Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 149: SO HATEFUL!

Anne Donne described the picture to the guests. The whole ball was silent. After few seconds, someone started to clap loudly. It was Mu Feng. Hearing his loud clap others broke from their astonishment and clapped as well. The whole room filled with the sound of claps. Everyone was praising such beautiful masterpiece.

Anne Donne smiled sweetly towards the people in front and her heart filled with bitterness.

'That b****! Who does she think she is? A mere artist came out of nowhere! She got really lucky to have Qi Princess and Zhen Princess as her friends. They gave her dress and few jewelry and she thought that she became a queen. How dare is she to take the spotlight away from me? She also dared to dance with the handsome man I set my eyes on. How hateful!'

Anne cursed Mu Lan with all her might and her heart filled with jealousy.

The guests wanted to see the artist. They started to question the teachers. However, apart from the teachers of Fine Arts department and Dean Andrew Smith no one knew about the real identity of the artist, not even the Principal.

There was another person who knew about it. That was Mu Liang. And he called Mu Feng about it, so Mu Feng also realized that the breathtaking painting was done by his one and only sister-in-law.

He excitedly whispered to Yan Su, "Sister-in-law, painted it."

Yan Su was still not used to this sister-in-law' and 'cousin-in-law' thing.

She asked in amazement, "Did Lan painted this?" She already knew the answer but still she had to ask. 'So that's why her teacher gave her the invitation card.'

Soon the bidding started. Mu Liang gave the bidding card to Mu Feng and said, "But this painting." Then he strode out.


Mu Lan went to washroom and fixed her makeup. After she finished, she was about to leave. That's when, Xue Lin came inside.

Mu Lan stopped at the track. "You are busy tonight." She said with a smile.

Xue Lin stood in front of the mirror and said, "So are you." She was straightforward as always.

Mu Lan didn't mind, because she was used to the way Xue Lin talked. Mu Lan blushed a bit at her words. She said, "It's not like that."

Xue Ling asked, "Is he your boyfriend? He got quite attentions from everyone."

In these two months, Mu Lan got to know Xue Lin more than ever. She could tell that she could trust Xue Lin. Xue Lin was a loyal person. So Mu Lan didn't want to lie to her.

"My would-be-husband. We will be engaged after four months." Mu Lan replied honestly.

Xue Lin was taking care of her hair. Hearing Mu Lan's answer, she glanced at the girl in red. She kept looking at her for few minutes. Then glanced back at the mirror.

Xue Lin asked, "Do you love him?"

Mu Lan was startled by the unexpected question. Her mind went blank.

'Love? Do I?'

She didn't know.

Not getting the answer, Xue Lin said, "Let me rephrase it then, do you like him?"

Mu Lan still didn't know what to say.

After a while she replied, "I do trust him."

Xue Lin took a glance at her and after that she replied, "Yeah, you should. You should also love him with all you have."

Mu Lan didn't get her. Her IQ seemed not work when it came to Mu Liang.

Xue Lin fixed her hair and turned to Mu Lan. She said, "Not everyone can have a rich, handsome, caring and loyal husband. You should consider yourself lucky." She pet Mu Lan's shoulder and smiled lightly. It was rare for her to smile. Afterwards, she left Mu Lan alone on the washroom. While Mu Lan stood there in daze.


Anne Donne was pretty upset when the painting was sold in three million US dollars. The bidder was none other than Mu Feng.

Frustrated, she went to the balcony and found something intimating.

Quickly she hid herself behind the pillar and picked at the couple. No sooner had she saw them, her heart had filled with extreme jealousy.

Mu Liang was hugging Mu Lan closely to his heart and his lips were on her head.

The couple were too busy to notice other.

Mu Liang asked, "Are you happy?"

Mu Lan was shy to answer. So she nodded.

"It is really a wonderful painting." Mu Liang said.

"Thank you." Mu Lan softly said.

"I'll make your own studio in our home. You will paint there whatever you want." Mu Liang said dotingly.

"Don't waste money." Mu Lan hesitated.

"It's nothing. There is a storeroom beside your room. I'll tell Uncle Leo to clean it for you." Mu Liang said.

"What do you think?" Mu Liang asked.

"Okay." Mu Lan said. She understood that as he already did the plan, he would do it. He wanted to do it for her.

Mu Lan was satisfied with the outcome. She liked it when Mu Liang praised her. She also liked it when he wanted to decorate a studio for her.

'If I like the way he acts, then does it mean that I like him?" Mu Lan blushed as she was being hugged.


Anne Donne gritted her teeth. Something burnt inside her. Her face turned ugly and she left the balcony.

'Th-they are already in this way! This s**t seduced him just with three dances. She is no ordinary girl. I underestimated her. I shouldn't have been so nice to her from the very beginning.'

Actually, from the very beginning, the moment Mu Lan entered the class, Anne disliked her.

Anne was a beauty whom everyone adored. She got used to being praised and getting the spotlight.

However, Mu Lan's charm and intelligence as well as her mysterious background made her popular in a week.

A proud and arrogant girl like Anne could not take it. To her, there should be only one female lead. Another one had to be a villain.

Therefore, Anne Donne decided that only she could say in her class, not Mu Lan.

However, Anne could see that Mu Lan was very sly to take a man in her first meet. In Anne's eyes Mu Lan looked very experienced in her age.


Just got home. I wrote this chapter all day on the road. After I take a bath, I'm going to write next chapter.

Then I'm dead. Z z z

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