Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 159: SLEEP WELL

Mu Lan looked at the ocean with her sorrowful eyes.'Is she regretting her marriage with me?' The guy thought. For some reason, he felt displeased as he thought of that."It's not that I'm going to make you my prisoner. After marriage, you can come back to see your family." He said in an irritated tone.Mu Lan caught what he just said. 'Come back to see my family?' She was confused. 'My family lives here?' She looked at the guy and said, "I want to meet my family."The man looked at her in the weirdest way and asked her, "Don't you hate your family?"Mu Lan was even more confused. "And why would I do that?" She asked him back."Didn't they disown you because you didn't want to marry me? Anyone would be upset." The guy was literally stunned.'They disowned me? I didn't want to marry him? Did I like someone else?' Her head was spinning after thinking all that. She recalled a cold man from her dream."I want to go back to my home." Mu Lan firmly said. She really wanted to meet her family that she didn't see for all these months. She also wanted to clarify the situation.Everything became clear to the guy. 'So, she wants to go back and for that she is acting all goodie to shoes. She deserves an Oscar. Really, women are so disgusting.' He sneered. "I'm sorry to say that your family told us to take you to China. They'll meet us in our wedding ceremony." He lied. Not to make Mu Feng suspicious, Qi Geming decided not to contact them for now.Mu Lan didn't like his domineering tone. A kind of obstinacy weighted on her shoulders. She persistently said, "I want to meet my family first." Her whole body turned rigid in obduracy. "Showing your true color now. But it won't work." The guy mocked. He was astonished to see her stubbornness. A little while ago, he didn't see that coming. 'Looks like she got some tricks in her sleeves.' He thought. "What do you mean true color? What's wrong in wishing to meet my own family?" Mu Lan sternly asked.'Huh? A meek girl showing her strong will?' The guy was totally taken aback at her strong behavior."Do you think I'm stupid enough to believe that you don't hate your family after they tried to knot us even when we drugged you to death?" He asked coldly. He had seen many drama queens in his life but he never saw someone as shameless as her.'Drug me? They drugged me? Why does it seem so familiar?' Mu Lan frowned."Why did you drug me?" She carefully asked.The guy would never tell her the reason they drugged her. He roared, "Enough! Go to your room."His commanding voice was as sharp as the blade. His subordinates would almost wet their pants when they would hear his sharp voice. Mu Lan was also a human. After waking up from coma, she was treated like a princess. No one used high tone when they talked to her.After hearing his voice, she jumped in fright and her eyes filled up with tears. But she was stubborn enough not to cry. For some reason, Liang Liang's tender and warm face floated in her mind. Few minutes ago, she was blaming him, and now she wanted to see him badly.The guy clearly saw her body was shaking. But she didn't budge from the spot. It felt like a teacher was scolding a naughty student and the student didn't want to listen to the teacher.He lost all his patience. He growled as he came forward while saying, "Didn't you hear what I just said?"Mu Lan was frightened to death. It was dark. She couldn't see him properly. But his growl was like an animal. Before she could think of anything, she turned and ran towards the open door.But the guy had good reflex. Before she could step outside, he held her against him. Mu Lan straggled with her powerless body. She learnt few moves from Yan Su. So, she tried to use them. But the guy had the strength of a gorilla. He didn't budge at all. He held her in one hand and another one was in his pocket. He took out a syringe. Using his teeth, he took off the cap and pushed the syringe on her neck. The liquids went inside Mu Lan's bloodline.Mu Lan's eyes became heavy and her body became paralyzed. Before she passed out, she heard him saying, "Sleep well, Miss Ying."

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