Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 16: MU LAN

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"I wish I could gather more information about you but there was a tiny problem that made me go nowhere." Mu Feng said with a sorry face.

"What was the tine problem?" Hua Lan asked in a cautious tone.

"I thought if I searched your information I would be able to find out the reason they were chasing you. But.." he paused for a moment, then continued, "All of your information were wiped out from the earth. There isn't a evidence that that there is a girl called Hua Lan."


W-wi-wip-wiped out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'You call this, a tiny problem?!?!?!'

Hua Lan's head was spinning. She had started to think that there was something wrong with his head.

"W-why..... How..." As she started to shake, Mu Feng acted more helpless.

"I really wish I could find any information. I'm very sorry for that." He bowed deeply.

Seeing his almost crying face her heart melted.

She saw other documents and couldn't find anything useful.

"I request you to be cautious. There are people out there trying to kill you. Can you imagine what will happen if they find you."

There were no flaws in his acting.

"Then what will I do? Where will I go?" Hua Lan doesn't find anything to step on or take a shelter.

"Sister Lan Lan, please don't worry about it. My big brother took you as her family. [A/N: You mean 'wife'.] We see you as our family. Please don't leave us."

Then he started to sob a little, his eyes got all teary.

"A-and.... I never had a sister. I always wanted a sister whom I could pamper and she would love me, play with me, travel with me, take me to her school, scold me like an elder, cook for me, would wait home for me to come, eat with me, sleep...."

"Okay, okay, I understand. Then please promise me that after I get my memory back you will let me leave?"

"Sure! As long as Sister Lan Lan happy." He brimmed.

'Huh! As if!' He smiled devilishly inside.

"However you can't go out with the name of yours. Since there are people trying to kill you. So I gave you our family name with the permission of big brother." He continued.

"Your family name?" She looked quizzically.

"Yes, from now on you are officially Mu Lan." He smiled proudly.


"So you people are adopting me?"


"Cough! Cough!! Cough!!!"

Mu Feng was taken off guard and she attacked.

'Why do I feel like I just became a dad???' He wanted to scream.

However, this wasn't the end.

"Are you alright?" Hua Lan got worried and gave his a glass of water.

He took the glass and drunk the water, didn't care if she used it earlier.

He was practically dying here.

'What if she call big brother "elder brother Liang Liang"? My brother will die by the shock!' He was horrified.

"Actually sister, I.... no no, we need your help with something."

"You people helped me too much. If there's anything I can do please don't hesitate to tell me."

In her eyes, Mu Feng had become a cute little brother. He meant no harm and really worked hard to search the truth of her. Even went to the point to give her, a stranger family name for her own safety. It would be better if she could do anything for them.

Seeing her taking off her armor he placed his final trap.

"My grandfather had fallen ill." He looked downhearted.

"Oh dear, will he be alright?" She felt sympathy.

"Doctor said there was no hope anymore. He also said that grandpa doesn't have more than a month." He almost shed his tears.

'Sorry grandpa. Don't get mad at me yet. It's for you Future-Great-Grand-Children. So please deal with it.'

"Ohhoh..." She felt sadness enveloping her.

"Now he's pressuring my big brother to marry but he doesn't have anyone in his heart. And he's not good with them. We don't know where to find a proper girl for him." He looked very sad.

"All you have to do is search for a woman you believe in.....wait." Suddenly she caught something off.

"Yes, Sister Lan Lan you're absolutely correct!" His eyes sparkled.

"I-I said wait!" She panicked.

"Please marry my brother!"

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