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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 154: IF SHE REGAINS HER MEMORY

"Bad news, big brother." Mu Feng said in a sullen face.

Mu Liang looked at him without a word. His silent stare made Mu Feng even more uncomfortable. He hurriedly explained, "We searched every corner of this country. We have inspected the airport and the sea ports. We have also checked the mountain trails thoroughly. We found nothing about sister-in-law."

Seeing no reaction from his elder brother, Mu Feng elbowed Hugo to help him.

Hugo said, "Also we kept eyes on our rivals and foes. Neither of them seemed to notice young miss's existence. We have also kept eyes on Qi Family. They seemed peaceful and cared nothing about Qi Ying, I mean, second miss."

Hugo briefly told the whole searching process in five minutes. He was practically sweating. His boss was frightening enough and someone deliberately added fuel in fire.

After Hugo finished reporting, there was a pin drop silence in the room.

In the next second, Mu Liang abruptly got up from the chair and with a crash sound, he punched his expensive table in one go and broke it into two pieces.

Mu Feng and Hugo were terrified to death. Last time Mu Liang broke something was nine months ago. After getting the news of Mu Lan's death injury, Mu Liang threw his mobile to the glass wall which shattered into pieces and so did the cell phone.

After a while, Mu Liang said in the coldest tone Mu Feng ever heard, "Feng, get you espionage team."

Mu Feng's espionage team was the sharpest and the most excellent detective and spy team in the world. Many times, this team helped Interpol and FBI. Mu Family don't use them regularly. The team members had their own lives. They kept their identities secret and had different types of jobs. When they were called, they put aside their side jobs and worked till they get final result.

'W-what?? My espionage team? Is my brother alright?' Mu Feng screamed in his mind. Though, he could understand his brother's feeling a little bit. At least, Mu Feng found Qi Ying. However, his sister-on-law had just vanished without a trace.

"Okay, big brother. I'll call them immediately." Mu Feng pulled out his cell phone.

"I'll give you one day. Dismiss." Mu Liang curtly said as he left his office room.

Mu Feng sat on the sofa with a plop sound and murmured, "I hope we get sister Lan Lan in one day."

However, in one day, they couldn't find Mu Lan. In the past few hours neither the special force nor the espionage team did take rest. Most of their heads started to spin. Seeing the subordinates being tortured like this, Mu Feng couldn't take it anymore and gave them eight hours rest.

In eight hours, Mu Feng and Hugo could do whatever they could to search Mu Lan.

Two nights later, Head Butler Leo called Mu Feng to come home as soon as possible.

Getting worried, Mu Feng left the office. After he went home, he saw his big brother finished ten bottles of whiskey and wine. They were Mu Feng's most treasured pieces. However, Mu Feng could not get angry. He took his bother to Mu Liang's room. For the first time, Mu Feng thought that they needed a capsule lift in the mansion.

Mu Feng sympathetically told his brother, "Big brother, if it is him who took her and she regains her memory..."

"Shut up." Mu Liang coldly stopped his brother not to say the cruel words.

"Big brother, don't be hard to yourself." Mu Feng said as his heart broke to see his handsome big brother act like this.

"Find her first. Then we'll talk about her memory." After that, Mu Liang said no words.


It was already sixth day since Mu Lan was abducted. However, no one found her trail. She wasn't even found in other countries.

However, Mu Feng didn't back down. He instructed his special team to go to the islands to find her.

Mu Liang was already gone to look for Mu Lan. He didn't listen to his brother and went on his own.

Mu Feng took care of the search for Mu Lan. His secretary took care of the matters of the Underworld and the office works were monitored by Ju Long.

For a business purpose, Mu Feng had to attend the party. He took Qi Ying with him.

There, in the party, the second Mu couple met Qi Yang and Qi Geming. Both of them looked utterly surprised to see their Qi princess with Mu Fen. Qi Yang immediately handled his expression. But his eyes were full of happiness and confusion at the same time. On the other hand, Qi Geming was speechless. Soon he became pale.

Mu Feng didn't give much of a thought. He thought that maybe his future father-in-law didn't know about his daughter and Mu Feng's relationship. Maybe the old guy was regretting.

Though he thought that, the espionage team found it suspicious and immediately investigated things further.

Soon, they came up with some results. After sis days of torture, they finally produced some result.

Excitedly they called Mu Feng. "Boss, we got some news for you."

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