storeroom beside his room. He ordered to decorate the room so that Mu Lan could stay there before their marriage.Xin silently opened the door and saw the beauty move the quilt and then gasp lightly. She was looking at the shirt she was wearing. The door was on the east side where the bed was. So he couldn't see her expression. But he could see her ears turn red.'Is she embarrassed?' Xin thought. Then he said, "You are awake. Good morning." His tone was full of sarcasm.Mu Lan was startled to hear a sudden voice. She turned around and saw a guy standing beside the door. She knew the voice. It was him who told her 'Sleep well, Miss Ying'.Her face was red in shame. But her eyes had a stern gaze.Xin was taken aback to see her eyes full of rage. Then something else caught his eyes."Your eyes are black." He frowned.Mu Lan gave a sarcastic smile. She already knew that this man abducted the wrong person. She replied, "Sure, they are."Xin came closer and asked, "Why are they black? Are you wearing color lenses?""These are natural." Mu Lan said.Xin grabbed her neck and used pressure. Mu Lan's face turned pale but she still had a smile on her lips. Her eyes flashed."Can't you see? You made a huge mistake. I'm not Xiao Ying." Mu Lan said as her oxygen ran out. Sweat formed on her forehead and both temples. "Who are you then?" Xin asked in a cold voice."I am Mu Lan. Xiao Ying is my friend." Mu Lan could hardly breathe.Xin mercilessly threw her on the bed and cursed in fury. Stormily, he went out of the room and locked the door.Xin went to his room and kicked his wooden chair. It flew close to the bathroom door."That bitch lied to me." He cursed Anne with all his might.Later, Xin took a cold shower to cool his head. Then he opened his table drawer and found an envelope which his father gave to him.He took out the photos and saw Qi Ying's elegant and timid pictures. She looked like a doll. Xin threw the photos on the table. He recalled Mu Lan's face. At night, he couldn't see her expression. But, today her face was clear. Her black, transparent eyes glowed. Her neck was hurting. Her forehead was sweating. But still, she smiled sarcastically. Even if she was afraid, she did not let it show.'What was the name she said it was?' He remembered what she told him, "My name is Mu Lan.""Mu Lan." He murmured the name repeatedly."Who is Mu Lan? It seems to be a girl." It was Meixu from the door. He took a bath. The smell of soap filled the air."The girl we abducted, she is called Mu Lan," Xin replied without even looking."What? How is that possible? How can you make such idiotic mistake?" Meixu's eyes almost popped out of the sockets.Xin said nothing. He was thinking something else."What are we going to do now? We can't kidnap Qi Ying now when she gets alerted. We kidnapped her classmate. Oh, wait, did you just say her name is Mu Lan? Her family name is Mu? We are so dead. Mu Feng will hunt us down to find his family member...." Meixu blabbered all he could say."Mu Feng is not that close to his other family members. I think it will be okay." Xin said.Meixu asked, "Are you sure? We have to send her back either way. I'll drug her to forget whatever happened.""No need. I got a better idea." Xin said as his eyes flashed._______________________________________________________________________________________________About the mass release for top 10,This 5 chapters release was for going to the premium. Not for top 10 record. It was ordered by Webnovel.I can't believe that 'Handsome CEO's Darling Wife came to Top 10!Thank you so much Readers Dearests. I love you all.As the exam routine is published and I have to study hard for upcoming exam....I'll publish 4 chapters Thursday and and another 4 chapters on Friday. Sounds good?;)

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