Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 153: WAS IT HIM?

When the four of them reached the wall, they saw Mu Lan's golden red gown was hanging on the wall.

Didn't that mean that she was stripped when she was abducted?

Mu Liang's eyes turned extremely cold. How could he acknowledge that some other man touched his wife, even stripped her? Was she alright?

"Hugo." Mu Feng curtly said. He wanted to handle the situation before his elder brother could burst out in flames.

"I'll check the security cameras." Hugo said. He wanted to find young miss as soon as possible. Who knew what would happen if his boss would fire up?

"Call everyone from your team. Don't slack before you can find her." Mu Feng instructed.

Hugo was the leader of the intelligent force. He would lay low to gather information. So he acted as Mu Liang's bodyguard.

"Wait." Mu Liang stopped them before they left.

Both Mu Feng and Hugo looked at the way Mu Liang pointed. There was a note and it was pinned down with the dress.

'I am taking what belongs to me.'

It was a note made of cutting words from newspapers.

Shivers went down Mu Liang's spine. 'Is it him?' He thought. 'How is that even possible?'

Mu Liang looked at Hugo and ordered him, "Go and call your special intelligence team. Send your team to look for evidence in the garden." Then he looked at his brother, "Inform your team. Find her in fifteen minutes."

Mu Feng wanted to cry. He knew how grave the situation was. But finding her in fifteen minutes?

Xue Lin couldn't help them anymore. So she went back to the dorm with her ash face. She didn't want to trouble anyone. Therefore, she walked back alone.

Mu Feng already called his team and he contacted the Principal to get the permission to search the garden as well as the whole campus. For Mu Lan's safety, he didn't tell the Principal the details. The Principal gave Mu Feng full authority to search whatever he wanted.

After getting the permission, Hugo checked the security cameras. He gritted his teeth because someone deliberately took the records and destroyed the surveillance system with the virus. But he wasn't an IT expert. He had to wait for his team members.

In ten minutes, the team came and started to work as they were instructed. The IT team tried to take down the virus. It took them twenty minutes to control the surveillance system. However, they only got fragmented files. They couldn't find any car or any video of the kidnapper who abducted Mu Lan.

While they were looking for evidence, the special force found unconscious Anne. They took her in the medical van and inject some liquids of wake her up. After she woke up, no matter what they asked, she couldn't tell. More importantly, she couldn't remember, how she ended up in the garden in the first place.

Feeling suspicious, the special force took her to the Lu Corporation to examine her. The medical team found out some sort of drug in her blood and reported that the drug was the reason for her memory loss.

The special force couldn't find any evidence left by the kidnapper. It looked like the kidnapper wasn't someone from simple background. He was professional.

Hugo wanted to screw his head for the lack of evidence and clues. He called Mu Feng. Hugo had no desire to face Mu Liang alone.

Mu Feng was brainstorming his precious brain. He found out that the Li Family was in peace. They had done no suspicious move recently.

Mu Feng sent five spies in four years and they had been working profoundly.

Mu Feng found no clue on the airport or the sea port. It was like, Mu Lan vanished in the air.

It was already two hours, but no one could give any satisfactory answer.

Worried sick, Mu Feng headed to the company.

Mu Liang was sitting in his room and kept reading the note.

'I'm taking what belongs to me.'

In Mu Liang's eyes, that guy was never affectionate towards Mu Lan. He never cared for her. He even left her alone in Milan when she was all bloody. He didn't make a move back then and there was no option for him to do it now.

Moreover, that guy could never find anything about her. Mu Liang made arrangement to clear her existence.

However, that could only make that guy suspicious that Mu Lan would be alive. But without any evidence, that guy do nothing about her.

'If it wasn't him, who could it be?' Mu Liang thought.

He only hoped that Mu Feng could find anything.

Two hours later, when Mu Liang didn't get any news from Hugo and Mu Feng, he already knew their answers.

Mu Liang was about to get up in frustration, that moment, Mu Feng and Hugo came.

"Bad news, big brother." Mu Feng said in a sullen face.

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