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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 160: SHOULD I CHANGE THE SHIRT?

Mu Lan passed out and collapsed in his arms. He sighed. 'That was close.' He thought."What's going on?" He heard a sleepy voice from behind. He looked back. "Meixu, prepare the luggage." The man in black ordered."Xin, have you already injected her the drug? Did you over dose her? Last time she almost died. Don't kill her this time. If you don't want her, you can always share her with me." The man called Meixu said.The stubborn yet weak solitude floated in the man in black's eyes. His eyes turned cold. "Prepare the luggage." He commanded his friend Meixu. Meixu called him Xin.Meixu saluted and playfully said, "Yes, Major General." Then he clicked his tongue and told himself, 'That guy has no sense of humor.'When Meixu brought the luggage, he saw that Xin was covering Mu Lan's lips with silver tape. He sighed. 'This girl has a bad luck getting a husband like him.'They didn't turn on the lights to raise suspicion. They used Xin's torch light.Meixu opened the luggage and Xin put Mu Lan's unconscious body there. Xin folded her naked legs and Meixu whistled. Xin glared at him. Meixu immediately stopped. Xin closed the luggage but it was a little open to pass oxygen. Meixu carried the luggage to the dock. Meixu was already wearing a business attire. Xin also changed his clothes.There was a speed boat. Xin started the engine and they left the beach house. Xin turned the speed boat towards south west. They crossed Spain and reached close to Portugal. Cold wind made them shiver. In the Northern Atlantic Ocean, there was a two storied luxurious boat, waiting for them.From the luxurious boat, two men saw the speed boat coming to their way. They signaled with green light.Xin's lips stretched lightly. As they reached the luxurious boat, a guy came closer and took the luggage. He didn't salute but said in a low voice, "Major General."Xin nodded to the guy in reply. He walked like a normal businessman and so did Meixu. If Mu Feng's people used satellite to observe them, they would think that it was a normal business boat. Xin already instructed his solders to act like civilians. Their outfits were also casual.The luxurious boat swiftly passed through the waters of Portugal and turned to the East. It straight went to the Strait between Spain and Morocco (called Gibraltar Strait) and soon entered the Mediterranean Sea. The weather was warmer here. Meixu asked, "Don't you want to open the luggage? What if she dies without oxygen?""She won't. Moreover why bother doing that anyway?" Xin replied as he lit up a cigarette. "How can you be so cruel to your future wife? She is such a beauty...." Meixu felt pity for Mu Lan.Xin interrupted, "She is an idiot and a drama queen."Meixu protested, "There is no way she is like that. I heard many rumors about her, and nothing was like that."Xin sneered, "What are you? A woman? How can you believe rumors?"Meixu bickered, "And how can a Major General be so prejudiced? Unbelievable!" He left the balcony and went inside.Xin only looked at the black ocean and recalled tonight's event. 'Yeah, she acted different than I thought.' He thought.The boat crossed the Red Sea and reached Somalia. There, a private plane was waiting for them beneath the open sky. They bribed the owner of the land some time ago. It was all well planned.They took the luggage on the plane. Meixu gifted the boat to the landlord and then the plane took off with five men and a luggage.Actually, they could cross the Atlantic Ocean and could fly over South America and The Pacific Ocean. but it would be risky without even landing once. The boat or the plane would take lots of fuel too. And if they had landed, they would have to show their legal papers which they didn't have. Mu Feng could catch them easily. So they took the other route.They reached China in no time. However, their plane didn't land at the airport. Close to China, there was a small island. They took the plane there and landed safely.There was a mansion with high security. It was a private island of Xin's father which was gifted to him by his great-grandfather. Xin's father loved to stay in this place more than anyone.Xin took the luggage in the mansion. There was a room beside his bedroom. He took the luggage there and opened it. Mu Lan was still sleeping. Xin placed her on the bed and thought, 'Should I change the shirt?'

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