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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 156: A CLAMOUFLAGE SHIRT

Mu Lan woke up and found everything around her was dark. She was in a soft bed and her body was covered with quilt. She adjusted her eyes in the dark and slowly she could see where she was. Apparently, she saw an unfamiliar ceiling. She looked at her left side from where the soft light was coming. She took her time to get up from the bed and went close to the large window. From there she could see sea shore.It was dark night and the sky was cloudy. The ocean was restless. High waves were crashing on the shore.Mu Lan had no time to be mesmerized by the beauty of the sea. As she felt cold, she looked at her dress and her heart immediately shook.Mu Lan was wearing a camouflage shirt. It was large enough to cover her upper thigh. It had a strong manly odor. Mu Lan was used to smell Mu Liang's manly scent. Other than that, she never had any experience in other smell, especially men. She also knew that Mu Liang didn't had a shirt like that. Mu Liang's casual homely shirt were also high quality. 'Then whose shirt is it?' She thought.For some reason, Mu Lan's heart started to beat crazily. She remembered what happened when she was at the ball. She walking in the garden and suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and covered her nose and lips with a small piece of cloth. She smelt a sweet perfume and lost consciousness. 'Does that mean I got kidnapped, just like Xiao Ying?' Mu Lan's whole body trembled as she thought that.Mu Lan had a short amount of idea about what happened to Qi Ying. However, she only had the basic idea because neither Qi Ying nor Mu Liang did tell her anything details. Then the next thing which caught her was, 'Why am I wearing a shirt? Where is my gown?' She did not want to think that someone changed her clothes and saw her body. She clutched her own body. Tears slowly formed in her eyes. Mu Lan took some deep breaths and calmed her nerves. She held the shirt up to see if her underwear was also taken or not. Fortunately, the kidnapper didn't touch her undergarments. She sighed in relief.She repeatedly told herself, "I need to escape. I need to escape. No matter what." Even though Mu Lan wanted to flee from here, she knew nothing of this place. She also didn't know when she was kidnapped.Mu Lan looked around. It was a master bedroom. The bedroom was large and specious. It had a simple decoration but all the furniture were expensive.She first thought of using the window. But the window was specially made and it had no lock to open. If she were to break it then if the kidnapper or the kidnappers were in the house, in this silent night, they would wake up in the strong glass shattering sound.Mu Lan found two doors. She opened one door and found out that it was the toilet. It was covered with white tiles. She looked at the small window and was disappointed. She could never fit in the window, let alone escape.She opened the other door and saw a dark corridor. Mu Lan walked cautiously as she walked in the dark. She wasn't wearing any shoes. Therefore, her bare feet didn't make any sound. It was good that in this house, there was no vase or any decoration piece. If there was, Mu Lan would have woke up the whole house with earth shattering sound. Breaking things in the middle of the night rang like church bell. After a while, Mu Lan found stairs to go down. She went downstairs and found out that she was in the first floor which meant the bedroom was in the second floor. When she looked at the outside of the window from the bedroom, she thought that it was third floor. So when she went to the first floor, she was a bit surprise.However, her astonishment didn't last long. She found the glass door. Her heart leapt with joy. Carefully she looked around and didn't find anything suspicious. She soundlessly took large steps and went close to the door.Mu Lan touched the knob and found it unlock unexpectedly. She gently opened the door and the smell of ocean rushed in her face.Feeling joy, she took a step out of the house.Just then, she heard a cold, chilling voice."Aren't you brave enough?"

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