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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 151: DID SHE LECTURE YOU?

Hello Beloved Readers, yesterday I had a hard time. I'm sorry to torture you all like that.

When I started to write the second chapter, I fell asleep. After two hours of dreaming I woke up and finished the rest of it. I didn't know what I wrote last night.

Today, I edited the last two chapters. So before you read this chapter, please read 149 and 150 chapters.

Enjoy!! :)


Mu Liang went to the ballroom reluctantly. He wanted to spend more time with Mu Lan. She was so cute when she shyly told him to go alone.

His heart filled with warmth as he walked towards the Principal.

"Mr. Mu, thank you for coming all the way here. It's very unusual of you to join us in this type of events. This is the first time you joined us. We are honored to have you." The Principal didn't have time to tell all that. When Mu Liang and Mu Feng came and the Principal and the Chairman went to greet the Mu brothers, they were shoved by the crazy ladies.

The Mu Corporation had thirty percent share of this university, so the Principal was bound to be good to Mu Liang.

"Hmm." As usual Mu Liang replied shortly.

The Principal heard rumors about Mu Liang treasuring his words like diamonds. So he didn't feel bad. He was already flying in the air when he saw Mu Liang come with his younger brother Mu Feng.

"Mr. Mu, you must be hungry. It seemed Mr. Mu Feng already was having his meal. So please have dinner with us. It is nothing more joyous than you having meal with us." The Chairman said.

Mu Liang would decline if it were other people. However, they were the Principal and the Chairman of his wife's school. And moreover, he already fed Mu Lan her dinner. So he had nothing to worry about.

Therefore, Mu Liang nodded to have meal. The Chairman and the Principal were overwhelmed. They took Mu Liang in the private room.


Mu Feng found Qi Ying on the corner talking to Xue Lin. He went over.

Qi Ying wasn't upset anymore. She saw Mu Feng coming closer. She waved her hand. Mu Feng sighed in relief.

Mu Feng stood beside her and kept a distant. He had his lesson.

Qi Ying looked at him. Surprised, she asked him, "Why did you buy that painting?"

Mu Feng didn't know if Mu Lan told her friend Xue Lin about her and Mu Liang's relationship. But judging by her face, she could be trusted.

Mu Feng replied, "Sister-in-law painted it. Big brother ordered me to own it no matter how much it cost."

Xue Lin and Qi Ying looked at him in astonishment as they heard him.

Qi Ying exclaimed, "It was Xiao Lan! Unbelievable!"

Mu Feng smiled dotingly and said, "Do you think a normal woman would feat my big brother?"

Qi Yong was startled and felt embarrassed. How could she underestimate the choice of Mu Liang? It was true, how could Mu Liang choose a girl who wasn't a worthy of him?

Xue Lin looked at those two. Her eyes became softer. 'This brother pair isn't bad. They are true to their lovers. What a woman need more than that?' She thought.

Qi Ying realized that Xue Lin was in front of them. She hurriedly said to change the topic, "Xue Lin, this is Mu Feng, my boyfriend. Feng, it is Xue Lin, my friend and roommate. She is in Psychology Department. She also got the highest mark in the entrance exam."

Mu Feng was stunned. This was the first time he saw Qi Ying talk about her relationship so openly. He looked at the thin white jade girl who was wearing a pink gold gown and her hair was tied up like a huge bun.

Mu Feng found this face very similar. Suddenly he remembered, Hugo was tailing her one day and Mu Feng found out.

'Strange, Hugo never shows interest in girls. So why her?' I have to find it out.

Mu Feng bowed in courtesy and said with a dazzling smile, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Lin. I heard about you from Ying many times before."

"You don't have to lie about knowing me." Xue Lin said flatly.

Mu Feng was embarrassed as well as flabbergasted. 'How did she.oh, Ying said that she was from Psychology Department. Man, she is scary.'

Qi Ying tried to hide her smile. She quickly changed the subject. "I'm very hungry. Let's eat together." She looked at Xue Lin and said, "Xue Lin, you also come."

Xue Lin wanted to leave them alone but she didn't want to refuge Qi Ying.

They stood beside the large table full of foods. They ate together and had drinks. Qi Ying excused herself as she went to take care of her makeup. She left Xue Lin with Mu Feng.

Mu Feng never saw a girl in straight face in front of him. However, this girl seemed unaffected by his charm. It surprised him greatly and also he came to respect her.

'Maybe that's why Hugo came to like her. Let's find it out.'

He started the conversation. "Have we met before..."

"It's the first time I saw you." Immediately Xue Lin cut him off.


Unexpectedly, Xue Lin continued, "I should not say anything about your relationship with Xiao Ying. But as a friend of her, I want to say a bit."

"Sure, anything." Mu Feng quickly said.

"Don't you dare to make her pregnant before you marry her. Whenever, you two meet, she come to us in her worst condition. But she never complains. As the representative of her class, she has many responsibilities. Moreover, she does part time jobs to earn tuition fees. She will never take your help no matter how many times you tell her to. So don't make it harder for her, if you love her."

Xue Lin always wanted to tell those words the guy Qi Ying was dating. Today she got a chance to vent all she was holding back.

Xue Lin took a deep breath and bade to good bye before leaving.

Soon, QI Ying came with her makeup was fixed. She looked around and asked, "Where is Xue Lin?"

Mu Feng was still stunned by the words Xue Lin left for him. By Qi Ying's question, he looked at her and replied, "She seems to hate me."

Qi Ying looked at him in surprise. "Did she lecture you?"

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