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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 150: DANGER APPROACHING

Anne Donne was planning to get rid off her mortal enemy. Scheming in mind she went to the garden.

The garden was dark and quiet. The night was cool. The cold breeze blew in the garden.

Anne shivered. She didn't why she got sudden chill.

She stood there alone and recalled the hugging couple. Her body shook in disgust. She started to curse Mu Lan again.

While she was badmouthing, she heard a rustling sound. It seemed like someone was walking beside the bushes.

"Who is there?" Anne Donne asked loudly with a voice of authority.

The rustling sound stopped and no one appeared before her. The night became silent again.

Feeling a little scared, Anne turned back. She wished to leave the garden as soon as possible. For some reason, she found this rather scarier than usual.

Just then a strong arm captured her. Startled, she wanted to scream but another hand cover her mouth.

The man who grabbed her had a muscled body. He had too much strength in his hands. Anne almost lost conscience for the lack of oxygen.

Anne Donne's heart turned cold in fear. She wanted to scream and struggled to brake free.

The man put a sharp knife close to her neck and threatened her, "Don't scream or else I'll slit your throat."

His voice was absolutely cold, making her feel chill down to her spine.

Anne was too scared to notice that the man sounded different from local. He was using French but it wasn't fluent.

Feeling the sharp cold metal on her neck, Anne immediately stopped struggle. But she was so afraid that her body started to shake.

The man was amused by her reaction. To him, she looked like a mouse. Feeling disgusted, he whispered in cold voice, "Do you know Qi Ying?"

'Huh! So it was about her.' Anne immediately turned normal as she talked in her mind. She came to realize that the man would do no harm to her. She relaxed her body and her head began to work as usual.

Anne nodded her head as she answered him 'yes' silently.

The man seemed to be satisfied by her answer and said, "Listen lady, I want to meet her. Can you show me where she is? I can't recognize her as everyone is wearing ancient outfits."

'You are threatening me and ordering me as you pleased. You never begged or said 'please'. So why should I listen to you? I'll show you the wrong person..... '

Something clicked on Anne's head. Her eyes shimmered in the night.

Wrong person.... Wrong indeed.....

- - - - - -

Mu Liang was hugging Mu Lan and smelled her vanilla scent.

As he enjoyed her touch, his mobile chimed. Someone actually dared to call.

Annoyed, he wanted to ignore but Mu Lan moved away from him. She signaled him to answer the call shyly.

Seeing her red face, Mu Liang smiled a little and his eyes filled with warmth.

He received the call and talked a little bit. Then he hung up and looked at her.

"Your principal is looking for me. Let's go inside together." Mu Liang suggested.

Mu Lan shook her head and said, "I want to stay here longer. You can go." She smiled softly.

Mu Lan was still not ready to announce her relationship with Mu Liang. So wanted to stay in the limelight.

Of course Mu Liang understood her well. He hugged her tightly and showered her face with kisses. Then he said her to be careful and went inside.

Mu Lan's heart raced and her face was on fire. She was still not used to with his passionate kisses no matter how much he did it. She walked in the garden absentmindedly as she tried to sort out her feelings for Mu Liang.

She looked at the sky. It was dark and cloudy. Mu Lan hoped to see the starts. Unfortunately she couldn't. She sighed and looked the ballroom. It looked beautiful from outside. She smiled in satisfaction as she thought about Mu Liang's praise.

All of a sudden, someone grabbed her from behind. Before she could struggle, the man covered her mouth with a handkerchief.

Mu Lan took breath without realizing and smelt a sweet smell. Then slowly she lost consciousness and collapsed in the man's arms.

From a little far, Anne saw everything as a triumph smile was hanging on her face.

She saw the man took Mu Lan out and vanished in the dark.

'Goodbye, Lan. Say your prayers now. From now on one one is going to steal my place away.' Anne's eyes were filled with viciousness.

She turned around to move back at the ball. Just then, someone covered her mouth and inject a liquid in her neck.

The person whispered in her right ear, "Whatever you saw today or heard, you will forget everything." It was that man, who wanted to know about Qi Ying.

The man ruthlessly threw Anne on the ground. Then he turned around and got mixed in the dark.

Anne's whole body ached in pain. Before she could think of anything, she lost consciousness.

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