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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 152: SHIVER IN FRIGHT

Qi Ying looked at him in surprise. "Did she lecture you?"

"How do you know?" Mu Feng asked.

"She is always this way when she cares about us. She is a good friend." Qi Ying smiled.

"Indeed." Mu Feng said shortly. His heart almost turned cold after what Xue Ling just said.

'Did I really make her suffer? Why didn't she tell me that I made her body weak?' Mu Feng knew that Qi Ying always hid her pain. But he wanted Qi Ying to share her pains with him. He needed some time to make her understand that.

He wished to hug her but it was public place and he got a good lesson already. He didn't want to anger her.

That moment Mu Liang came to them. He had a sullen face.

"Have you seen Xiao Lan?" Mu Liang asked.

Both QI Ying and Mu Feng shook their heads. They were busy with each other and both of them saw Mu Lan and Mu Liang together dancing, eating and going to balcony.

Mu Liang bit his lips as he frowned.

"What's wrong?" Mu Feng asked. It was unexpected to see his brother like that, after getting along with his wife.

"I can't find her." Mu Liang said in a calm tone. His mind and head were in mess.

"Try calling her.." Mu Feng suggested. He also became a little nervous.

"I did. She didn't answer." Mu Liang said.

Qi Ying said this time, "She can't. Students are not allowed to bring cell phone."

Mu Feng sighed in relief. "Oh, so we didn't have to worry. Relax big brother, it is not that sister-in-law vanished in the thin air. She probably is in the garden or somewhere else."

Mu Liang understood what his younger brother said, was logical. But his heart was unsettled.

"There you are! I have been looking for you everywhere cousins." Yan Su came with a big smile.

"You look very happy. What happened?" Mu Feng asked.

"I requested Dean Andrew Smith to let me write an article about the painting 'Desire'. He agreed happily. If I write the article, Lan will sure become famous in no time. I wanted to tell that to Lan first. I looked for her everywhere. But I can't find her." Yan Su replied.

"Have you searched in the garden?" Mu Feng asked.

"Cousin, when I mean everywhere, I mean everywhere." She noticed the temperature suddenly dropped around them.

Feeling confused, she looked at Mu Liang, Mu Feng and Qi Ying. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"Y-Yan Su, Xiao Lan is missing." Qi Ying stuttered.

Yan Su frowned. "What do you mean? If we don't find her, it must be because she went to dorm." Yan Su could not feel any danger. She didn't know about Mu Lan's past after all.

Mu Liang said in a dark tone, "Then she would answer my call."

If it were Mu Feng, Yan Su would tease. But it was the Demon Elder Cousin, she would not dare to mock him.

Yan Su politely said, "Don't worry, elder cousin, I'm going to the dorm and check if she is there or not."

She was about to leave, when Xue Lin came. Her white jade skin was paler than usual. She looked frightened and her body was shaking.

"That won't be necessary." She said in a mild tone. She tried to calm herself down.

Yan Su grabbed Xue Lin to steady her. She asked worriedly, "You look awful. What happened?"

Xue Lin had a hard time to reply. She used all her energy and said, "I saw a person took Xiao Lan and they disappeared in the dark."

The expression of four listeners around her changed dramatically.

Mu Liang grabbed one on Xue Lin's hand and said, "What did you see?"

Mu Feng already took out his cell phone and dialed few numbers.

Xue Lin said everything she knew. She was so nervous that she couldn't see everything properly.

After Xue Lin threatened Mu Feng, she went to the balcony to have some fresh air. She looked at the sky. It was covered with clouds. She found it very gloomy. Feeling upset, she looked at the garden. Beside the entrance and the road to the ball, the garden was decorated with lights. But the other side of the garden was dark as night. Xue Lin found it very mysterious. She was thinking of colors psychological meaning, just then she found a movement in the dark garden.

Xue Lin had a good eye sight. She wore glasses to hide her eyes. She saw clearly that a black solitude covered Mu Lan's mouth and Mu Lan fainted. Mu Lan wore an exceptional gown. So it wasn't hard for Xue Lin who the girl was.

It was Xue Lin's first time experience to see a person got abducted. Moreover, it was her friend. Before her head could give her a signal, the solitude took Mu Lan out of the place. Feeling dumbfounded, Xue Lin's body dragged her inside the ballroom.

"It was dark and the man was wearing black cloth. He fully covered his body. He had a body like you. That made me think that it was a guy." Xue Lin told Mu Liang.

Mu Liang pulled Xue Lin's hand as he said in a cold tone, "Show me the way."

Xue Lin had no time to think about the scary man who was dragging her. She was worried about Mu Lan's safety. She meekly said, "This way."

Mu Feng told Yan Su to guard Qi Ying and he warned Qi Ying not to go alone anywhere.

Understanding the situation, Qi Ying nodded and stayed with Yan Su.

Mu Liang, Xue Lin and Mu Feng walked in the dark. They walked fast. Soon Hugo joined them.

Finally they reached the high wall of the school campus.

Xue Lin gasped in fright. Mu Feng and Hugo secretly looked at Mu Liang.

What they found, it made them shiver in fright.

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