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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 157: THE MAN IN BLACK

The man in black kept his eyes on the ball. He was looking for Qi Ying. In truth, he had no interest in girls. He was only listening to his father's wish.For business purpose, this man in black had to marry Qi Ying. He heard that this Ying girl is called beauty. Either way, he had no interest in her.His father gave him some pictures of her. He never once saw those. To him, women were artificial. They were not faithful.Before kidnapping, he only once saw Qi Ying's picture which made him feel disgusted. She had an innocent look on her face. She was timid and mild, like a true princess.Qi Ying's character was totally different from what the man in black liked. So he was even less interested after he saw the picture.Regardless, as his father said to take her away and they had to be very careful because the King of the European Underworld was attracted to her. The man in black looked around the ball with his cold gaze. The thing he didn't expect was that everyone would were ancient dresses.It made this job even more difficult.'Curse that Geming! How come he forgot to give me the details?' He gritted his teeth.He scoffed at his bad luck and kept looking at the ball, searching for his so called bride. Few minutes later, his luck seemed to be generous enough to find him a girl. She was wearing a revealing dress. She wore a strong perfume, making him almost fainted. He took him time to read her. He understood that she was that type of girl which he hated most. As she came closer, he sneaked behind and grabbed her. As usual, she was afraid at first but soon relaxed as she heard that he was looking for Qi Ying. He could tell that this girl understood that he had no good intentions. Still she helped him to find her. He sneered in mind. 'Women are disgusting.' He thought. As his luck favored him, he found his target soon walking in the garden. He thanked his good luck and captured her without hesitation. As he thought, this bride of his was quite stupid. He took her in the dark. Before he left, he didn't forget to brainwash Anne's memory. Then threw her like a trash. He disliked her from the beginning. When he took his so called bride to the wall, he took off her gown. It was certainly heavy. After taking it off, he realized that she was lighter than he actually thought. He was kind of amazed to see her figure. She was certainly a gorgeous lady. For the first time, his heart beat faster than usual to see a girl. Looking at her black hair he frowned. In the garden, he couldn't see her hair color because of darkness. 'So you changed your hair color? So fake!' Of course, he trusted Anne and thought it was his future bride. Changing hair color was not a big deal nowadays. He started to dislike her even more. He took her in the car, put her on his camouflage shirt and waited for his friend who soon joined him and told that his work was done. He was as IT expert. They drove the car to TH Corporation and took helicopter to the Qi Family's beach house. As he took Mu Lan to the master bathroom and waited for the signal. The ocean was rather destructive tonight. They couldn't take the helicopter to their boat because it would be suspicious. They had to wait until they got the signal from the boat. He was happy that the sky was cloudy. Satellite would have hard time to catch them. He was waiting on the drawing room and his friend was taking a nap in the guest room. Suddenly he heard light footsteps in the upstairs. His cold lips stretched lightly. He soundlessly got up and hid himself in the dark. He wanted to see what she could do. Soon she came in the first floor and opened the door. Smell of salty water hit his nose. As soon as she took a step outside, he had to stop playing with her. If the satellite caught her, that would be a huge problem. With a playful tone he asked, "Aren't you brave enough?"

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