Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 148: THE PAINTING

When Mu Feng and Yan Su arrived and painting was already presented. But it was still covered with a red silk cloak.

Mu Feng found his elder brother and stood beside him. He saw a bidding card in Mu Liang's hand.

"Where is sister-in-law?" Mu Feng asked.

"She went to fix her makeup." Mu Liang replied.

"What did you do?" Mu Feng asked curiously.

"Made her finish her dinner." Mu Liang shortly replied.

"....." That wasn't what Mu Feng was imagining. What he was thinking....no need to further explain.

The representative of Fine Arts Anne Donne was the announcer. She gave everyone a dazzling smile.

She said, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is our last surprise from the the Department of Fine Arts. This painting the most remarkable piece in our school history. Let me introduce you to the painting named 'Desire'.

She ordered one of the organizers to reveal the painting.

Everyone waited patiently and inquisitively as the cloak fell from the art piece.

The moment the cloak fell, the painting came to vision.

At first, the guests only looked at the work of watercolor.

The frame of the painting was colored in golden. It was decorated with eye catching glittering jewels.

However, no one was attracted to that stunning rectangle frame. People found something more eye grabbing than that. It was the painting itself.

The art piece's background was brown. In the canter of the painting, there was a golden throne. In was situated in a high black marble stone. The color was too deep to know where it started and where it ended. It was full of mystery. It was formal, sexy and secretive. It signified power and control. It looked unfriendly and intimidating. The stone was slippery. If someone wanted to sit on the throne, they could never be able to do that.

There were men who were trying climb up to sit on the throne. They knew that the one who could climb there could control the whole universe. Their eyes were filled with desire, ambition and viciousness when they imagined themselves on the throne. They stretched their hands and tried to climb before others. The more they tried and failed, the more they became vicious.

It wasn't the end. The main part of this mysterious piece was the person who was sitting on the throne.

An enticing charming lady who looked about twenty four years old, was elegantly sitting on the golden throne.

She was fully naked as she sat on the throne gracefully just like a queen. But her right leg was over the left leg. It seemed bold and arrogant at the same time.

She had long red weave hair. It touched the black marble stone. Her weavy hair represented her passion, courage, strength and power.

Over her unruly red hair, there was a golden crown which glittered the most valuable jewels of the universe. They were red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, green, violet, brown, grey and black.

Red jewel symbolized her love for the person who owned her, power and strength while orange symbolized encouragement; yellow optimism; pink sensitivity and feminity; blue trust, tranquility, serenity and peace; green growth and good health; violet spirituality and luxury; brown stability; grey compromise; and black symbolized mystery.

Because of her red hair, her velvet skin which was creamy in complexion, was very noticeable. It was soft and endearing. There was no marks. It was never touched by anyone and it was pure.

She had a bewitching smile hanging on her warm lips. The men under the marble stone became crazy looking at her entrancing smile.

She had a sharp nose. But something of her exhibited her feelings for those men under her.

Her majestic purple eyes were neither sharp nor gentle. However, her eyes were filled with mockery.

Human beings' inner most feeling was to control others. No matter how powerless or penniless he was, he loved to control other when the other one was weaker than him. It was in his blood. The girl on the throne symbolized power to control everything. She was pure and was never been in touch with seven deadly sins. She had everything and she got everything from the person who created her. The person was God. She pledged her loyalty to Him.

So when those people created by the Creator tried to take power by force, she smiled thinking how stupid they were. Men could control over the earth and could rule over. However, neither the nature nor the other planets and stars did listen to them. Which meant, even though they could slightly taste her by looking at her, they could never have her fully.

This was how, Mu Lan showed human beings' inner most desire through her water color painting nakedly and vividly.

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